Having an entrepreneurial mindset, combined with entrepreneurial skills, is perceived as one of the most desired leadership traits in today’s world.

So it’s no surprise that if you are not exploring new ways of thinking in your job, business, career or leadership role, you risk being left behind

As a professional woman, your ability to be creative, adopt innovation and explore new ways of thinking are highly sought after soft skills that will enable you to make a greater impact, stand out from your competitors and elevate your professional and personal brand value.   

Because the truth is today, people, businesses, and organisations are all looking for leaders who can offer new and fresh insights into ‘doing business’ with a much broader perspective and are willing to push the boundaries of what is ‘normal’.

So, how do entrepreneurs think?

As female business leaders, we can often struggle with the belief that we can be powerful change agents with the ability to influence, persuade, and empower others to be the same.  And this holds us back from living and leading to our full potential as we stay stuck assuming traditional leadership traits and practices rather than developing extended personal and professional capabilities more relevant to today’s new business landscape.

Yet, due to the evolving and changing nature of the world today, having an entrepreneurial mindset is an essential tool that every woman leader needs to have in their leadership playbook and to grow a strong personal brand, image and presence.  

It’s not a coincidence that many top-performing leaders, CEOs, and business owners think and act with an entrepreneurial mindset.  Most successful businessmen, women, top executives, and industry leaders learn to develop entrepreneurial leadership skills, including cultural adaptability, intuition, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. 

In this article you will learn:

  • What it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset as a woman in business.
  • Why adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is your greatest personal brand asset as a female business leader.
  • How can you start to develop these powerful leadership traits and an entrepreneurial mindset to make a more significant impact, elevate your brand positioning, grow your influence and step into your confidence as a more empowered female leader.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset for the Woman in Business


The Entrepreneurial Mindset is a system of characteristics and qualities female entrepreneurs employ when they’re building and managing their own business ventures and thriving in their fast-paced, competitive industries. It’s a mindset founded on their genuine belief in themselves, their vision, and their abilities to adapt and overcome any and all obstacles and circumstances to make their dreams a reality.  So it stands to reason that you don’t need to be an entrepreneur or a business owner to benefit from these entrepreneurial mindset traits! 

These valuable leadership characteristics are what’s needed today in every office, business or boardroom and should be applied to any and all areas of your professional and personal life!  Adopting these traits will foster a successful mindset and the belief that you have the power to design and actively craft the life and career you desire. 

Here are 3 tips for growing with an entrepreneurial mindset to help you get started!  If you can begin implementing and action, these savvy mindset shifts, you will improve your performance and be seen as a more progressive, empowered, and creative industry leader.

Suzie Lightfoot Build A Winning Personal Brand

1.  As a Female Leader You Must Realise You Are a Brand and Business.


The first thing you must realise is that as a female leader, YOU are your business! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a CEO, employee, team leader, business owner, or entrepreneur. The simple truth is you are the brand, and you are your own business. 

The sooner you adopt this mindset, the better position you will be to take greater control of your personal brand, professional image, life, and career. Seeing yourself as the leader of your whole life and practising this entrepreneurial mindset shift will encourage you to actively shape the way you want to live, work and play.  

You will start to be more curious, creative and energetic about your potential to create success, make an impact and change people’s perceptions. When you view yourself as a ‘business’, you start to feel you have more freedom, confidence and energy to make the right choices, decisions and set boundaries that are best for you to reach your full potential for greater success and happiness.   

You will be more versatile, innovative and courageous, willing to pivot, challenge the status quo, and push yourself outside your comfort zone to realise your vision.  And for this reason, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset will be your most significant personal brand asset as a female business leader.  

 2. Be a Visionary Female Leader of the Future


Once you settle into the reality that you are indeed a brand and business, you will organically start to become more visionary about your goals and dreams.  

Instead of being influenced or following other people’s expectations or preconceived ideas of you as a female leader, you will begin to take a balcony view of what’s possible for you. You will see the bigger picture beyond other people’s expectations of you as a leader and set bigger, bolder, more audacious goals and dreams! You will find the confidence to step out from behind your business or organisation’s brand to embrace who you are, what you stand for as ‘Brand You’.  Plus, you will find the confidence to share your vision, insights, and ideas more freely with others, which amplifies your ability to influence, be seen, heard, noticed, and gain greater recognition.   Being able to visualize your success and the life you want will ensure you are always right where you need to be and one step closer to making your goals and dreams your reality. 

Everyone has a dream and a vision for their own life.  But the best and brightest in the world have always looked far beyond themselves. If you genuinely want to be a changemaker, your vision and personal brand have to impact people and create more value for them. 

Strive to dream of something bigger than yourself. You might be surprised at how innovative your ideas can be!  Being a visionary is more than just having an idea of what you want. It’s also having a vision of how you can improve your industry or market. Expanding your knowledge will help you be seen as an authority, source for innovation, or forecasting trends.

Female Leaders and Executives

3. Challenge Yourself to Have A Voice In the Bigger Conversations


Every great idea came from one person who sought to think differently from everybody else. The entrepreneurial mindset calls for you to think outside the box and challenge yourself with fresh ideas and a unique perspective. And with every great idea you have, you also need the conviction to see it through regardless of any fears or vulnerability that may hold you back.

Embracing and taking ownership of your unique insights and ideas may entice questions, curiosity, or criticism from the people around you. But this is excellent because you foster growth, learning, encourage new ways of thinking and stimulate conversations.

When you can lead from a place of courage rather than fear, something magical will happen.  You will begin to take ownership of your leadership voice and use it to advance culture and create new realities. You will become more ambitious, focused and determined to make a unique mark in the world and craft a personal brand, image and presence that is undeniably you.

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