Dear Woman of Confidence!


How have you been? I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to write to you about something that everyone experiences: delays and setbacks we encounter personally and professionally when creating a personal brand.

Regardless of whether it’s a major or minor defeat, a delay or detour in your goals can be discouraging. 

I’m here to remind you that it’s in the face of challenges like this where true female leaders and unstoppable women emerge. And I wholeheartedly believe you are one of them!

As go-getter, dynamic, and thriving women in business, we can sometimes feel worn out and overwhelmed with everything happening around us, especially when we think we are losing control! We try so hard to be on top of everything (whilst appearing like nothing is wrong!) that the sheer exhaustion from keeping up appearances and growing our brands and taking our business to the next level can cause US to lose sight of our vision of success (temporarily).

But that’s okay! It happens! Even as high performance women leaders we can –and we will –lose our momentum every once in a while. We might lose our mojo for a moment, get lost in our journey, or our vision gets a bit blurred from being spread so thinly. 

There is absolutely no need to beat yourself up over this! You’re human. You can’t expect yourself to be in tip-top shape as a female leader 24/7, 365 days a year –you have to take time to refuel your body and mind  as part of your brand and leadership development.  The secret is to adopt a new approach to managing your energy and performance as a leader so you remain present, empowered and fully engaged.

Your personal brand identity is directly affected by the way you show up in the world. Everything you say and everything you do both verbally and nonverbally can affect how you feel, perform and other people’s perception of you as a leader. 

Suzie Lightfoot - Woman of Confidence

Just remember to BE KIND TO YOURSELF during uncertain and difficult times. You’ll get through it, I promise.

Tap into everything you have learned and experienced in your journey to power through your circumstances and emerge as a more  Enlightened Leader –someone who knows the value of failure, making mistakes, and tuning into their own “success toolkit” to rise back up!


And as a fellow enlightened leader, I want to share with you my secrets to overcoming setbacks and missteps.  These are all simple and effective success mindset techniques to help you continue building a personal brand identity, conquer your fears and self-lead to where you want to be. 


  • THINK →  Your ability to learn, thrive and grow when challenged is essential!  Shifting focus to pivot your mindset when the going gets tough is a modern leader’s greatest asset.  Change your focus from the problem to the solution. Channel the power of positive thinking and fill your mind with empowering thoughts, feelings, and actions. Let go of negativity (and negative people) and fill up on words of affirmation.  


  • SELF-REFLECT → Look back at the entirety of your personal and professional experiences. Reflect on your personal values and belief system, and check whether you are honoring them with your thoughts and behavior. What impact are they having on your spiritual perspective, your emotional state, your energy, and your goals?


  • REALITY → Take a step back and reset. Realign yourself with your why, your big purpose. Get into your flow by reconnecting to your thoughts, feelings and energy. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is aligned with who you want to be and how you want to feel? Go back to why you started your journey and be grateful for how far you’ve come.


  • ELEVATE→ Self-lead towards your goals and dreams. Follow the direction that leads to growth, even if the path is difficult and challenging.  Notice when your thoughts shift from positive ones that serve you to fearful self-sabotaging thoughts that have no place for a Woman of Confidence!  Lean into your thoughts and feelings to evolve and elevate to the best version of yourself so you can live, and lead to your full potential as a female leader.


  • FLOURISH→ Discover your Thrive Zone. Use your energy, uniqueness, and inner power to manifest the life and career you want! Embrace an attitude of gratitude, adaptability, exploration, courage and fulfillment.

I hope that you continue to be an unstoppable, amazing, Woman of Confidence who goes through life on her own terms! A female leader who isn’t afraid of failing and who’s ready to shake the world! 

To your success,


Suzie Lightfoot Signature