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When you need help creating a personal brand and a powerful online presence, no one tells you the steps to building content or how it is one of the fastest ways to grow your influence and brand awareness.

One of the things most professional women, business owners and female entrepreneurs struggle with today is content creation. In fact, for many, creating and publishing original content is frightening and is one of our biggest weak spots.


Because most women leaders consider sharing their ideas publicly through content creation as a skill meant only for professional bloggers, journalists, high-profile personalities, influencers, or celebrities.   

There is that little voice in our head that thinks…

“But I’m not an expert.”

“Do I know enough?”

“Will they trust me?”

There is also the challenge of finding the time and energy to think of types of content, topics, themes and original insights to share.   

So with all these fears and challenges, you may wonder if you have what it takes to develop your personal brand by publishing content online? And I get it.

But I want you to understand this. If you are a professional woman, small business leader or female entrepreneur, you are already standing on a mountain of value to create articles, blogs, podcasts, social media and more. 

You don’t need to be a celebrity, influencer or blogger to create high-quality content that is valuable and visionary for the people you serve.  

And here’s why…

The way you view the world and the way you do business is unique. The journey you have taken to get to where you are today, is also unique. These are the foundations of your growth, success and wisdom. 

Your perspective is shaped by these foundations. You think differently. You express ourselves differently, have different values and beliefs, and so on.  

So the belief that you need more experience, expertise or skills to produce compelling content is a myth. The reality is you are already ready to create and share extraordinary value to enhance your personal brand, career or business.It’s up to you to leverage and maximize how you uniquely see the world to develop a content marketing strategy and voice to channel your knowledge into meaningful content that informs, educates or entertains your audience. 

When you can master this, you will build a strong personal brand presence that serves your audience in powerful ways.

And, pretty soon, you will turn a weakness into one of your personal brand’s greatest assets. 

It may be hard at first. But ultimately, it’s what will empower you and others.

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Tips For Creating Content For Your Personal Brand

1. Hone Your Voice, Build A Personality, Create An Energy And Experience

As women leaders, content creation gives you a distinct voice. It also allows you to exercise your creative muscles and reveal more about how you do business rather than just your products or services.

Creating original content provides an opportunity for you to develop a brand personality. This is essential, as today, more than ever, the most successful brands have a voice, a vision, and a personality, and they stand for something.  You are no different.

Creating consistent content helps you craft a powerful language and grow your leadership skills. When you hone your voice into a distinctive leadership style that resonates and connects with your audience authentically – you will build loyalty, trust, authority and, more importantly, create a unique experience and personal brand identity.

This unique sense of identity is what infuses energy, presence and personality into your content and what ultimately helps you attract the right people and businesses to you.

  Tips To Build Your Personal Brand Voice.


  • Rather than just talking about what you do, start conversations about why you do what you do so your clients, customers or target audience form more profound, meaningful connections with you.
  • Listen to your audience’s needs and deliver valuable content that speaks to their problems, challenges and desires.  This way you will start building a community of followers or fans that know and trust that you have their best interests at heart.
  • The key to creating compelling content and growing your brand’s image and presence is communicating in an approachable, relatable, and authentic conversational tone. 

Many people think they need to change how they communicate to elevate their sense of importance, influence or impact.  This is a big mistake.

You don’t need to copy other people’s leadership styles or be someone you’re not.  You are your most powerful, and your impact is far more profound when you deliver your core messages in a comfortable and familiar tone.  

So feel free to be consistent online and offline with how you naturally communicate. 

2. Unlock The Power Of Your Personal Brand Story To Connect To Your Target Audience in More Meaningful Ways.

The most significant gift you have for your personal brand is your story and journey. So, don’t be afraid to tell stories and share personal anecdotes in your content to help your audience relate and align your insights to their own experiences or challenges.

Most professionals underestimate the hidden value of their story and how it has shaped who they are, how they do business, how they communicate, the relationships they’ve formed and the value they have as a leader and thought leaders in their industry. 

But the truth is, unlocking your story will help to connect to your audience in more meaningful, compelling and relevant ways, and explore your full potential as a leader, thought leader and teacher. 

After all, it’s your personal story, experiences and advice that people long for. 

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Unlock The Power Of Your Personal Brand Story

3. Create A Reliable Resource And Content Hub That You Can Turn Into Profit. 

Creating a library of articles, blogs, podcasts, or videos provides a reliable resource and content hub that you turn into profit. 

It is also the number one way to promote yourself without being too salesy and self promotional.

Because when you establish yourself as a valuable source for industry news, insights, ideas, trends or thought leadership, you can more easily move people into the next part of the conversation or sell your products or services. 

Once your audience invests in you as a credible and consistent industry source they can rely on, (that’s invested in their success and growth), you can lead them to the next stage of the journey.

To do this, you must develop a content marketing strategy that includes relevant links, call-to-action buttons, opt-in for a mailing list and the next logical steps for your audience, followers, clients or customers to take to elevate to the next level of engagement with you.

Many women need help on how to infuse their products and services into their content as they feel it may come across as too salesy or self-promotional. 

If you think this way too, then please consider this.

If I introduced you to an expert with whom you felt an instant connection. A person that offered you the knowledge and wisdom to make your life, career, business or relationships more profitable, enjoyable or rewarding? A person who inspires and motivates you and understands the challenges you face. How would you feel if you didn’t know or couldn’t easily find the next steps to take to work with them? 

I bet that you would feel frustrated and let down on some level. So I want you to remember this…

Giving people the information and steps they need to work with you is not self-promotional but service.  You owe it to your audience to make the pathway to the next level of their journey as simple and seamless as possible. 

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