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Let me ask you something. Have you ever been too scared to own the room? Been paralyzed at the thought of running your first live webinar?  Failed at commanding attention during a team meeting?  Hesitated when asked to share your ideas and insights with others?  Backed out on an opportunity as a panelist or keynote speaker?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you are in the same boat as many other women in business who share these same fears. Too often, as professional women, we let our lack of self-confidence silence our voices as we remain silent, holding ourselves back, waiting for the right moment to speak up.  Because, despite our years of experience, competence and expertise, we can still feel insecure, vulnerable, and invisible throughout our professional lives.  

But there is nothing to be gained by giving in to your fears and so much to be celebrated when you decide to lean into them instead!  

Why Do You Need To Find The Confidence To Speak Up As A Female Leader?


When you become a top female executive, industry leader, or business owner, expect there to be an increase in the demand for your opinion, thoughts, and voice.  Other colleagues, clients, and the community will start to look at you for advice, guidance, ideas, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.

Today, elite communication skills and public speaking engagements come with the leadership territory. A Prezi survey shows that 70% of professionals who give presentations agree that presentation skills are critical to their success at work. This new digital age and post-pandemic world amplify the necessity for all female leaders to speak confidently in front of an audience, anywhere, online or offline, at any time. Therefore, delivering presentations is no longer a soft skill but a fundamental leadership trait you must embrace and conquer if you want to elevate your leadership to the next level.

But, the fact remains this can be easier said than done for most female leaders.  The dilemma for many professional women, small business owners and even executives is that we struggle with the fear of putting ourselves out there to own our voice and confidently share our insights and ideas.  As a result, many professional women are still unable to be a compelling voice in the business landscape, including our online image and presence and presenting across multiple platforms and target audiences. 

But the reality is that businesses, organisations, our customers and our target audience all expect industry leaders to be skilled in expressing their thought leadership and have a voice in the more significant conversations relevant to their niche market or industry.

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Finding Your Voice Is Magical, Life- And Career-Changing


Clarity and self-confidence are the secret ingredients stepping into the spotlight as a more influential female leader. Once you master both, you will shift from feeling fear and self-doubt to being ready to speak up with greater authority on any occasion.

Clarity around who you are, what you stand for and what you want to say is critical to confidently stepping into your voice as a female leader.  Before you go into any meeting, conference, webinar or presentation, you must always consider your intention. How do I want my team, audience, clients, colleagues, or stakeholders to feel? What are the key takeaways or touchpoints I want to share? And importantly, you must also consider who’s in the room (virtual or real life), who’s your audience, and any objections that may arise?

If you can prepare for every meeting, presentation or public speaking event by first considering these critical questions, you’ll feel more empowered and motivated to lead. You’ll be more passionate, energetic, and self-confident. You’ll feel more inspired and challenged to reach your goals. And you will most certainly better be seen, heard and noticed as a person of influence in your industry. 

Not only will you elevate your personal brand, but you will also elevate your energy, your presence, and your leadership image.  You’ll appear more confident, competent, and compelling to others. You’ll become more and more of a leader, teacher, and figure of authority in your field once you learn how to captivate people with your voice and command the room.

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7 Steps To Reboot Your Brand

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