7 Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand Worksheet

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Want to learn how to gain momentum and leverage from Your Personal Brand in the new ‘normal’? Where… Zoom rooms have replaced boardrooms and in-person networking is virtually extinct.  

With more eyeballs on screens than ever before, as high performing professional women, if we want to take our career or business to the next level, we have a choice…Communicate with power and presence online… or simply fade away. 

As women leaders, we must communicate with greater power and presence in the new digital world… or be overlooked!

Here are 7 critical areas of your brand you MUST excel in if you want to grow your brand and business to be seen, be heard, and be noticed online and off! 

1. Review Your Personal Brand Position (Pbp): Take The Brand Strength Test!

Gaining greater clarity around where you are right now is essential to planning your leadership development pathway forward! Identifying what’s holding you back, what your biggest frustrations are, what’s working and what’s not personally, financially and professionally will offer insights on how to improve and maximise your personal brand value and leadership skills. 

Test the strength of your personal brand online to begin the year by knowing how to represent yourself with a unique brand that gets the attention and respect of industry influencers.

My Brand Strength Test assesses how your brand measures up to show you the gaps – and how to fix them. 

Take The Brand Strength Test to consider my 9 key areas of your personal brand development to nurture and factor into your professional development plan for the next 12 months.

It’s fast and free -> Take The Brand Strength Test

2. Reconnect With What’s Important To You

You are your greatest asset. Know your worth and share it confidently with the world. Because…the world needs your special gifts!

I often hear from professional women, small business owners or female entrepreneurs who are stuck and disillusioned.   They feel their goals, dreams and brand identity are getting ‘lost’ in the hustle and bustle of running their businesses or work-life situations. 

Their priorities shift, and big picture objectives and leadership goals seem to get pushed aside for daily deadlines and troubleshooting.  It becomes frustrating and a massive blow to anyone’s motivation when you feel like you’re working hard but not really getting the recognition you deserve and desire or getting what you really want.  

As a business coach, I often tell my coaching clients, “Be careful what you work and wish for.  You may get everything you want, then realise, it’s not what success looks like to you after all!

“What do I value?” “What do I want to be known for?” And, “what does success look like to me?” are the big 3 questions you must regularly consider when making mindful decisions around your success choices. 

If you’re a performance-driven woman, you may find yourself saying ‘yes’ to opportunities as they present themselves (especially if feels like a ‘win’), so you give little thought towards how to maximise and leverage from each opportunity to serve you better and ultimately bring you closer to what success really means to you.
So, it’s helpful to check in with your core values, mission, what matters most to you, and how your values align with this (or not) to help you determine and make the right success choices for you along the way.

3. Build On Your Personal Brand Value 

Your personal brand equity or personal brand value is unique to you and is constantly evolving as you grow and evolve too. It is not a set and forget thing! Your personal brand equity is the influence and impact you have on others and how they value it. 

It means different things to different people, clients and consumers. Suppose they value your ability to communicate, connect, or empathise. In that case, they will place a higher value on these skills and be looking for these attributes in your ‘brand’. 

Suppose they place a higher value on innovation, creativity and thought leadership, then, of course, they will place greater worth on your ability to provide this for them. 

Remember, your personal brand equity is very individual; it is multi-faceted and embraces more than just your experience and expertise. It includes your reputation and the high-level soft skills that distinguish you from your competitors.

Building your brand equity should be considered part of your leadership development. It means you can charge a premium for your products or services as you add extraordinary value that your competitors don’t. 

Your personal brand must remain relevant, current and authentic to be of value to you! Ultimately helping you build remarkable trust, authority and influence in your niche market and potential.

Scaling up your publishing efforts and content marketing is a pivotal way to build your influence, authority, credibility, and brand value.

4. Refresh Your Visual Brand And Professional Image.

Have your professional or career goals changed? Do you have a new leadership role, or are you just stuck in a rut and ready for an image reboot?

