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Unlocking the power of your story is the fastest way to create a unique and profitable personal brand and identity.

And when I say to unlock the power of your story, I am not talking about storytelling.  I am talking about the unique journey you have taken to get to where you are, who you are now and where you are going.

Most female leaders, business owners or female entrepreneurs struggle with being vulnerable and believe their personal story is not relevant or essential to their leadership development. 

This is a BIG mistake.

Your story and personal journey are the core of your brand. The journey you have taken to get here, the lessons you have learned, your values, beliefs, painful mistakes or successes all provide you with your brand’s secret sauce.

People who start building their brands often believe they need to hide their failures and challenges and only associate themselves with their successes and triumphs.

But it’s the exact opposite.

Building a strong brand image and brand identity is about unpacking your unique experiences and uncovering everything you have learned.  The good, the bad and the ugly – then figuring out how best you can use the lessons and wisdom to grow your influence and impact in a much bigger way.

You must unpack what I call your “signature brand story“.

Your signature story connects you with your audience, differentiates you from your competitors, and naturally leads others to want to work with you. When you can leverage and maximize the value of your signature brand story, you will build trust and credibility. 

When you have trust and credibility, you become an expert with a sought-after voice. 

When you’re a sought-after voice, you can charge more, grow faster, and serve in a bigger way. 

Unlocking the power of your signature story is an art. It took me years to unpack the power of mine and put it into the teachable formula that it is today. 

This is what I call My “5 Step Brand Value Breakthrough Formula.” 

This breakthrough process is something I designed that offers you an incredible deep discovery process for women in leadership and is one of the most transformative processes in my branding program.  This 5-step deep discovery process is where the most growth and the biggest breakthrough moments happen!

It lays the groundwork and foundations that build the unique footprint and DNA of your personal brand. 

You can start to unlock the power of your signature brand story using these 5 phases to my Brand Value Breakthrough Process. 

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5 Steps To Creating A Powerful Personal Brand – And Why Your Story Matters.

1. Identify your key significant milestones.  

Everyone experiences highs and lows in their lives and careers.  Identifying the ones that have had a profound impact on you helps you to unlock the decades of legacy you build being you.  Challenges are an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth as they test your resilience, focus and commitment to your goals. This is where you will learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable! And love it!

2. Unlock your clarity and purpose.  

Working through your personal experiences helps you reflect on your core values and beliefs and how they have shaped the way you think, feel and respond in times of any challenges, adversity and even success. You’ll realise your full value, and worth and can serve others in a much bigger way.

3. Unpack your gifts, unique insights and lessons learned to strengthen your brand.  

Most women leaders can’t clearly articulate how they are unique and can underestimate their worth and leadership potential. So, this is the part of the process where you learn to connect the dots of your story and reveal your most powerful gifts and learnings.  You will shape your unique insights, ideas and thought leadership to unlock your wisdom and wealth of knowledge (and knowing) that is just waiting to be unleashed. This is where the most growth, clarity, confidence and empowerment come from.

Design your winning personal brand formulas

4. Design your winning personal brand formulas.  

You may not believe you have any ‘winning formulas’, but trust me, you most definitely do! We have all experienced moments that elevate our thoughts and test our passion.  You will shape your unique insights, ideas and thought leadership. You can express your gifts and serve others on a higher level. 

5. Embrace your unique positioning, and point of difference and hone your voice. 

The final phase of the process is to turn your experiences into a powerful personal brand and influential voice that uniquely positions you as an industry leader.   Your personal brand is not just about your products and services. It is about all being able to communicate your worth in a way that otters can value and appreciate. Including all the goodness born from your unique experiences.  


When you can unlock the power of your story, the next time you are asked, “who are you and what do you do?” you will feel confident, fluent, articulate and passionate about sharing your worth.

The more you learn to infuse your gifts and passions effortlessly into your brand and conversations, the higher up the value ladder you will climb, the more significant impact and influence you will have, and the more sought after you will be.

If you can master it, you will be able to share your worth in a much more authentic, natural and meaningful way that others will genuinely value and appreciate. Wouldn’t that feel incredibly liberating? 

My 5 step Brand Value Breakthrough Process is powerful and transformational.  I have seen people transform and level up their entire lives and careers after going through this process – and find their purpose and mastery in the process!    

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