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Are you feeling stuck in your career, working hard to be noticed and recognised for your full potential as an industry leader, only to ask yourself at the end of each day, “why don’t I feel more empowered and fulfilled in my career or business?

Courageous leadership and greater empowerment as a female leader is what we all aspire to feel. It brings with it greater power, influence and executive presence. Yet how do we achieve this elusive feeling that gives us that extra spark, energy and motivation to elevate our lives and careers to the next level? 

Why do we need to feel empowered as women in business? How does it benefit us as women, and how can we leverage this feeling to amplify our impact, build our personal brand and achieve our most audacious goals?

I’ve spent much of my personal and professional life seeking to live and lead from a place of joy, happiness and, yes, empowerment! It all started way back when as an athlete when I felt young and invincible, with my key drivers being the sheer exhilaration gained from achieving my goals and…winning! Today my entire business model is based on providing professional women with a sense of empowerment because I know first-hand how it helps fuel your ambition, increases your influence and helps empower others too!

Yet, as I have matured, I have gained a greater perspective and deeper understanding of what it means to feel empowered, which to me, is no longer all about achieving success and winning and here’s why.

Empowerment Comes From Knowing What Drives You

Have you ever experienced that feeling of enlightenment, strength and power that comes from knowing what you really want? When we empower ourselves with the knowledge that we have all it takes to craft the life and career we really want, our minds open up, and so does our world. It is no surprise then that empowerment is our key to both personal and professional success as women in business. Feeling empowered will shift your energy and focus from what is missing in your life to what is possible.

Having clarity around what drives you makes you more energetic and curious about what’s possible and encourages you to look beyond other people’s expectations of your success to unlock what’s important to you. If you are working tirelessly to ‘win’ or succeed in your job, business or career and it’s not leaving you feeling empowered and unstoppable, then you probably need to reassess your key drivers to start living and leading on your terms.  

Personal empowerment means that you can take complete control of your life and career and make positive choices and decisions based on what matters to you. You will gain the strength and confidence to overcome obstacles such as fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence. 

Empowering yourself will align you with your values and beliefs, but it doesn’t end there. It also impacts your personal brand, image, and presence and ultimately how you lead, impact, and influence others.

Empowerment gives you the courage to speak up and own your voice.

The thing about knowing what drives you is that you learn not to compromise on the very things that really matter to you.  And with that comes certain confidence, presence and self-belief that enables you to speak from a place of deeper knowing and connection.  

Empowerment, self-confidence, self-worth, and beliefs are tangled and intertwined in this beautiful recipe that permits us to be the best we can be. To live to our full potential and to create better futures for ourselves and others.   

 So how do you go from feeling invisible to more empowered and invincible? 


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Here Are A Few Ways To Navigate Your Way To Be A More Empowered Female Leader

1. Identify The Things You Love To Do And Stop Doing The Things That Zap Your Energy And Your Mojo. 

Get organised and make a plan to shift from the grone zone into your thrive zone by making a list and prioritising doing things that make you feel more energised. Doing this will dramatically reduce your overwhelm, frustration, and stress levels and help you get clear on your boundaries! There is something about actively choosing what and how you spend your time that shifts energy and sparks a more positive mindset.

2. Take A Break To Get Perspective And Spring Clean Your Attention

Step away from the tools and get away from the noise!  Take time off specifically for a mindset reboot.  Give yourself space and time away from what you do every day to be curious and reflect, explore, refocus and refresh your perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions and do a mental spring clean of your life, career and relationships.  Then make a battle plan to reduce distractions, negative influences and disruptive forces in your life so you can live and work more efficiently and focus your attention on what lights you up!

3. Prepare For The BIG SHIFT!

The preparation stage is a vital link to knowing what you want and actually achieving it.  You may have decided to change, yet you could still feel like it’s all too hard! You may be thinking, “how do I make these changes?” Am I prepared to invest the time and energy in making these changes right now?” 

The first step to making any massive mental (or physical) shift is to prepare yourself for it!  If you go straight from thinking about it to doing it without the vital planning part, you may revert to your old ways of thinking, feeling and doing pretty quickly.  Sustaining and maintaining a sense of empowerment and greater confidence doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a change in behaviour, focus, and a level of personal accountability to keep yourself on track.  

Make a list of micro-changes you can make immediately to give you some instant wins. Then plan and map out some more significant changes you can plan and implement over the next 3months, 6months and 12 months.  Having a plan will help you overcome overwhelm and ensure you have some time to adjust to each stage of change and get used to new ways of thinking, doing and performing.  

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4. Shift Into The Action Stage To Take On Small Challenges To Gain Some Wins!

Now you have identified the fundamentals; it’s time to shift into the action phase. Set yourself key milestones to achieve that will give you a sense of ”winning” and success.  Positive energy attracts positive energy, and you will start to feel more empowered, enabled and unstoppable with each ”win” you achieve, no matter how small.    Having clear milestones to work towards is vital for sustained energy, focus and mental clarity.  I often see successful women and female leaders relapse as they don’t give themselves enough time and space to process any ”growing pains” and learn new behaviours.  As a high-performance woman, there will always be pressures and challenges, so it’s vital to have the goals posts clearly in your sights to keep you motivated, inspired and empowered along the way!

5. Transform Your Professional Image To Show The World You Are A Woman Of Confidence (From The Inside Out)!

So now you found a new sense of empowerment, the final step of the process is to express your newfound energy, passion and purpose to craft your professional image and elevate your executive presence. 

Your X factor will always be the energy you project from within. But never underestimate how a simple piece of fabric can empower you, change the way you feel and how other people perceive you as a leader.

The Executive masterclasses included in my Personal Brand Accelerator Online Course will help you to craft your own personal style and wardrobe.  You will be able to build a powerful professional image and signature leadership style that best represents all that you have achieved as a confident woman without saying a word!

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