Are you a mature age professional with years of experience and expertise under your belt, yet still feel overlooked and undervalued?  The simple truth is, as women, and as we mature, we can begin to feel marginalised, pushed aside and invisible.

When I first met Bernadette in a free discovery session, she was in ‘that place’

Being made redundant is not easy…at any age. Especially, when you are over 50!  The fear of being out of work for the first time in decades can be terrifying! So, it wasn’t surprising to me that Bernadette’s confidence had taken a massive hit as she struggled to come to terms with losing her high paying, prestigious corporate role and an uncertain future.

I have worked with many women like Bernadette, who have been made redundant at the height of their careers…and it is a real ‘kick in the guts’ when this happens to you.

But the honest truth is – it doesn’t have to define YOU!  Being made redundant sucks!  BUT… it forces you to really look for the limitless possibilities you have around you and WITHIN you.

“Suzie helped me see my redundancy as an ‘opportunity’ to invest in Brand ME! To unlock my true value, worth, passion and purpose to gain greater clarity around my value proposition and what my big picture really is!

I reached out to Suzie at a time when I was transitioning in my career.  I knew it was going to be a challenging time for me.

I was ready to completely repackage myself – to refresh and reboot my confidence, corporate image, personal brand and professional profile to attract the right opportunities for my future!

It was a rollercoaster of a journey for me, but as a leadership coach, Suzie’s got you covered!  She was with me all the way, giving me the courage and confidence to keep forging!

From the get-go, Suzie helped me see the light inside me and bring it to the surface again, to shine brighter than ever before! She convinced me to rise-up and claim my place as a leader in my industry – repositioning my brand and building my voice as a leader in my field.

And…most importantly…

Reminding me that being made redundant, didn’t need to be the end, but a new beginning!”


Working on my brand and leadership development gave me a massive confidence boost!

As a leadership coach, Suzie’s dynamic style gets results. She guided me every step of the way, to transform my experience and expertise into fluid insights, ideas and thought leadership snapshots. I now share my voice and vision confidently in corporate workshops, and my first leadership series of blogs called “Lead It or Lose It.”

Suzie encouraged me to ‘come out’ swinging and realise this challenging moment in my life and career,  was a  super opportunity to reinvent myself.

As a leadership development expert, Suzie has a unique process she calls her personal brand ‘discovery session’.

They are incredibly revealing, insightful, and empowering, tailored for mentoring women through a series of self-exploration sessions.  They are real and honest, helping me recognise who I am as a leader and where I want to go.

I am now clear on my mission and vision and realise I have so much to share to help others be more successful leaders. 

I feel I now live and lead in my ‘thrive zone’!

Success Stories Blog


My biggest fear before I started my personal brand coaching was that I was old and washed up!

Suzie, encouraged me to own my worth,  shape my voice and realise I have something of value to share! Utilising publish articles online and posting on social media was something I had not done. I felt anxious when I posted my first article on LinkedIn.

But my greatest moment of self-discovery was when I stopped beating myself up!

When I published my leadership articles on LinkedIn,  I received positive recognition, which made me see that everything I had done to improve my personal brand was working.

Now it is second nature. Frankly, though, these skills are a must-have. Making these tools and sites work for you is great if you have the knowledge!

Suzie’s leadership development training helped me leverage my experience and expertise, maximising my brand value through online platforms. 

Today I have mastered these tools and use them consistently to build my personal brand and gain greater recognition as a leader in my field.


Today I have greater confidence in who I am,  I have a voice, and I will never settle for less than I deserve.

I am willing to stretch myself to join groups and, most importantly, walk into any room like I own it!

And best of all,  I have a new role as the Head of HR for a leading company. I feel more secure than ever and confident about keeping my goals on track moving forward.

And, I am committed to making a difference for leaders and especially mature female leaders.

Being a role model for mature age professionals and working on ways to help them thrive in their careers is what  excites me and is truly a passion for me.


Firstly, learn techniques to turn that voice off in your head that is a harsh critic. Others will not believe in you until you believe in yourself.  You have vast experience and knowledge.

Take the time to get clear about who you are and your success journey. You have a great story to tell!

Do an audit of areas where you think you need to learn more to be as successful as you want to be.

Do not go it alone. Investing in a cheerleader and executive coach like Suzie is imperative to your growth and success.

You deserve only the best!