Inside The Members' Club: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand.


Did you kickstart your year with bold New Year resolutions and career goals but have since lost sight of your ‘big game?’

Did you get all excited about creating a powerful public profile but then quickly realize you didn’t have solid strategies, support and planning in place to sustain the ongoing promotion of your personal brand?


As high-performance professional women or female leaders, we often feel pressured to jump right back on the work-life treadmill!  

Yet we quickly get so busy dealing with our daily to-do lists that we find ourselves with no time or energy to pursue the big dreams we’ve set out to achieve.  

If this sounds like you, then you are not alone!  In fact only 20 percent of people set goals, and 70 percent of those fail to achieve them!

Remember that it is never too late to level up your personal brand, business or career! In fact, it is essential for the growth of your personal brand, career or business.

Taking time to STOP, breathe and re-evaluate your professional and personal success to refresh and reboot your personal brand will help you power on with greater impact, authority and influence!


In this video, I share my 7 Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand!

  • Review your Personal Brand Position (PBP)
  • Reconnect with what’s important to you!
  • Re-build on your brand equity
  • Refresh your visual brand /image
  • Reflect on success and failures
  • Create new 90-Day action plans that are goal focused
  • Reboot platforms & Reconnect

Inside The Members' Club: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand.



Is Your Personal Brand In Need Of A Reboot?

Setting New Personal Branding Targets For The Year Are As Important As Assessing Your Current Financial Goals And Budgets And Will Help You:

  • Redefine your professional goals
  • Build your personal brand equity
  • Reassess what’s serving you and what’s not
  • Review your leadership positioning and update your professional and public profile
  • Reconnect with what’s important to you 
  • Remain relevant and be part of the bigger conversations in your niche market or industry
  • Grow your influence, credibility and authority as a leader of choice in your industry
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche market or industry
  • Craft a personal brand, leadership program and strategic plan!
  • Create a confident leadership voice
  • Stand out from your competitors and be the leader of choice in your industry

Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or employee of an organisation, it’s important to create a strong personal brand and to nurture it to its full potential! 


Why Build Your Personal Brand?

Because building a strong personal brand matters! 

Maintaining a professional image as a part of your ongoing plan for creating a successful business and will ensure it remains one of your biggest life and career assets!  


Creating a Personal Brand Identity Creates Value

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room!

The way you present your personal brand becomes a direct reflection of how your target audience will perceive you, which is why it pays to consistently build a personal brand that effectively represents who you are and what you stand for.

So, if you feel like your personal brand wasn’t able to meet your objectives, it might be time to make a few changes so that it aligns with your goals!


Ready To Reboot Your Personal Brand And Own Your Success? Let’s Get You Started!

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Conduct Your Personal Brand Performance Review…

Rethink, Reboot, and Rebrand! 

All successful businesses and brands take time to evaluate their successes, challenges, and failures regularly.

Feedback is essential for the continued growth, connection and vibrancy of your brand. And, building a personal brand is no different.

Often, we forget that our personal brand shifts and evolves just like we do. 

In my business leadership coaching experience, I learned that your personal brand becomes a walking logo of your business and what it stands for. This is why it’s essential to continually take a pause, reflect, and reinvent your personal brand to match your business’s current needs.  

Checking in regularly with your brand persona, image and key messaging will help you be a more positive professional in all aspects of your business as you will see the results of your brand development as it grows and thrives and takes your business to the next level.  

It always helps to go back to your brand basics to expand and evolve what has worked for you and drop what didn’t.

Ask yourself, in the past year, were you able to….

  • Achieve the career advancement, profits or professional success and recognition  that you hoped to?
  • Reflect on what do you stand for, what is important to you and how have you honoured this? 
  • Effectively communicate and clearly articulate your values, beliefs and vision to others and in your personal brand messaging?  
  • Create content and publish on your Linkedin Profile, blog post, podcast or website?
  • Engage in relevant conversions in your niche on social media

Once that you’ve answered these important questions, you’re now ready to…


Reboot Your Personal Brand And Own Your Success!

As a business coach for many years, one of the most important questions I ask my clients would be “what has been holding you back from standing out?” and “how can you better be seen, be heard and be noticed as a leader in my field?”  

Answer these questions thoroughly and honestly so you can crush those limiting beliefs and step into the best version of YOU!  

By being aware of your areas of improvement and proactively implementing your action plan to overcome it will greatly contribute to your personal brand growth.

If there are some areas that you have not even considered or need improving, commit to taking your brand and business to the next level with some of my FREE Woman Of Confidence online personal branding resources including my 7 Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand Worksheet and Personal Brand and Leadership 90-Day Planner!

This is your opportunity to SHINE brighter!

Inside The Members' Club: 7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand.


Download my Woman Of Confidence Member Resource  – 7 Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand Worksheet  to guide you step-by-step on how to reboot, rethink and refresh your personal brand and create a more successful and positive professional profile! 

You will get out of this what you put in. The people who put a lot in see huge transformations, so join them. Make the most of it!


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