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As women mature, we gain both personal and professional experiences that mold us into who we are now. We start our lives as unassuming, bright-eyed little girls, then transition into self-conscious teenagers, turn into confused young adults until we grow into confident, self-assured, and empowered women leaders with years of wisdom and lessons to pass on.


Somewhere down the line, we step fully into ourselves and embrace everything we are –flaws and imperfections included –and emerge as the aforementioned influential female leader.

Every Experience You’ve Had Has Developed Your Personal Brand, Image, and Values. Accepting and Embracing Them Will Empower You and Build Your Confidence

Your personal brand is the sum of your experiences –the good, the bad, and the ugly. You have experienced triumphs, failures, met all sorts of people, and seen your fair share of smart and regrettable career moves. By the time you’re in your 40s, the universe has literally thrown everything at you, and you’ve come out with more than just battle scars and thicker skin. You’ve become an empowered female leader who knows what she’s worth.


The courage and confidence you have now is a result of your journey. Embrace what you’ve been through because it led to who you are now. You have survived the worst storms of your life and learned so much along the way that you are fully equipped to handle life’s remaining challenges at this point. Use this as fuel to build a strong personal brand that highlights your strengths as a role model and vulnerabilities as a “female leader-in-progress”.


As you navigate the professional landscape, building up your self-confidence and personal brand will become your shield against self-doubt, fear, and insecurity.


Even if your past wasn’t the best, you wouldn’t be where you are now without making the choices and mistakes you did. Accepting what you once were and acknowledging the mental and emotional changes you’ve undergone is an essential step to feeling empowered and relating with your target audience.

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Your Professional Journey is an Invaluable Resource for Your Personal Brand and Growing Your Influence. Your Experiences Are the Foundation of Your Values, Passions, and Purpose.


Sharing your story can be daunting but it can also be the most empowering thing you do! You can take control of your narrative and stand as an inspirational role model and female leader to young and budding women leaders who are just starting their own careers. There is so much value and knowledge to be shared just from looking back at your own track record.


Own your identity as a public resource speaker and industry leader. No matter how you decide to share your wisdom and advice (through blog, video, podcast, masterclasses, or webinars), don’t hold back! Reveal how you started in the field, the top lessons you won’t forget, tips for building a personal brand, growing your confidence, and other marketing strategies you picked up through trial-and-error. 


Perhaps, you experienced working in a negative environment, or struggled with corporate gender inequality, rebranded your executive image and presence, or dealt with a big career setback. This is your opportunity to share your vulnerabilities and how you bounced back. Even debunking industry myths, sharing common mistakes, and insider tips are all valuable insights you possess as a seasoned industry leader and woman of influence.

Grow Your Confidence by Taking the Center Stage and Engaging the New Generation of High-Performing Women Leaders


With everything you’ve been through, you’re in the prime to take on a bigger leadership position! Don’t settle for a quiet stay at the top. Aim higher! Think bigger! Do better!


At this point, you have a lot going for you that it would be such a shame not to seize the opportunity. You have the skills, the personal brand, the experience, the authority, and the influence. Now use it!


Start conversations about how you, as a female leader, executive, or entrepreneur, can make industry systems and practice more efficient, effective, profitable, and valuable. Share your perspective on issues and debates that are important to your target audience and stakeholders. Engage other influential figures and personalities and build a community of like-minded female leaders who share your vision and purpose. 


Putting yourself at the forefront of change will motivate you to put all of your energy and knowledge into building something bigger than yourself. The task may be huge and terrifying but that just means your confidence in yourself grows with every step you take. 


Every kind of change starts with a trailblazing leader willing to take risks and go against the current. Why shouldn’t it be you? 

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Download: How To Craft A Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet


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