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When it comes to building your personal brand, there are so many things you have to accomplish in order to ensure its success. 

First, you must build your brand identity, and make sure that you consistently use it across all social media platforms. Develop an authentic personal brand that will foster a sense of trust and connection to your target audience. The list goes on!

If you are ticking all of these boxes, then you may be asking yourself why am I struggling to get noticed and find clients to do business with me?   

While all of these elements are essential to the foundations of a strong brand presence in your industry, your brand is not something you build and then leave to gather digital dust!

To be more influential in your industry, you must consider more powerful targeting tools and self-marketing campaigns to level up your brand awareness!

So, how can you focus on building your brand awareness to skyrocket your personal brand’s growth?  

Here’s how to get started! 

So, What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent to which your potential customers or clients recognize and remember you, your brand and business. The greater brand awareness you have, the more people will be familiar with you and your personal brand.

Wait, what? You don’t have a personal brand logo? Yes you do! Because you are a walking logo for your brand! 

By building your brand awareness, you will become the leader of choice in your industry for businesses and organizations when they are looking for the right people to join their team or do business with.

Think about it! 

So here’s how you can increase your brand awareness and create a greater impact with your personal brand:

Once they have already developed this sense of trust and familiarity with you, they will be more inclined to choose you over your competitors. Because they feel like they have already formed a connection and alignment to you and your brand.

1. Offer Free Guides Or Support To Your Clients And Prospects


Nothing catches people’s attention quite like free resources and service! 

Don’t be afraid to give out free advice, helpful guides, and service to your potential clients and customers, as this is a sure way of reinforcing your brand recall.

Not only will they learn a thing or two from you, but they will also get a feel of what it’s like to work with you. Plus, your visually branded free guides, checklists, cheat sheets, and blueprints will leave a memorable visual imprint.

The critical thing to remember is always to aim to provide VALUE. No gimmicks or anything too salesy! The best way to showcase your prowess is through providing helpful insights, guides and information to your target audience! 

If the information is precious to prospective clients or customers in your niche, they will love you for it! They will seek to know more about you and what you have to offer.

The more they appreciate the value you provide, the more loyal they will be to you. You will generate more qualified leads who are more likely to do business with you and recommend you to their friends and family, which will serve as your edge over your competitors!

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Get Your Personal Brand Awareness Guide

Get Yours
Get Yours

2. Nurture Your Target Audience And Show Them Who You Are!

So you have this fabulous personal brand presence and online professional image, your personalised website and brand logo.  

But now what? How are you connecting with your target audience so that they continue to get to know, like and trust you?

Many top executives and professionals struggle to take the next step in building greater brand awareness by regularly connecting with their target audience or customers. 

They are confident in promoting their products or services but feel they are too bold or intrusive when connecting on a more emotional level. They are uncertain about how to celebrate and communicate their personality and individuality!   

Do you feel this way too? 

If this sounds familiar, then you must remember that nowadays, people, businesses and organisations want to know more about you! They are looking for leaders who can inspire, motivate and have a vision.  

Don’t overlook the greater value your audience is longing for! Nurture them by reaching out to them regularly directly to their inbox, via social media, group webinars or direct messages.    

By nurturing your audience and revealing more of your personality, passion and values, you will become more than just a name; your target audience will understand the qualities that make you stand out among the competition.

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3. Partner With People, Brands And Businesses For Mutual Growth And Opportunity


What better way to build your brand awareness by partnering with like-minded people, brands or businesses?

Make sure to do your research before you decide to partner with a brand or organization. Pay attention to their brand values and niche, as these can tell if they are compatible with your personal brand and business. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them first as this partnership will benefit the both of you. 

Who knows, it might turn into a long-term partnership that will build both of your brand equity!

Let’s say you provide a coaching program that empowers women. Naturally you’d want to collaborate with individuals or groups who promote women and are passionate about female empowerment.

By collaborating with these like-minded people, you can get access to individuals who might be interested in your training programs. With the right amount of exposure and marketing, just by hearing your name, your audience can recall a sense of feeling or familiarity with you. Soon enough, they might just want to be coached and mentored by you! 

See the magic that partnerships can do?

It actually does more than just expanding your reachit also reinforces a sense of trust among both audiences!

Not only do you increase your brand awareness and build your social network, but you’re also sure that you’re talking to your ideal audience who will greatly benefit from your insights and expertise.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

4. Create A Referral Program With Your Professional And Personal Network And Connections 

The true mark of having a strong brand awareness is when you constantly get clients or customers through word-of-mouth marketing. This is why small business owners start out with referral programs in hopes of building a successful business!

The interesting part about this is that it can come in the form of online reviews, in social media posts, and testimonials. Choose what works best for you and your personal brand!

By having a referral program, you let your clients become advocates for your brand and business. Reward those clients who constantly vouch for your product or service, as they help you acquire new clients and increase your exposure. You can also reach out to people who heavily influence your target audience.

Through this program, you effectively tap into more people, making your personal brand become their top-of-mind in your niche market. When people hear reviews about your product or service from people they know and trust, it makes it a lot easier for them to trust and remember your personal brand. You’ll surely stand out from your lesser-known competitors!

5. Increase Personal Community Engagement Online And Offline

It’s no secret that one of the fastest ways to build you brand awareness is to engage with your potential customers and provide unique experiences.

There is nothing more effective than engaging directly with your online and offline community to give them your personal attention and grow an authentic personal brand! 

There are many ways to do this!

You can host a seminar or conference, or attend events that are relevant to your niche and industry. Put your business card away and bring your personality, passion and purpose to the table!

Online, you can host live webinars and video updates on social media, or strike up a real conversation with your followers by investing some time to personally respond to queries, feedback, comments and especially complaints!

I once received an irate email after sending out an automated email.  It had landed in her inbox saying “Oops please excuse my blonde moment!”  This light-hearted subject line, (and yes, I am blonde!) backfired as my female follower (yes, she is blonde too!)  took offense to my ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype. 

Even though it was in jest, she definitely wasn’t seeing the funny side!

She was only one person out of the thousands of emails I had sent out, so I could have easily chosen to ignore her outrage.

Instead I decided to personally reply to her email. What happened next changed everything!

Not only did she accept my apology, but she called me!  No not to further scold me but to thank me!  My personal approach let me shine through the public face of my brand and business showing her that I am real, authentic and I care!  

We instantly created a deeper bond that sparked the beginning of a successful business relationship that we still nurture today.

By stepping out from behind my brand image and persona, I enabled her to get to know me and my personal brand a little bit more.

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