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Struggling to find your purpose? Been working for years only to discover that your ‘success isn’t what you want after all? Stuck in a rut, lost your job, career on hold? Wondering where to go from here?

You’re not alone! Research shows that not only do teenagers struggle with finding their purpose, even well seasoned and successful female leaders can too! 

And I get it – I’ve been there! I know what it’s like to work hard – achieve success and then look around and wonder, “How did I get here?”. “This is not what success looks like to me now,” and “Where do I go from here?”

If this sounds like you, it’s time to shift gears and choose to take a more courageous leadership pathway. 

So, in this blog, I am going to share:

  • Why finding my purpose enabled me to be a more courageous leader to build the life and career of my dreams and how can you do it too.
  • Why do you need to take control of your professional choices and stop navigating your career like you’re playing a pinball machine?
  • How to confidently shift gears in your life and career to be a more empowered and courageous female leader. (no matter what stage of your career you’re at or what age.)
  • My top 5 leadership strategies to help you get the life and career you want the fastest and most effective way! 
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What Do You See Yourself Doing In Your Fifties?

As a young professional, I believed that every opportunity that came my way was a chance to grow and thrive. And yes, of course, that is true. But in retrospect, one of the biggest mistakes I made in my career was forging towards opportunity with little thought to how it would ultimately shape the way I live, work and play. I never paused long enough to get a clear vision of what success looked and felt like to me. And I didn’t regularly reevaluate my life, career path and my choices.

Big, big mistake! 

So at 50, I had this massive ah-ha moment. I realised I had been trailblazing my way to success, but there was one enormous problem… it just wasn’t the success I wanted!

My professional life looked all glossy and glamorous on the outside, but something ‘bigger’ was missing on the inside. 

I was missing the meaning of it all—my purpose.

So I chose to start over and create the career I wanted. To step up, take a more courageous leadership pathway and raise my internal bar to realise my full potential to live and lead with greater purpose, direction and unwavering ambition to get the life and career of my dreams.

And the rest, as they say, is history. 

So, here I am, practising what I preach as a brand and business coach for female leaders, helping them to take control of their lives to be women of confidence at the top of their game. 

And you know what? Just like me, if you’re struggling with finding your purpose and attracting the right opportunities (the ones you really want), the key is to revisit and unpack your vision of success and use it to craft the life and career of your dreams! You’re never too old, and it’s never too late!

Play Pinball With Your Career Goals!

Want to Create a Legacy in Your Life? Don’t Play Pinball With Your Career Goals!

As women in leadership, we want to (and are conditioned) believe that every career opportunity is the right opportunity. As a result, we can fall into the trap of bouncing from one project, leadership role, organisation or company to another.   

It’s like being a shiny ball bouncing around in a pinball machine. At first, we launch ourselves into our professional lives and careers at high speed, dazzled by all the shiny balls in front of us. Then, we ricochet randomly throughout our career with little thought to the bigger picture, our legacy or greater purpose. 

But it feels good! It’s fast, furious, and your adrenaline is pumping.

But after a while, the novelty can start to wear off. You get tired of just bouncing around the professional landscape with no purpose. In this case, you may begin to realise you’ve spent years working hard in your professional career to be highly qualified and an expert in your field but have placed very little attention or controlling your career choices and developing a leadership pathway on your terms.

You begin to think, what’s the point of the game if I’m not where I want to be? I’m playing hard, but I’ve lost my rhythm and flow, and it’s exhausting; there must be a smarter way to play?  

You initially get all excited about creating the career of your dreams to position yourself as a leader in your field and create your legacy! Still, then the enthusiasm dwindles and the motivation wanes as you realise you don’t have solid strategies, support and planning in place to actively craft your happiness and reach your goals and dreams.

Female Leaders and Executives

Here Are My Top 5 Leadership Strategies to Help You Get the Life and Career You Really Want.  

1. Let’s Get Clear On Brand Clarity, identify your mission. 

What lights you up and your greater purpose. This is vital for you to grow your personal brand and reputation and avoid other people branding you! Be crystal clear on the leader you want to be! 

2. Unlock Your Big Game. 

Set the goalposts, and get deliberately strategic about how you will make it happen and mistakes to avoid so you do not waiver from your mission.

3. Don’t Settle! (not ever!)

Want to be paid your worth? Need to be leading or working in an environment that stimulates, energises and motivates you? Want to only work with people, businesses and organisations that align with your brand values and vision? Then don’t settle! Never settle!

4. Identify Your Top 3- 5 Core Values And Align Them To Your Professional And Career Priorities. 

Then stick them up on your office wall or in a frame on your desk, so you never forget them, and they are front of mind!  

Sometimes having the courage and commitment to say ‘no’ to the most accessible opportunity can leave you open to attract the one that will serve you better. Don’t spend years travelling a career pathway that detours you from the fastest route to your dream role or brand vision. Always choose the one that will take you closer to achieving your vision of success and greater purpose.

5. Reevaluate where You Want To Be and What Your Personal Brand Is

Remember to check in every 12 months to reevaluate your personal brand positioning, executive image, leadership goals and where you want to be in the next 12 months!

As you grow as a female leader and gain more experience, expertise and courage to build your personal brand as an industry leader, you must regularly check in to reevaluate your milestones, successes, lessons learned and unique personal brand positioning.

Your brand should constantly evolve and grow as you thrive as a more confident and empowered female leader.  

So you have to make a decision: stay where you are or cultivate a different path for yourself.

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