How To Craft A Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet

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As women leaders juggling work-life balance and lack of confidence in our ability is universal. Yet research indicates that 85% of professional women want to reach a more senior role or elevate their careers and businesses. (Joy Burnford, founder of My Confidence Matters)

As female entrepreneurs, this dilemma is amplified as we struggle more with a lack of courage and self-confidence in our abilities as entrepreneurs than men. We second guess our competence and commitment to create businesses from our ideas, put them out there and build rewarding and profitable businesses.

And when it comes to asking for a pay rise or charging a premium for our products or services, we get more nervous and scared of asking for a pay rise than men.

And if you’re nodding along right now because you totally relate to this feeling of imposter syndrome, you will also know that it doesn’t stop us from forging on! As powerful women leaders, we are like Teflon, strong and resilient!

But as a female business coach, I have good news for you! There are ways for high-performance professional women and female leaders to actively create opportunities, command a premium for our products or services and get paid our worth! There absolutely is!

There is no need to stay stuck, feeling overlooked, invisible, undervalued or marginalised.

Instead, you can start taking control of your career or business, boost your confidence, step up as an industry leader, or become a successful female entrepreneur and trailblaze your way to greater success and financial freedom.


One way to improve your career prospects or leadership potential is by regularly taking time to reflect on your career, business, relationships, and personal brand and figure out what you can do to improve the areas you value most. 

Take time to think about each quarter, how it went, what worked well, what didn’t work so well, and what you want to achieve in the next quarter to help you get one step closer to achieving your goals and elevating your brand and image. 

How are you nurturing and growing your relationships with your connections, colleagues, clients, key stakeholders and networks?  Are you making meaningful connections that can assist you to increase your level of influence, authority and recognition?  How well are you being of service and value to others?  Do you have clear boundaries that you uphold to safeguard your self-esteem, confidence and values?  

This involves being honest with yourself, recognising your weaknesses and strengths, and not comparing yourself unfairly to others.  Consistently reviewing your progress will highlight any gaps or areas in your personal brand, leadership style or skills.  For example, if you’re not getting the success you want, it could be because you’re not clear on your priorities and representing yourself with the authority that gets you noticed.  

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do What Feels Good

Self Awareness:

Next, start to dig a little deeper and check-in with how you’re feeling and what mindset (fixed or growth mindset) you live and lead from? 

Are you allowing negative thoughts and ideas to pop into your head?  Are you spending too much time thinking about what other people think of you or getting obsessed over what your competitors or colleagues are doing? When are you feeling most happy, energised and alive?  If not, what can you start doing to make you feel like this?  What lights you up? What are you passionate about?

It’s also important not to get bogged down by feelings of envy or self-doubt around other women leaders. It’s certainly beneficial to know the playing field, the influencers, tricky people and have an awareness of your competitors.  However, not to the point that they become a distraction or way for you to measure your success or failure.  

Concentrate on what you can control rather than worrying about why others are more successful than you. You need to be aware that your career is part of the bigger picture. Each move you make will and how you feel about it will affect other areas too.  And the way you feel affects your energy, presence and people’s perception of you as a leader. 

Remember if you want to get paid your worth, you must feel you are worth it first!

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Heightening your self-awareness will allow you to tap into your natural intuition. You will start to recognise what feels right for you, what’s wrong for you, what aligns with your core values and ultimately, what drives you to be a successful business leader. 

So don’t shy away from listening to your instincts. Your intuition is the new age leader’s superpower! The more you can flex this mental and guttural muscle, the better you will shape the way you live, work and play and be the leader of your whole life. You will also find the ‘guts’ to pursue your passions, stand up for what you believe and take ownership of your worth in the world. 

So, be honest and don’t be afraid to discover yourself by exploring your feelings, faults, failures, as well as your triumphs or successes. Once you have a clear idea of what feels right and deeply resonates and aligns with your core values, you permit yourself to be the best you can be.  

And when you care deeply about something, it will show in your energy, image and presence, and you will be more likely to succeed as that calling will drive you to remain focused and determined to achieve your goals and dreams.

You will improve all aspects of your career or business and attract the right opportunities. You also open yourself up to greater possibilities to pursue your passion and keep learning and growing. 

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Craft a leadership style that gets you noticed

How To Craft A Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet

Get Yours Now!
Get Yours Now!

Self Coach Your Way To Success

Self-coaching process that I share as a leadership coach in my Woman of Confidence Personal Branding online course

There are strategies, worksheets and frameworks that I have designed to specifically address how you can use reflection, self-awareness and intuition as leadership tools to build your brand and develop your power as a woman in business. Once you learn these techniques, you can self-coach to greater success, happiness, wealth and opportunity. You will unlock your full potential and freely express your passion and creativity. Ultimately, you will be more empowered and confident in achieving your goals and asking to be paid what you’re worth.  

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