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Business And Corporate Leadership Development

Your Team is Your Greatest Asset!

One of the most significant changes in leadership today is ‘Attitude.’  The new leadership model IS more about guiding and inspiring than titles and positions.

Today, the most successful brands, businesses and organisations are looking for great leaders who lead with passion, greater social purpose, vision, and who inspire greatness in others too.

Smart business leaders and organisations are looking for leaders who make an impact, align with their business and brand values, and positively influence others.

They want leaders with their own personal brand.

Investing in your staff’s leadership development will guarantee they become your business’ or organisation’s most valuable asset.

Encourage them to become brand-ambassadors and intrapreneurs within your organisation by integrating and connecting their personal brand to the organisation’s brand.

My Brand Fit Program for business is tailored to your business.

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Image and Brand Consulting

"Suzie’s personal brand coaching is a fantastic eye-opening experience and helped me identify greater opportunities, set new goals, and clearly articulate both my professional and personal brand value to the world! After the pressures of living in the public eye for many years, I wanted a top female executive coach like Suzie to encourage me to finally embrace my own brand and image and to be unapologetically me! Thanks, Suzie, for your guidance, time, and expertise."  

Lisa Newman
Leasing Manager Acarna Capital

Woman Of Confidence Online Branding Course

  "I've signed up and started downloading some of your free resources for building your personal brand online and they are fantastic! I can't wait to start using these. Love your new website by the way, looks fantastic and is very easy to navigate. Congrats on all the success you're having with the Woman Of Confidence Members Club!"      

Top Female Executive Coach

“ Suzie Lightfoot epitomises that classic quote “Be so good they can’t ignore you”!   For all the years and situations, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Suzie, she has always projected confidence, capability, and a brand and image that is world class; valuable qualities for any top female executive who strives to make a mark in this world. Suzie is more than just beautiful, she is skilled in her craft and believes in the value of what she is doing. If you need to build your image and brand and a career, network or self-worth, invest in a style icon whose authenticity is beyond reproach.”    Thank you, Suzie!    

Liliana Montague
General Manager - Marketing Brisbane Catholic Education

Personal Branding Coach Sydney

  "The value of a coach like Suzie can’t be underestimated.  I wholeheartedly recommend her Personal Branding workshops and programmes to anyone that wants to achieve more..." Suzie’s program provides the knowledge and tools to master skills and elements from personal presentation to building and cultivating a more meaningful online presence! Suzie and wholeheartedly recommend her workshops and programmes to anyone that wants to achieve more.  

Taren Hura
Interior Designer, Powerhouse Group Sydney

Image and Brand Consulting For Business

"Suzie's image and brand consulting for business translated into an uptick in the strength and quality of interactions both with colleagues and importantly, with clients..." With Suzie we had real traction with our team: personal presentation, a renewed and confident sense of style and a genuine sense of self, convinced me that the benefits of Suzie's small business coaching and leadership development program to each individual are real and lasting.  A very worthwhile investment in personnel growth."    

Rosemary de Lambert
Director, Powerhouse Group Sydney

Top Female Executive Coach

"I worked with Suzie as my personal branding coach in Sydney to build on my professional image and brand.  I completed her 6-month Female Executive Coaching Program and it was a fantastic experience!..." Knowing Suzie had my best interests at heart, gave me the confidence I needed to make breakthroughs at work and in my professional life. Thank you, Suzie!

Danielle Hall
Regulatory Risk Management – NAB

Brand And Business Coaching

"Suzie Lightfoot’s personal brand and business coaching worked wonders for my sales career and dramatically improved the results. Suzie helped me identify the unique value that I bring and how to communicate my message in an impactful way.  She has an adept ability to quickly dial into my essence and gifts and leverage the synergy between my values and the values of the organisation. My biggest take-away from her Personal Brand and Business Program has been my ability to articulate my brand, skills, experience, and unique value proposition with complete confidence! Many people now comment on the quality of my written communication and clarity of my approach. This alone is a true testament to her high standard of work!    

Women In Leadership Development

"Suzie has an amazing message to share about building your Personal Brand online and off! She reminds you that it’s ok to have failures in your life, as those failures can lead to your greatest successes…"   Suzie’s Women In Leadership Development workshop enabled me to walk away being empowered and inspired me to grow my personal brand and image by what she shared.  If you get the chance to hear Suzie speak, complete her online personal branding course or engage her female executive coaching services, my advice is to just do it!    

Alison McGrath
HR Compliance
High Performing Teams & Wellness

“Coaching with Suzie has allowed me to re-launch our brand and business with a focus and professionalism that already is helping us make our mark louder and bolder." Thank you, Suzie, I really loved your program and working with you. Your enthusiasm and drive inspire me to keep moving forward!

