Introducing A Woman Of Confidence! 

Lisa Newman is one bold, bright and beautiful woman! There is no getting around it, Lisa Newman is a force! She is a professional woman who commands attention every time she walks into a room … and I mean she owns it! 

Her energy, presence and personality are so inviting and consuming that you are, well, simply just drawn to her.  

And this is a woman who has spent the vast majority of her professional years, in the shadows of her husband Campbell Newman, who was a former Australian Politician who served as the Leader of the Liberal National Party (LNP) and our 38th Premier of Queensland. 


I first met Lisa Newman many years ago as “the wife of” Campbell Newman. We would see each other at women in leadership networking events and corporate events, and she would always greet me with an authentic smile and gracious elegance. She is the type of woman that makes a lasting impression, and you are still left feeling elevated from the experience of meeting her.  She exudes confidence, and it is quite frankly contagious.

Now Lisa has swapped her title as ‘the wife of Campbell Newman’ to the Leasing Manager for Arcana Capital as she paves a new path to success in real estate.

Today, Lisa Newman is a more empowered female leader ready to step out of the shadows to truly shine, claim her place as a top female executive and build a new brand and image! 

 I recently caught up with Lisa to talk about life after politics and how she has reinvented her personal brand and image.

Here Lisa shares some insights into how she has stepped into her  power as a female leader,  ‘what light’s her up’ and her passion and purpose as a Woman Of Confidence.


Q1. Suzie: What energizes you and lights you up?

LISA: To me making a difference is what really counts and ‘lights me up’. 

I always get excited when I can help someone who is facing challenges and there is a beneficial outcome.  


Q2. Suzie: What is your biggest hurdle you have faced in your life and career?  How did you overcome it?

LISA: Guilt due to the juggling act of work and family!  It was very liberating to convince myself to stop trying to be superwoman and that my best attempt at the juggling act was good enough and the family are all OK with it.


Q3. Suzie: What has been a career highlight or project you have been most proud of?  

LISA: Working with an amazing team as Chair of Lord Mayor’s Community Trust (2004 – 2011) raising over $4 million to support charities in our community; reaching out to those most in need, especially youth and women in need and experiencing homelessness.


Q4. Suzie: What advice and lessons can you share to help other female leaders to step out of the shadows and into their confidence as more empowered women in business?   

LISA: Stop trying to be superwoman.  It’s no fun trying to be perfect as a female leader and it’s actually more enjoyable to rejoice when things actually do go right, and laugh at when things go a little pear-shaped and know that it’s all a learning experience. 


Q5. Suzie: What is your passion and purpose?

LISA: Helping other women in business to embrace the value and impact we can have as individuals to influence change and acceptance through the power of caring and giving back.  

The years of helping to raise awareness of the multi-faceted issues and challenges facing so many in our community has, and continues to be, one of my most rewarding experiences.  


Q6. Suzie: What were your key takeaways from the Women In Leadership Personal Branding Workshop? 

I initially participated in your personal branding workshop for female leaders to develop strategies to capitalise and leverage from my core skills.  What I got was a whole lot more!  

I learned to believe in your potential and most importantly, to make the bold courageous moves you need to achieve your goals.  

It was a fantastic eye-opening experience which helped me identify greater opportunities, set new goals and to clearly articulate both my professional and personal brand value with the world!  

After the pressures of living in the public eye for many years, I finally realised I am ready to embrace my own brand and image and to be unapologetically me!   


Be empowered woman of confidence

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