Did you kick start your year in January with bold New Year resolutions and career goals but have since lost sight of your ‘big game?’

Do you feel like with June 30 approaching, the year is flying by and you haven’t achieved the goals you set out to?

Are you back on the work-life treadmill and so caught up in your daily to-do lists that you have little head space available for the big dreams you’ve set out to achieve, all the things you need to manage and challenges that have come up along the way?

Ok, so the year is underway, but there is always time for new beginnings!  Take your time to STOP, take a breath, re-evaluate your professional and personal success to refresh, reboot and reconnect to your personal brand so you may power on with greater impact and power!


Because your brand matters!  And, maintaining it as a part of your ongoing plan for success will ensure it is remains of your biggest assets!  Your End of Financial Year Personal Brand refresh is as imperative as assessing your financial goals and budgets and will help you:

    • Refocus on your goals
    • Build your brand equity
    • Reassess what’s serving you and what’s not
    • Update your professional and public profile
    • Reconnect with what’s important to you
    • Remain current and part of the bigger conversation
    • Grow your influence and authority
    • Make a plan!
    • Create a confident leadership voice
    • Stand out from your competitors

Whether you’re a small business, entrepreneur or employee of an organisation your personal brand adds value to your business, company or organisation that you work for.  And it needs nurturing!  So, don’t just focus on your financials, sit down and audit your personal brand to reconnect to what’s really important to you.


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If you’re ready to do this together, then download the free worksheet that goes with this video :) Download it here >>


Did you meet your professional, business or leadership goals? Did you achieve the career advancement, profits or professional success that you hoped to?

What do you stand for and how have you communicated this to others and in your personal brand messaging?  What is important to you and how have you honoured this? 

What are your values, and do they align with your vision for success?  

As women, we should also consider asking ourselves questions like “what has been holding me back from standing out” and “how can I better be seen heard and noticed as a leader in my field”.  Answer these questions thoroughly and honestly.

If there are some areas that you have not even considered or need improving, commit to making those changes before June 30 using my 7-step End of Financial Year Personal Brand Check List.

Download my FREE End of Financial Year Personal Brand worksheet to guide you step-by-step on how to reboot your personal brand and professional profile!

This is your opportunity to SHINE brighter!

In this video, I share my 7 steps to rebooting your personal brand this Financial Year!


Review Your Personal Brand Position (PBP)
Reconnect with what’s important to you!
Build on your brand equity
Refresh your visual brand /image
Reflect on success and failures
Create new 12-month goals that are action focused
Reboot platforms & Reconnect


You will get out of this what you put in. The people who put a lot in see huge

transformations, so join them. Make the most of it!