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Did you know that “70 percent of female executives feel as though they’ve been bullied by other women in their workplaces and that these bullying incidents have stunted their professional growth.” (Journal Development and Learning in Organisations)

These are pretty alarming statistics…

And they hit home because, as women, we hesitate in standing up for ourselves. And like an involuntary reflex, we step back. Especially if the ‘bully’ is another woman, as, by nature, we tend to hold resentments and carry the pain inflicted by a ‘mean girl’ – maybe even for the rest of our careers.

Yet as women, we are stepping up more than ever as female leaders, serving as CEOs, boards, leading teams, and starting businesses. So it stands to reason that with more women in leadership roles, today’s professional woman is likely to work with, manage or report to other women.

So why do some women help you soar, while others hold you back?

Have You Ever Worked With A Female Leader Who Holds You Back? 

Have your ever worked with a professional woman, boss, colleague or superior who, instead of empowering you every day, sucks the living daylights out of you? Or worse, attempts to sabotage your career, self-esteem and tries to prevent you from achieving success or being recognized?

I once worked for a woman who belittled me relentlessly at work. She was my boss, and she owned the business. At first, I felt I needed to toughen up and cop it on the chin. But gradually, I started to feel more and more disempowered, anxious, vulnerable, and insecure personally and professionally. 

I started to question, “Is it me? Am I not that good at what I do? (despite the years of experience and expertise?) 

I began to look in the mirror and instead of seeing an invincible, driven, high-performance woman staring back at me; I saw someone else. 

Someone whose values were compromised and self-worth undermined.

Now, as a personal brand and leadership coach for women leaders, I continue to observe how some female leaders can treat other women in a demoralizing manner. Either undermining their credibility and status or manipulating others into thinking less of them.

This behaviour has a name. It’s called Queen Bee syndrome. It is one of the “biggest hindrances to women advancing in the workplace.” And despite the female empowerment movement, it’s prevalent today. 

So if you find yourself feeling disempowered by another female colleague, how can you retain your self-esteem, protect your integrity, and achieve success no matter who’s trying to hold you back!

woman reprogram her mind as female leader

Here Are 3 Ways To Take Back Your Girl Power To Lead With Greater Confidence!

1. Reprogram Your Mindset For Success. Get A Mantra – Say It Every Day!

If you’ve ever found yourself surrounded by constant negativity in your life or career, you will realise that some of that negativity sticks! 

And as women, we are more prone to negative self-talk than men! We can struggle to remain energised, motivated and upbeat. 

So, be aware of the power of your thoughts and how critical they are for attaining greater success. 

We must open ourselves up to learn new strategies to break our relationship with any disruptive thoughts to change our internal narrative.  Being able to quickly and intelligently change the way you feel when enduring emotional challenges is critical to maintaining your self-esteem and sense of self.

With this in mind, a simple daily Mantra can transform and reprogram your mindset.  Start with the words “I AM…” and write your Mantra with a clear intention to remind yourself of who you are, what you are grateful for and what you are good at.

Repeat your Mantra when you wake up and before you go to sleep…and at least five times in between.  Use your Mantra every time you have a negative thought, to flick the switch to reprogram and trigger new positive thoughts. 

This is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, growth mindset and success rituals I have used to help me shift my lens and raise my internal bar when I need it.

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2. Find A Female Coach & A Network Of Empowering Women To Hang Out With Regularly!

When you feel like you are constantly under attack, you can feel isolated and alone, especially when criticised by someone of your gender. The more isolated you feel, the more withdrawn you may become, and you risk self-perpetuating the problem.

It’s essential to step outside his ‘bubble’ and seek ways to regain your perspective. Seek wise, impartial allies to expand your circle of influence and regularly connect to a broader network of more positive, enlightened and forward-thinking female leaders. (you can use my proven Networking Strategies to Grow Your Brand and Business Here >> to help you get started.)

Belonging to a community of other inspiring women can help break down patterns of negativity.

Engaging a female mentor or professional coach will also help you create deliberate strategies to deal with ‘tricky’ people. Elevating your leadership style, capabilities and professional development.

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Remember, 80% of success is a mindset. You are in charge of what you think and feel. So, step into your confidence by allocating time in your weekly schedule to connect, inspire, learn and grow.

3. Re-Connect With Your Career Successes.

When you’re feeling vulnerable and lacking in self-belief, it can be challenging to recognise your strengths and personal power.  

So it’s essential to reconnect with your wisdom and gifts. In doing so, you will also unlock your personal brand superpowers and reconnect with what’s most important to you.  

  • Start by gathering evidence of your career success. Update your online professional profile with a fresh perspective. Share your values and vision to grow your authority, personal brand, and recognition to make your mark. Write case studies seeking professional testimonials and recommendations for your public profile from clients, connections and advocates.  
  • Develop your insights, thoughts and ideas and have the courage to share them freely with others. Have a voice in the more significant conversations in your niche market or industry.

If you can commit to doing a few simple things, something magical will begin to happen.

Shifting your attention to laser focus on your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or failures to identify your strengths, successes, and wisdom will re-build your confidence. You will step into your confidence as a more empowered female leader, growing your authority and influence in your niche.

Then you will soar, and no one will be able to hold you back from the success your desire!

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