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As professional women, as we mature, we can worry about our future careers and businesses, with our financial security becoming more and more important to us.

For many women, this increases fear, anxiety, and overwhelm.

We can lie awake at night wondering what we can do to ensure we continue to have more choices, attract opportunities and maintain our financial independence.  

That independence can look different depending on what stage of life you are at.

But regardless of whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s there are many things you can start to do to put yourself in the strongest financial position.

Because the truth is…there is a silver lining to getting older…

In fact it’s more than silver…it’s gold!

And it’s the reason why so many successful women are powering up their careers and starting businesses instead of slowing down or retiring. Yes, even after 50!

Want to know what it is?

It’s the most fundamental and powerful asset you can have in your life and career. 

It’s your personal brand.

And, it all starts with your perspective and the decisions you make right now to future proof your goals and dreams.

Here are 3 decisions that are going to make or break your success and future proof your value as a female leader in your niche market or industry.

1. The Decision To Lead

The power lies with you when it comes to planning your future.  Many women struggle with this concept and feel like they must settle once they reach a certain age.  

But this self-limiting belief can lead to fear of being overlooked and undervalued for prime leadership roles, partnerships or lucrative opportunities. 

When this happens you risk living to your fears rather than making vital decisions about your future from a place of power and strength. 

The good thing is that you have years of experience and wisdom to leverage to plan a more rewarding, profitable and successful pathway forward.

You have a decision to make to either let your fear define you or lead from a place of confidence and power.

There is an incredible opportunity here because when you can learn to leverage your wisdom to create a powerful and profitable personal brand and leadership presence, you’ll stand out in the marketplace like never before.

It all starts with deciding to be the leader of your life! 

Q. Are you going to let your fear define you or lean into your fear to rise to embrace your full potential to lead? 

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2. The Decision To Create

I know what it’s like to get stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated when things aren’t going as you want.

You can lose your mojo and motivation. That nagging little voice in your head tells you you’re not good enough or that failure is inevitable.

So you think, “what’s the point”…right?  

But the truth is, these moments of mental fatigue and challenges that test your passion are the ones that will elevate your thought to the next level!

Instead of cowering to your negative thoughts, make a decision to get creative. 

I have witnessed many women leaders reach a certain age or stage of their careers, only to feel invisible and undervalued.  But it is this fixed mindset around how they view themselves which actually holds them back.  

If you see yourself a certain way, it is inevitable that others will too.

Great leaders are creative in their approach to overcoming challenges and adversity and are recognised as being at their most inspired when the cards are stacked against them.

It’s the same for you. 

Adopt a more creative perspective and mindset and you can identify new or better alternatives that are often right in front of you.  You will start to see new opportunities, methods or even discover a new product or service that will help you scale your business or career. 

You will be seen as a strong, resilient, and inspirational female leader. 

This means that people or businesses will come to you for answers.  

You will also establish your influence, authority, reputation in a much more meaningful and impactful way.   

Q. Are you going to let your fears or negative thoughts hold you back or get creative to make your goals and dreams happen? 

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3. The Decision To Become A Super Attractor.

Inside my Personal Brand Accelerator Course ® I show you how to build your authority, influence and recognition as an industry leader with an authentic personal brand. 

Becoming a super attractor means you will be irresistible.  You will attract business, clients and opportunity to you rather than you having to chase them. 

When I think about building a personal brand I believe that it is essential for positioning yourself as the go-to-leader of choice in the marketplace and attracting clients, customers or people who will pay a premium for your products or services. 

This is your chance to rise to the top.

You must be able to communicate your worth in a way that is desirable to others and they will fully value and appreciate it.

Q. How are you going to craft your brand and image to be so desirable you will become a super attractor?

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