As Covid-19 spreads across the globe, as career women we have been impacted like never before.  We are struggling to come to terms with reduced working hours, isolation, lost business, financial uncertainty, postponed career goals and lost opportunities.

You may have spent years getting to where you are now, and suddenly, you’ve lost momentum and your motivation levels are at an all-time low.  Things are looking grim on a global scale.

Do you relax and take a well-deserved rest while you can?

Or do you rise up and show the world what you’re made of, taking measures to elevate your brand value and raise your level of leadership and authority in your industry or niche market while you have greater time and opportunity to invest in brand “YOU”?

In other words, do you use your career hiatus to level up, or crash and burn?

Covid-19 doesn’t have to crush your career goals and dreams.  In fact, if you’re willing to shift your lens, you can leverage from this crisis to develop your leadership skills, grow your authority and executive presence to maximise your personal brand value.


When the crisis is over and the dust is settled, and people, businesses and organisations are looking to reboot, rebuild and rehire, your personal brand, online presence and leadership voice could be stronger, more visible and powerful than ever before!

As a high performance woman, now is the time to acknowledge and unleash your full value and worth to the world, taking deliberate steps to not only share it with others, but to amplify your leadership, grow a online footprint and brand presence that is brighter, bolder and more influential than ever before!

This crisis can help you find new ways of doing business.  New ways of communicating.  New ways of connecting. New ways to stay positive.  New ways to be happy.  New ways to give. New ways to ask for help. New ways to find wealth and new ways to fight your fears.

There is some comfort in knowing we are all in this together, yet the truth is, ultimately, it’s up to you as an individual to navigate our own pathway through the Covid-19 crisis.

In fact, how you respond to a crisis, any crisis, can say more about who you are, your brand and your leadership style than the crisis itself.

So how can you build your brand, elevate your leadership capabilities and continue to thrive in a crisis? To pave new pathways of opportunity and find new doors to open when so many have closed? 



1. Shift Your Focus And Make A Crisis Recovery Plan!

Friends, family, colleagues, strangers, leaders, Prime Ministers, Royalty, sporting stars and celebrities; Covid-19 does not discriminate.  No one is safe.

The view has changed for everyone, the playing field is not the same and the challenges you are facing are ‘unprecedented’.   Your life is in lockdown and your business and career prospects may be on hold. Your stability and security are challenged.  Massively!

And for a moment, you wonder, how will I survive?

It requires you to discover new tactics and smart strategies to retain your position on the field.  The goal posts have moved, and you must start to adjust. To pivot. To think. To question. To Understand. To look at things with a new lens.

It’s time to shift your lens to FOCUS and identify the new rules of the game.  

Get a crisis recovery plan! Planning your way forward, especially in times of uncertainty will make all the difference.  It can be life-changing and its impacts are equally rewarding.  It will also help you cope with the aftershock and pick up the pieces of your life and career once the crisis is over.

  • Identify the challenges
  • Develop a short-term plan to keep you positive and focused on what you can do – rather than what you can’t!
  • Create long term strategies to build and protect your personal brand and reputation, so once the dust settles you remain confident, empowered and will stand out from the crowd.
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2.Develop Your Thought Leadership.  Journal Your Challenges And Unlock The Lessons Learnt.

One of the greatest gifts you will have when a crisis is over are the lessons you have learned!

These are the diamonds that come from the pressures and challenges you have endured!  They are so valuable and become a critical part of your personal brand and leadership evolution.

Be disciplined in journaling what is happening to you, which of your values are being challenged, and how you are navigating through the crisis to overcome them.

Recognise both your challenges and the triumphs, no matter how big or small – to shape your thoughts, ideas and insights into lessons to share with others.  These new leadership skills and qualities can play a big role in your career development as you unlock greater strength and power to live and lead under adversity.

3.Find Your Voice And Be Heard!  Be A Voice In This Global Online Conversation.

Be Heard and Noticed by industry leaders, start a support group or find an online forum, network or community to strategically communicate, connect and contribute!

As billions of decision-makers, industry leaders and high-performance professionals are being forced to work from their lounge rooms or home office, they are doing business with a more personal tone and on a more personal level.

In many cases, they’ve been stripped of their secretaries and their vast support teams and they are more available and more accessible than ever before.  They are experimenting, learning and doing google searches online for people, conversations and forums that offer insights into navigating the chaos.

Leaders are looking for innovative solutions to complex problems, inspiration, motivation and new ways of operating! As a result, the opportunity to be heard as a female leader in your niche with a valued voice in this crucial conversation is amplified!

This crisis offers a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Grow your impact and influence:  Exchange your leadership insights both online and off as part of a bigger global conversation.
  • Build your connections:  An appropriate time to discover a niche, build a tribe and create deliberate strategies to connect with key people of influence.
  • Leverage your leadership:  It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or not at all; this is an opportunity to leverage your leadership, connect with decision-makers and develop your thought leadership.

So, are you ready to rise up and lead?


4.Rise Up! Stay Current.  Show Your Full Value. Shift. Change. Move!

Job uncertainty is the worst kind of career crusher, but for many people, this is the new reality! Your job may have been ‘downsized’, your business in lockdown or your career on hold, but you can rise up to take control of your power and lean towards being proactive rather and reactive.

Staying positive, relevant and current during a career hiatus takes more effort when times are tough but is critical to sustaining your personal and professional brand value amid in uncertain times.   So, look for smart ways to use your time to grow your brand and establish a strong and compelling online presence and digital footprint.

  • Upskill, educate and self- coach!
  • Look for platforms you can ‘belong’ to, advocate and have a voice ion the bigger conversations in your niche and beyond,
  • Post original content, (Get blogging!)
  • Start a library or thoughts and ideas,
  • Renew your LinkedIn profile,
  • Start a podcast or commit to starting a professional project you’ve had on the back burner!
  • Place greater value on your time to live and lead to your full potential.

Anything you can accomplish right now to create opportunities for growth and development will protect your brand, increase your value and keep you relevant in your niche market or industry.

To Your Success,

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