Find Out What Your Personal Brand Says About You.


If you’re struggling to be paid your worth and command a premium for your products or services; you may be asking yourself, “But how does building a personal brand and professional image help me make more money?”

This is something that I struggled with at first, too. I have a media background and have always had a personal brand and public profile. But, the reality is, at the beginning of my career, I didn’t know how to maximise and leverage my personal brand and image to profit from it. 

Like so many other female leaders, my brand just happened in the background. And I underestimated my enormous potential to use my personal brand presence to drive profits, generate leads and attract new clients.     

Today, having built a thriving online business and personal brand coaching service, I know and understand how to master creating a brand and image that increases your brand value and worth to position you as an in-demand industry leader. 

The process is powerful. When you master it, you will take your career or business to the next level.

I want to share the top 3 strategies I use to grow my own personal brand that has influenced my bottom line the MOST and helped me build a profitable career and business. 

These tools and strategies will help you grow your brand value and create profitable opportunities by opening yourself up to trying new or different approaches to how you share, show up, and ultimately increase your worth.

1. Why Building An Email Will Future Proof Your Career Or Business

If you are a business owner or female entrepreneur, you will know that having an email list is one of your greatest business assets. But if you’re a professional woman, you may be thinking, why is an email list essential for me too?  

Firstly, you must view your email list not to self-promote or sell your services but as a way to serve and communicate with your contacts regularly. 

One of the biggest mistakes most professionals make is to ignore their contacts and only engage with them when they want or need something.  Whether it be more clients, sales or career or business advice.  

So the first thing you must understand is your list is not a vehicle for you to milk for all the value others can give you. Your list of contacts is an opportunity for you to give value to others.   

Having an organised and qualified email list of contacts is the number one way to show up, serve well and stay relevant to your clients or target audience.

Most people underestimate the power of their contact list. Business owners and entrepreneurs can build their database but still not know how to successfully manage, optimise or utilise it to grow their brand awareness and nurture their contacts.

But in terms of brand and business growth, having a qualified email list is essential. It is the name of the game when it comes to communicating with your clients or target audience, and building trust, recognition and influence.

Very few professional women have created a database outside their company or organisation. And this is a mistake. 

In most cases, a corporate database belongs to the company, and therefore the company owns it.  So building an independent contact list from your own business experience, networks, and connections is smart, valuable and profitable.  It will future-proof your brand, career and business. 

You can grow your personal brand awareness, influence, and credibility through social media.  

But social media has one big drawback. You can’t control it.

Building a database allows you to control who sees your content and will enable you to provide valuable advice and guidance directly to their inbox.  This way you will be able to nurture your contacts and build more meaningful relationships and connections. 

You can then create a communication strategy to help you remain relevant, connected and regularly engaged with key people of influence, clients and colleagues in your niche market or industry. 

There are several savvy ways you can start to grow your database whether you are a professional woman, small business owner or female entrepreneur.  

  • Download your LinkedIn contacts and outlook address book and re-upload to establish a master database.
  • Create a personally branded e-newsletter that people can subscribe to and receive your tips, tools and industry updates.
  • Create an opt-in with a white paper, independent report or Free PDF that provides people with something of value that they are willing to exchange their email address for. 
  • Download a digital business card app on your phone that automatically captures contact details and uploads them to your main database.

Remember, having a database is one thing, but learning how to leverage and maximise from your list of contacts is the key to creating a more profitable brand and business.  

A current and engaged database is a valuable commodity.  If you ever wish to start a business, you will have a qualified and up-to-date list to promote your products and services. Likewise, if you are looking for more influential leadership roles having a list of movers and shakers will add to your corporate brand value.   

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man and female leader build a profitable brand partnership and referrals

2. Build Rewarding and Profitable Brand Partnership and Referrals.

I have always had a knack for identifying profitable brand partnerships.  It comes from my years in PR.  I am a master at being able to identify other peoples (and businesses) strengths and how they can join forces to solve a common problem to serve their clients or audience better.

It is a skill that I have adapted into my coaching programs to help high performance professionals or female leaders leverage and maximise from their diverse network of colleagues, clients and stakeholders.  

So once you have established a strong and authentic personal brand, you will be perfectly positioned to source, create and facilitate strategic brand, and industry partnerships.  

Co-branding with other colleagues, businesses, clients or charities can be a super effective way to take your career or business to the next level.  With the right strategic partnerships, you can massively boost your personal brand awareness, break into new markets, and attract high profile opportunities and leadership roles. 

But remember, for collaboration and partnerships to truly work, they must be beneficial and valuable for all parties. So look outside the box at ways you can help your partners succeed. 

When looking for the ideal collaborations or brand partnerships, think about how their core values and audience align with your own. Are there synergies? Do you have common goals? Are they a trusted source in their industry?

There are so many ways to leverage your brand partnerships, for example.

  • Joint training or educational events, or virtual online presentations
  • Sharing some of your connections and referring business to your partners. This will build your influence, amplify your reputation and illustrate your ability to create a profitable brand and business partnerships.
  • Package or bundle your products or services to provide an all-in-one solution for your clients, customers or target audience. 

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female leader delivering online trainings

3. Deliver Online Education Or Live Webinar Training    

Most people find the very thought of teaching online courses or doing live webinar training absolutely terrifying.  And I must admit, at first, I did too.  

Like many women in business, I struggled with overthinking the entire process of building a profitable business from online coaching sessions and digital courses.

But it has proven to be one of the greatest ways to move the needle on my brand and business and helped me make a much more significant impact in empowering women.

Today I encourage all of my personal branding coaching clients to use their years of experience and expertise to recognise and develop their own unique practices and methodologies to share confidently with others.  And in today’s new digital economy, providing online training or webinars to educate your clients or audience will give you an edge over your competitors. 

But I want to be clear. You don’t have to be an online business coach to deliver valuable training or knowledge that others will appreciate. So if you feel that you are underqualified or that providing online training is not something in your wheelhouse, I’d like to bust that myth right now!

Providing FREE or paid online training or webinars is the best way to walk people through your business strategies, processes, new industry trends, or best practices. 

You don’t have to be a small business owner or a female entrepreneur to get started.   As a professional woman, you can seek or create opportunities to speak, educate and present your ideas under the umbrella of your company or organisation. 

Taking this initiative to step up and out of the shadows of your organisation’s brand, will help you build your perception as a leader, grow your recognition and build your influence as an industry leader.

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