“After my first meeting with Suzie, I knew she was the real deal.  She helped bring the new version of me into creation in a very meaningful and aligned way.  The difference Suzie’s personal brand services has made in my life is profound!”

KymPower Success Stories


Kym Power is a Master Massage Therapist who owns and operates Australia’s leading mobile massage provider, Rejuvenators, servicing over 800 four and five-star hotels throughout Australia.

Kym has massaged global celebrities such as Anthony Robbins, Brice Springsteen, and Cindi Lauper, and Danni Minogue.

When I first met Kym her Free Discovery Session with me, I realised she is more than just your average massage therapist.

Kym has a gift!

With over 25 years of wellness experience, Kym uses ancient energetic healing principles to help her clients unlock their full potential and live a more inspired, balanced, healthy, and wealthy life.

She is intuitive, connected, and deeply spiritual.  This is her passion.  This is her purpose!  And…this is where her personal brand coaching journey and business transformation began!

Today Kym Power’s star is shining bright!  She has stepped out from behind her company brand, frequently asked to guest speak and appear on podcasts discussing her unique holistic massage principles and philosophies.

KymPower Success Story Blog
KymPower Success Stories


Being in business can be so overwhelming!  Running a national business means traveling regularly across Australia, attending meetings, deadlines, and massive commitments.

I never made the time to put myself first, to sit down, work on what is important to me to develop my personal brand. Like so many small business owners,  it just kept falling to the bottom of my day-to-day to-do list!  That is until I engaged Suzie to help me work on project me!

To gain the clarity, I needed to explore my personal brand and unleash my full ‘Power.’

Having been in business for 25 years, I was ready to pivot, follow my passion, step out from behind my company brand to reveal ‘me,’ and live my best life.

My dream to explore my passion for holistic coaching and utilise my years of expertise working in the health and wellbeing industry was finally at the top of my priority list.

Once I made this choice, I was guided to Suzie’s brand and business coaching program and the fantastic work she does.  I was instantly intrigued and curious to learn if she might work with me to help me get out of my own way.

I completed Suzie’s Brand Strength Test, made a booking for a complimentary online Discovery Session, and after my first meeting with Suzie, I knew she was the real deal.


As a small business coach for women, Suzie tells it like it is!  She gave me the tough love I need to keep me on track and ensured I had the support and guidance I needed to complete ‘project me”.  I am incredibly grateful.

In the beginning, I had so much knowledge, skill, and experience crowded in my brain.  I knew I had so much more to give, but struggled to identify my vision and even explain it.

That’s where Suzie’s mentoring sessions are immensely positive.  Her mentoring sessions helped me unlock all my hidden gems, drill into specific life events to unlock the values and beliefs that have shaped me into who I am today, and form my brand’s foundation.

No B.S, no fabrication, just honest, real, and authentically me.  It was so empowering!  Today I own who I am. I have regained my confidence, strength, and power.  Best of all, I can work more powerfully with my clients to redesign their health, wealth, and wellbeing from the inside out.

I am entirely comfortable stepping into the spotlight, taking on stage, podcasts, and video about what I do and how I serve my amazing clients. It’s allowed me to be happier within myself and more peaceful now that the confusion is gone.

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Gaining greater clarity and insight from our coaching sessions, meant I was more confident, pushing myself further outside my comfort zone!

Suzie guided me step-by-step to building my new brand and business.

  • The Kym Power branded website.
  • My visual brand and new Kym Power personal brand logo,
  • Styling and coordinating a full personal brand and image photoshoot
  • A communication strategy to inform my industry contacts about my new business and create potential partnerships.


The difference Suzie’s personal brand services has made in my life is profound!

I am so excited about my future.  I am more focused, and I have more clarity and certainty about who I am, what I do and how I help my clients achieve success and be high performers themselves.

Suzie’s coaching program has instilled greater confidence in me and allowing me to keep progressing on my business well after our private coaching time concluded.

Developing the ‘Kym Power’ brand elevates my business to the next level, offering holistic treatments and coaching services to my clients, helping them restore their mind, body, and being.

Interacting with other industry leaders is wonderful; being invited into their world is an absolute privilege and honour.  I’m enjoying working with so many new people and businesses and all of the opportunities that are presenting themselves.

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KymPower brand success stories


The biggest lesson I have learned is to Invest in yourself!

Don’t wait for ten years like me and keep putting off investing I brand ‘you’…

Don’t let your fear, lack of time, or other excuses hold you back.

Step out of your comfort zone to see the real you and what you can offer the world.

Establishing An Authentic Personal Brand and Image Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Impact, Influence And Confidence As A Small Business Owner or Female Entrepreneur.

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