As human beings, we are hard-wired to connect with faces, voices and body language. So, having a current image, presence and professional persona is paramount to building trust, recognition and familiarity with your audience, colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Refreshing your visual brand, image and style is a great way to restore your personal brand presence (online and off) and give you a mid-year boost in confidence! 

Changing up your appearance, updating your professional profile picture and considering innovative ways to align your visual brand across your digital communications will often shake things up, shift people’s perception of you and give you greater control of your executive presence. 

You can also use my 3-step process to reboot your image in this worksheet.


Download: 7 Steps To Reboot Your Personal Brand Worksheet

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Get Today!

5. Reflect On Your Brand and Leadership Successes And Failures.

Do you feel like the pandemic has stalled your career or shaken your confidence? Now that the leadership playbook has been rewritten, making your mark is about leveraging the online space with greater power and presence…

If you’re not showing up as someone who commands attention online…

…then you’re going to be overlooked for the incredible opportunities available to you right now as a female leader.

So, you can stay stuck, or you can choose to awaken the leader in you.   

Part of that process is taking time to consider the peak experiences and milestones (positive or negative) in your life, business or career that have impacted you and influenced you in the past 12 months.

The goalposts for brands, businesses and in the leadership space have changed massively.  You must take time to learn from the shifts in your niche market, trends, how your target market has been affected as well as assess your success and failures.

What’s changed and moved in your world that affects how you think, feel and act in your life, business or career. If you haven’t had the time to adapt your thinking and create new strategies for your brand, business or leadership space, then now’s the time to do so, to keep kicking goals! 

Use my 90-Day Brand Success Planner to help you to assess your successes, failures and the key lessons you have learned and set new goals.

6. Create New 90 Day Personal Brand And Leadership Goals That Are Action Focused

Your big picture vision gives you direction. Yet, there’s no use setting your yearly ‘Big Picture” if the very thought overwhelms you!

As well thought out as your brand, business, professional and personal goals may have been over the past 12 months, a lot has changed during the pandemic. The playing field you are playing on may have affected your ultimate vision for success, or as I like to call it, your “big game”! 

“Your big picture vision gives you direction. Yet, there’s no use setting your yearly ‘BIG PICTURE” if the very thought overwhelms you!”

Goal setting gives you focus and enables you to measure success. As well thought out as your professional and personal goals may have been in the past 12 months, a lot has changed the playing field you are playing on may have affected your big game! The goalposts can often change quickly in real life, so you must be adaptable and learn from your success and failures so you can keep kicking goals! 

Break your goals down into bite-sized actionable and measurable steps to keep you thriving and moving forward. If you have suffered setbacks, strengthen your resolve and create ‘smart goals of recovery’ that will keep you strong, resilient and on track! Make your goals based on a clear intention, action, pace and  preparation you need to take to get the results you desire. 

You can use my Ultimate Goal Setting Guide to help you. 

7. Refresh Your Online Platforms & Reconnect To Grow Your Networks and Nurture Your Connections.

At the start of every New Year, people and businesses refresh their strategic brand and business ideas and hiring decisions. They have new visions and are looking for opportunities to grow, and it’s a time for new beginnings. 

So, when someone googles your name, what will they see? Is your profile, digital platforms and communications, groups and conversations you are having online topical, current and up to date? Are you showcasing who you are truthfully and authentically? 

If you have completed steps 1- 6 in this checklist, you now have all the hard work, self-assessment, reflection and goal setting done. Now it’s time to translate this into your communications, professional profile, image, bio, pitch and personal brand across all your online platforms! 

Refreshing your personal brand online habitually also shows people you are in touch and on the move. Linkedin is the perfect place to start! It is like having your own personal branded website that you can show the world who you are, highlight your experience and expertise, and optimise it for your personal brand by posing, sharing, and publishing content regularly online.

You can check out: How to network to grow your brand and business 

Build Your Personal Branding Online and Leadership Skills

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As an executive business coach, personal brand consultant, and image consultant for many years, I would love to share my top online personal branding tips and tools.  You’ll learn more about building a brand, honing your leadership skills and unlocking your highest potential as a female leader, entrepreneur or small business owner!  

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