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Are you authentic?  Authenticity is a fascinating subject in today’s professional landscape, and it’s the new buzz word.

In fact, you can Google search just about any topic or industry, simply by punching in the keyword ‘authentic.’  Try it. You will discover everything from authentic education, authentic services, authentic leadership, authentic personal branding, authentic happiness to authentic Thai beef salad!

So, why is it important for YOU to be AUTHENTIC?   What does it mean for your personal brand and business growth?



Authenticity means being “genuine and original,” and is one of the key influences to building a powerful personal brand.
Obviously being Authentic, is not a new concept by any means.  However, it has transcended into the commercial world at lightning speed and is now considered a ‘must have’ quality for anyone who desires to stand out in today’s hyper-competitive digital space.




Building a personal brand is about uncovering the truest version of yourself so that your brand presence is consistent,
natural and memorable.  Being Authentic gives you the opportunity to develop your real-world fingerprint and digital footprint.   All will recognise it. Everyone will admire it. No one will replicate it.  It gives you an opportunity to cut through the noise and the clutter of the internet, to be seen, be heard and be noticed for who you really are.


It is important that you understand and identify what your passions, core values, strengths and weaknesses, so you can connect with them and present them consistently to others. These characteristics will become your brand pillars and create the framework for developing your personal brand.  Your core values, your beliefs are what people will recognise you for.  It is what will drive your vision and give you purpose!  Identifying them, will also help you to realise what you need to communicate with your brand.  Once you understand what you have to offer, it will be possible to create a brand image that is authentic and honest.


Identifying what makes you tick, will give you inspiration, as you are engaging with the things that you are passionate about and believe in.   When you feel aligned with your values, you feel energised and thrive.  And, who doesn’t desire that?  You will wake up every day, feeling more positive, more inspired and more motivated!



Building a personal brand that deeply resonates with the woman you have become and one that other people will respond to, requires you to be genuine, truthful and real.  Nobody likes doing business with a phoney.


When you and your business stand for what you believe in, you will represent your personal brand and professional brand in a more positive way to people you would like to influence. An authentic ‘personal brand’, as opposed to a ‘cookie cutter’ and impersonal brand, will resonate better with your stakeholders.  It will evoke experiences, emotions or perceptions, which influences people decisions, creating value for you and your business or organisation.


Do you have years of experience and expertise, yet you rarely receive acknowledgement, credit or reward for all your hard work and tenacity?  Are your ideas overlooked, and you are not heard?
I have worked with many professional women are unsure of how to communicate their needs in order to achieve their desired life and business aspirations. Developing an authentic ‘signature voice’ will help you to communicate what’s important to you.
And, the way you communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, is as important as the way you appear, behave and network.  It is a huge part of presenting your professional imprint to the world and should be looked at with the
same importance as the way you dress.
Craft a leadership style that gets you noticed

Members' Resource: Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet

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