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You may have a website, online personal brand and professional profile, and social media accounts all set up, but there’s one problem. It’s a virtual ghost town out there, and you’re suffering from digital silence! There’s absolutely no engagement, no clients and no leads!

Does this sound familiar?  So you might think, “What’s the point of having a personal brand if it’s not working for me?”   

Here, you will find the top 8 telltale signs that your personal brand and the online image is not working for you, and learn how to strengthen your brand and increase your brand awareness to the next level!

1. Your Brand And Image Doesn’t  Show Up Online But Your Competitors Do

As a result, people are doing business with your competitors instead of you!  You might have an excellent reputation offline and word of mouth marketing for your personal brand. But your online presence is obsolete.

When people meet you for the first time, there’s a high chance they will look you up online. Yet they might be disappointed to find a cookie-cutter professional profile with little information, no image or worse, no online footprint or presence at all. When they Google your name, they see your competitor’s names and knowledge instead. 

Traditional self-marketing and leadership development are not enough in today’s digital world. Word of mouth marketing and referrals offline are some of the helpful ways to grow your audience, but it’s not enough to rely on only these. 

To embody effective leadership, you must learn to adapt to digital shifts in the leadership landscape. Today’s leadership playbook includes positioning yourself as a digitally-savvy woman in business. The first step to accomplishing this is having a wholly optimised and compelling online personal brand and leadership presence. Publish and post effective content, use enticing photos and videos, or invest in a digital marketing campaign. You must elevate your leadership skills online to enter the virtual stage.

Don’t be afraid to build your personal brand online to amplify your business’s marketing. Utilise your social network to gain referrals, join online groups within your niche to build your brand awareness.

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2. People Aren’t Sure About What Makes You Different To Your Competitors

Do you struggle to articulate what makes you different? Do you find it hard to confidently convince your clients why they should choose you over your competitors?   

You might be great at explaining about your business or the professional services you provide. Still, you might find yourself struggling to appreciate or have honest conversations about your personal gifts. 

Believe it or not, these are the soft skills that you need to magnify your leadership capabilities and personal image development. Honing these skills would make a world of difference to you and your business! Despite having your online profile, people might not understand the ‘extra’ value you offer them.

You might think, “what else is missing?” They’re missing out on the empathy, understanding, energy, motivation or emotional support or compassion you also offer!

It’s important to communicate these when you engage with your potential customers. Don’t expect people to know what you’re not sharing!  Sure, you may be able to help them solve their professional problems, but have you considered how you will make them feel?    More than just providing them with your product or service, don’t forget about ensuring you provide excellent customer service to every client. 

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3. Your Personal Brand Voice Keeps Changing

So many times, I see professionals trying to be all things to all people. 

Most professionals worry about branding themselves too narrowly that they end up branding themselves so broadly that their brand loses impact and stands for nothing! Niching down is key to an effective personal brand.

When you are scared to niche down, your brand messaging is too broad or keeps changing as you constantly try to connect with their target audience. The golden rule of creating a strong and authentic personal brand is – Consistency.

Consistent core messaging gives your target audience a sense of familiarity. Yet your brand messaging will take time to get traction, so don’t expect instant recognition.  

Don’t disregard the years of brand value you have managed to build. Learn how to maximize the brand value, voice, and associations you have already created. Learn to integrate any new messages with your current brand messaging and brand story to let your audience know about your evolving journey.


4. You Miss Out On Career Advancement, Promotions And The Right Opportunities 

You’ve worked for years to get where you are. You have the experience, expertise and competence in your field, but you’re still overlooked for your full potential as a top female executive or woman in leadership!

If this sounds like you, you are most likely not communicating your brand power and leadership strengths effectively. As a result, people, businesses and organizations aren’t clear about who you are and what you do really well.   

This brings me to my next point…

5. You’re Not Recognised As The Leader You Want To Be!


If you feel like your profile and personal brand seem to lack diversity and evolution, you might be focusing too much on the past rather than where you are headed. 

Your brand isn’t evolving, which is why you are not being recognised for who you are and what you stand for.   

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People will always have a preconceived idea or perception of you. The challenge here is to get them to see you differently as a leader or authority in your niche or industry, or as the great leader you want to be!

It’s time for you to spread your wings to allow people to grasp the full breadth and depth of your personal brand and leadership skills.

6. You Have A Recognised Personal Brand But Don’t Get Any Leads

You have a website, blog or social media presence where you’ve been consistently marketing your products and services but you don’t seem to attract any leads.

If this sounds like you, you may not have a clear picture of who your ideal audience actually is, so your message isn’t impacting the right people in the right way.. 

Your target audience might be too broad, or you don’t know enough about them.

So ask yourself, who are you talking to? What are their interests, passions, pain points, how do you solve them and how do you make them feel? 

When you can identify your niche market and learn to speak to them about your brand and business as if you’re sitting across from them enjoying a coffee, then you will make a deeper connection.

They will be in the right mindset to listen to you, hear what you have to say and how it can help them.

7. You Attract Leads But Fail To Convert To Paying Customers

You’ve invested in crafting a powerful online personal branding and professional profile across different types of social media and it looks great… but now what?

By that I mean, when someone like me finds you or your website, either through Google search or just bouncing around, what happens next?  

Do you get a lot of leads from your social media platforms or website, or at least enough to make you happy?

Honestly, most people’s online personal brand and public profile or websites fall a bit short when it comes to generating paying customers. Studies show that 70% of your online profile or website’s visitors disappear and are gone forever after just a moment.

So here’s an idea…

Most people like to try before they buy.  

Creating FREE tools of engagement or products for prospects like downloads, play books, books, research or guides is the best way to level up your brand, generate leads and convert them to paying customers.

You’ll be amazed by the difference you will make to your brand and business by providing free information and useful smart tools to your target audience – it will increase your conversion results to a hundred fold!

It gets even better! Once you’ve captured their details, you can start to nurture them.  Taking them on a journey and giving them a glimpse into your world so they can get to know youbuilding brand awareness, trust, recognition and connection! 

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 8. You Feel You’re Working Without A Greater Purpose

Do you lack a clear vision on how to achieve success or can’t see the right opportunity for your career goals or leadership growth?

If this sounds like you, the most likely culprit is that you haven’t connected to your greater purpose, or your “WHY”?

Aligning your personal brand to your core values and beliefs will give you greater clarity around your purpose and what really matters to you.

But, the problem is, most professionals struggle with clearly identifying their values and instead randomly choose their list of their brand’s core values with little thought or meaning. 

As a result, they can’t connect to their meaning, clearly articulate them or effectively apply them to their personal brand. 

Personal Brand Awareness Guide by Suzie Lightfoot

INSIDE THE MEMBERS' CLUB: Personal Brand Awareness Guide


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