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Have you ever been asked to identify what sets you, your brand and your image apart from your competitors?

 What makes you truly unique and memorable?

What is your edge? 

What is your X factor?

When I ask most of my top female executive coaching clients, they immediately start talking about their experience, expertise, products, and services in their chosen fields.

“I provide creative solutions for..”

“I have decades of years of expertise and experience…”

“My difference is I offer a strategic approach…”

“I give a 100% guarantee…”

And although this may be true, I hate to break it to you; these answers are not unique and won’t make you stand out from your competitors when building your personal brand or business online.

Do you answer in the same way?  Most people do.  

As a female business coach having asked these questions thousands of times over the years with my executive coaching clients, I am still surprised by the lack of importance that as women (especially as we mature) we place our full value and worth in the world!

But the simple truth is,

These generic answers won’t cut it in today’s new world where people are longing for real connection with real people and authentic brands.

When people or businesses look for you, google your name, land on your website, or public profile, they are looking for one thing. Connection.  

People Are Looking For More Than Just Your Products And Services.

They seek a (brand) experience, a connection, a feeling and an emotional attachment to you, your business and your products or services.

A unique touch that attracts them to you and your brand and image, draws them in, and connects you to them so that they only have eyes for you. 

They want a real connection with real people with authentic personal brands.  Brands that make them feel comfortable, appreciated, and confident that you- and only you- can deliver what they genuinely need.  They also want to be comforted by knowing and understand their pain points…Intimately!   

They desire that extra engagement that compels them to act and ultimately decide to choose you over your competitors’ profile, brand, image, products, or services.

In fact, studies on brand trends are now showing that people and businesses are downgrading brands if they fail to connect on an emotional level.

Today, As Top Female Executive Your Brand’s Success Is About Much More Than Just Your Logo, Experience, Or Expertise –

Building a memorable brand and presence is about forming an emotional connection with your customers and creating a powerful, emotional and personalise component to your image and brand.

 How great it would be if there were an Emotional App for this!

Sadly, there is not!  

But your ability to develop deep engagements with your customers, clients and target audience today is absolute gold and will continue to trend.

Why Is Building An Emotional Connection Crucial To Building Your Personal Brand And Image Online? 

pretty lady sending hearts to get people love image and brand
1. Because people want to do business with people, brands and professionals they feel they know, like, and trust – the authentic people. 

So, that means that building signature personal brand and image is an essential part of growing your influence and impact as a female leader.  Leadership today is about making connections, nurturing relationships and fostering personal brand and leadership loyalty.

2. People want to be understood on an emotional level: 

They want to trust that you understand them, feel their pain, identify with their frustrations, and support them with excellent service and expertise combined with emotional relief to their problems. 

3. Customers define themselves through the brands they use. 

When people form an emotional attachment to a brand the strength of that bond is not dissimilar to an attachment to another person

So, it’s up to you to dig deeper into your  ‘value vault’ to craft more than just a brand but a brand experience that truly connects with your audience on a deeper, more personalised level. 

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