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Are you trying to make an impact on social media, but feel like no one is listening!  Well, I hear you! So listen up girlfriend!

Building your personal brand online using social media may be on the bottom of your to-do-list right now, and I totally get  it!  I have been right where you are now and if you are like most women in business struggling to make a meaningful impact across your social media platforms it can be a daunting space to be in today!  It’s fast, furious and ever changing.   

In fact, social media can seem like a minefield for many professionals trying to grow their personal brand awareness online and it can be a scary place to hang out!   But social media platforms are more relevant than ever before for women in business, but with a few simple strategies and a brand vision, you can be a social media maven in no time!

In this blog I share with you:

  • Why social media is relevant to you to grow your personal brand and business.
  • How finding the right place to hang out and build your brand voice will help you maximize and leverage your brand identity and online profile.
  • What is the difference between being a social media influencer and growing your influence as a woman in business on social media ?
  • Why making a positive and meaningful impact on social media is the key to growing your brand authority and INFLUENCE!

Ready to get started?  Let’s get cracking!

Social Media Brand Success Guide

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Social Media Is Relevant To Every Female Leader… (Yep That Means You Too!)

Ok, so if you think that social media isn’t for you. It seems fickle, hard work and just a massive waste of time and energy, then think again. 

Social media is relevant to everyone, and that means you too. No matter if you are a savvy female entrepreneur, small business owner or a top-level female executive, if you’re looking to get a seat at the table, you must seek to grow your authority and relevance online with an impressive online personal brand.  And part of that is a social media profile that packs a punch and resonates with both you and your ideal target audience.

Why? Because regardless of what you do and who you are, people will look you up online. It’s just the way the world works now. (you know I am right!)  

Having a consistent, quality social media profile and personal brand presence is a value add for you as a professional woman and will build your leadership presence, brand voice, relevance and connectivity. 

Mastering the art of social media to grow your personal brand authority is not only a savvy content marketing approach; it is also a highly sought after modern leadership skill!   So don’t bury your head in the sand, power up and if you haven’t already, take the first step to build your social media presence and grow your online personal brand so you can better Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Noticed by the right people in all the right ways!

Crafting your online executive presence is essential if you want to establish your leadership, authority, and expertise in a digital world. 

finding influencer in social media

The Good News is…You Can Absolutely Grow Your Influence on Social Media Without Being an “Influencer” 

But wait, what’s that? How do you grow your influence as a leader on social media without being a hyper exposed global ‘influencer’ and having thousands and thousands of followers?   

Well, it’s important you get crystal clear the difference between an influencer and an influential person.   Carving out your influence in your niche market or industry on social media as a woman in business doesn’t mean you must be seen as a global social media influencer with thousands of followers.

When it comes to building your personal brand online, quality versus quantity, especially on social media, can mean the difference between making a positive and meaningful impact or getting lost in the crowd, diluting your brand, image, authority and leadership presence. 

So here’s the good news you’ve been waiting to hear!  You don’t have to be tagged as a social media influencer, and invest thousands of dollars on influencer marketing!  Having a solid social media presence, publishing meaningful content, sharing valuable insights, thoughts and ideas will build your influence as a leader in your niche on social media and set you apart from your competitors.


You don’t have to have exposure to the global masses to build your worth on social media.  Building a strong personal brand and online reputation will solidify your position and credibility in your industry, grow your thought leadership and position yourself as an influential voice in your niche.  

You will attract new clients or business, increase your sales and leverage your personal brand to become an industry leader.  

And best of all, the right people will sit up and pay attention, seeing you as relevant, connected and as a digitally savvy female leader, businesswoman or executive.

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Hang Out in The Right Place on Social Media and Your Raving Fans Will Find You!

Want raving fans and followers who care about you and what you stand for?  Want to be better seen, heard and noticed by key stakeholders, clients or customers?  Then, go for a high-level positive impact versus posting low-quality content and stuff that doesn’t matter to you or your ideal target audience! 

Are you thinking of dancing on TikTok or starting your own YouTube channel? Firstly think of why you are there, what you are saying and if your content will resonate and connect in the right ways with your ideal target audience. 

Have a clear intention in mind and clarity around who you are, what you stand for and the values you and your brand represent before jumping on the bandwagon to join the latest social media platforms or blindly following the viral social media trends. The last thing you want is to deliver your content in a way that distracts from the positive impact of what you are trying to say and what you stand for. 

I know it can be tempting to be part of viral movements on social media!  But if it’s not for charity or a good cause and it doesn’t align with your brand, business and leadership goals, then think it through before you dive in!  

Case in point: I have witnessed other peoples accounts go from hundreds of followers to thousands of followers almost instantly by sharing videos of themselves dancing madly in their kitchen or living room to the latest tunes on TikTok.  As a loyal follower, I immediately unfollow them as I feel they no longer share the same compelling content or messages that I cared about and attracted to me in the first place.  So you must ask yourself, do you want thousands of followers who want to see you dancing in your living room for no apparent reason or do you want followers who care about what you have to say?  


My advice, if you want to grow your influence and attract the right raving fans, stay true to who you are and what you represent while being mindful of the value you share!

To successfully grow your online brand and reputation, you must be conscious of your brand’s key messages and how you wish to show up and shine as a leader. Used well, social media is a savvy tool for you to amplify your personal brand key messages, to motivate, educate and inspire others. Used as a tool to be seen as ‘popular’ may only dilute your brand message, image and presence .  

Finding the right place for you to hang out on social media and having a clear intention is critical. You may not have as many followers by not opting to dance around your lounge room on TikTok, but the loyal audience who chooses to follow you will care more about who you are and what you stand for.  

You can also build more meaningful connections with your followers or audience and increase your engagement. 

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Social Media Brand Success Guide

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