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Your staff is your most valuable asset! Encourage them to become brand ambassadors and intrapreneurs by integrating and connecting their personal brand to your organisation’s.

Position your staff and your team as leaders in business, inspiring them to grow their influence and impact in their market, industry, and community by increasing their visibility, reputation, and presence.

My ‘Brand Fit’ Business Coaching Program

Take your brand and business to an extraordinary level!

My Brand Fit Program For Business is for modern and progressive businesses and organisations.

This corporate branding workshop teaches you and your team how to use smart, contemporary self-marketing methods and deliberate strategies to drive performance, grow their brand presence, and work with greater purpose.

Enrolling in this Brand Fit Business Coaching Program is an inspiring and motivating experience for you and your team!

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3 Ways To Make Your Leaders Feel Empowered


1. workshops and presentations

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3. brand fit program for business

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Leadership Development

If you want your leaders to make a difference, if you want them to make an impact… you’ve got to encourage them to get in the arena!

Fast-track your team’s leadership capabilities, improve confidence and boost their impact, visibility, and performance.

Proven successful outcomes:

  • Position your executives and team members as leaders in their niche market or industry
  • Train them to Present like a Pro
  • Grow their influence and impact in their market
  • Elevate their leadership capabilities
  • Increase their visibility, reputation and authority
  • Build a relevant public profile and digital presence that aligns to the organisation’s brand and values
  • Teach them to publish their insights and ideas

Women's Leadership Mentoring Program 

“I initially participated in Suzie Lightfoot’s Personal Branding Course to develop strategies to capitalise and leverage from my core skills. What I got was a whole lot more!   Suzie’s women's leadership mentoring programs are vibrant, inspiring, and motivating, sharing messages to get you started, to believe in your potential, and most importantly, to make the bold courageous moves you need to achieve your goals.”                  

Lisa Newman
Leasing Manager Acarna Capital


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