“Suzie is a brand that people trust and admire…”

Suzie’s personal and professional story is what sets her apart from other Personal Branding Experts. Suzie has re-engineered herself from a top model in Australia, when her life was like diamonds, to how it all came crashing down. She was able to pick herself up and constantly reinvent herself, building a brand and reputation that people trust and admire.

Sarina Russo
Founder The Russo Group

“Being confident is crucial for career success and Suzie’s program helped me finesse my personal brand and image to get Brand Fit for today’s world and launch of my new business. ”
“Suzie masterfully involves every participant and leaves them feel energized and capable of creating new success paradigms.” Queensland Women in Business has featured Suzie as both a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. I fully endorse Suzie's programs and know many of our female leaders have developed both renewed confidence and 'ageless' success through her programs.

Karen Phillips
Karen Phillips Corporate Communications MD
Qld Women In Business Awards

“I just don't fit the stereotypical leader profile…. ” I was ready to step up, find my voice as an advocate for change in health care services and make a meaningful impact on delivering better care to people with chronic illness. As my personal brand leadership coach for 6 months, Suzie was with me all the way! She guided me through a totally transformative journey to feel more empowered and confident than ever before.

Kylie Houlihan
Chief Health Transformation Officer integratedliving Australia

“What can I say about Suzie Lightfoot? Suzie is a brand that stands for focus, style, elegance and results! She is passionate and precise – a killer combination! She is dynamic with a unique brand methodology that works! ”
“A unique blend of professionalism, elegance and fun, Suzie shined a light on the positives for my personal branding, image and executive presence!” Suzie’s branding program helped me to have the confidence to take my insurance brokerage to the next level. Suzie is extremely thorough, and I quickly gained an insight into my business and my passions. Suzie helped me gain the confidence to be seen, be heard, be noticed. I highly recommend Suzie’s Personal Branding Program and as a coach to anyone wanting to create or improve their personal brand and business!

Suellen Greives
Director Covermax Insurance

“My confidence has improved working with Suzie, and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead. Thanks, Suzie!” I was inspired to unlock ‘brand Kate Osborne!’ with Suzie’s program to develop an empowering and authentic personal brand both online and off! I was very nervous about putting myself ‘out there’, but Suzie’s process is fluid and fun, leading me to gain greater clarity about my vision, passion, greater purpose and what is truly important to me and my personal brand.

“Suzie helped bring the new version of me into creation in a very meaningful and aligned way.”

Completing Suzie’s program and working with Suzie is such a wonderful experience! Suzie has the unique ability to dive deep & quickly discover your passion, goals & dreams (even when you still aren’t totally clear of them yourself!).

Suzie program really accelerated the whole process of transforming my personal brand to better reflect who I am today, what I believe and what I truly stand for!

“Suzie is masterful, thought provoking, dedicated. Through Suzie’s branding program, I was able to explore my passion, develop my brand purpose…”

Through Suzie’s branding program, I was able to explore my passion, develop my brand purpose, develop my visual brand style guide and have the confidence to resign from a 23yr career to launch my own business, The FemeTech Revolution!

“Wow! I didn’t realise how much I would learn! Suzie’s 30-Day Brand Fit Challenge is totally unique, empowering and completely on-point! “ Having previously worked with Suzie as my brand coach to build my brand and business, it was great to now do her online course to refresh my key brand messages, reconnect with my purpose and vision, and to remind me of the importance of always keeping my brand relevant and staying connected to my ‘WHY’.

“Suzie’s program has challenged my thinking and empowered me to be vulnerable so that I can dig deep and expose my true personal brand. “

Suzie has a vision and direction for my personal brand and messaging that I would not have been able to access without her skills.

Guide, Inspire and Empower Your Leaders!

Accelerate your brand and business with my tailored leadership development coaching and online Brand Fit Program for Business. Here’s what to expect!


Find your voice!

Learn to communicate smarter, be comfortable with speaking up and sharing your message with the world.

  • Be recognised as an authority and thought leader in your industry
  • Be asked to speak and present at meetings and industry events

Craft Your Leadership Style

Your leadership style is more than just about how you look!

  • Gain clarity around your career goals and leadership identity to achieve higher levels of performance, influence and recognition
  • Develop effective communications, networking and brand associations

Have a plan for success!

Don’t sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you, create your own success!

  • Fulfill your leadership potential and claim your authority by being deliberately strategic in your plan for success
  • Become the person of choice in your niche market, industry or organisation

Present Like A Pro

Want to own the room?

  • Increase your executive presence
  • Craft your leadership wardrobe
  • Learn how to present like a pro
  • Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Noticed in all the right ways by all the right people

Use Smart Tools

Consistency is the key to growing a powerful personal brand and leadership persona… and consistency is no accident!

Having the right smart tools, tips and resources on demand will ensure you can:

  • Build your brand
  • Grow your influence
  • Step into your confidence!

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