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So you want to build your personal brand so you can stand out from your competitors, attract more significant opportunities, and take your career or business to the next level. But something is holding you back? 

You get all excited about creating a powerful public profile that will position yourself as a leader in your field, but then the enthusiasm dwindles, and the motivation wanes as you realise very quickly that even though you may want to invest in building your brand, you are scared to death of putting yourself out there!  

Unfortunately this is an all too familiar challenge for many high performance women when building their brand – so if this sounds like you too, you’re not alone.  It’s no secret that as women in leadership we often struggle with feelings of imposter syndrome, vulnerability and conflict around what we should or shouldn’t say!

And despite wanting to be noticed for who you are and what you stand for, your fear of being seen as ‘different’, outspoken or boldly self-marketing yourself can make you feel trapped, suffocated and weighed down by some invisible force. 

You worry about your reputation and what to do if you receive negative feedback from the public, colleagues or stakeholders. You’re afraid that others will criticize you if you dare to celebrate your individuality openly and share your insights and ideas with the world. 

So let me start by saying, it is completely normal to feel this way… at first.

But here’s the thing…

Now that the leadership playbook has been rewritten, and brands and businesses have shifted to the virtual stage, making your mark as a leader in your niche market or industry is about leveraging your personal brand online with greater power and presence… 

And, the simple truth is if you’re not showing up as someone who commands attention…then you’re going to be overlooked for the incredible opportunities available to you right now as a female leader. 

So, you can stay stuck and resist your brand and business growth or choose to amplify your brand position online to awaken the leader in you.  Building your personal brand and leadership style will help you cut through the noise and stand out in your life and business to grow your influence, impact and income.

Overcoming Resistance When Developing Your Personal Brand.

If you’re wondering how to overcome your resistance to building your personal brand and establish yourself as a strong female leader in your industry, it will help you to understand why you must lean into your fears and raise your internal bar to be the leader you want to be.  Here are 4 reasons why you must conquer your fear of building your brand identity.

1. Doing The Same Actions Leads To The Same Results! 

The first thing you must accept is that change often comes with discomfort.  Many people choose to stay stuck in their comfort zone, focusing their energy on what they may lose rather than what they will gain.  

So it makes sense that you want change to happen in your life or career, then you must push through your discomfort. 

It is a mental blueprint that I see so often ingrained in peoples professional psyche.  And it takes time to reprogram your mindset to choose a different method or pathway to achieve the success you desire.

The simple truth is… If you do the same thing, you can expect the same result.  If you want a different outcome, you need to shift your lens to try new pathways to success.

So next time you feel like you are being pushed way outside your comfort zone, ask yourself, “Why do the same thing?  Why don’t I at least try a different approach?” 

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2. Standing Out From Your Competitors To Be Unique And Different Is The Goal!

One of the biggest challenges most professional women face in their attempts to build an authentic personal brand is their fear of being seen as different, unprofessional or unconventional in their industry, profession or company culture.

So instead of celebrating their individuality and what makes them unique and valuable, they step back to hide in the shadows of others and the traditional leadership landscape.  They get so caught up in ‘what other people will think”, or “the way things are done”,  that they choose to stifle their wisdom and worth and get lost in the crowd.

A personal brand is not a new thing. People have always wanted to be seen, be heard and noticed.  But the playing field has changed.  In our fast paced – new age economy it has never been more relevant to learn how to cut through the noise and …….to stand up and stand out for who you are and what you stand for.

So don’t hide in the shadows to blend into the existing professional landscape.  Don’t try to  copy other people’s brands or leadership style. Be courageous and be the leader you want to be.  Show the world who you are, what makes you different and unique and choose to have a voice in the conversations that matter in your industry. 

Today, being able to show up and communicate your worth online is vital.  In fact, it’s more than vital; it’s essential to grow your business or career.   

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3.  Today, People, Businesses, And Organisations Long For Two Essential Leadership Traits From Their Leaders: Connection And Vision.

If you are afraid of building your personal brand online, feel vulnerable about sharing your passions and purpose and believe it may negatively affect people’s perception of you as a strong and empowered female leader…think again. 

It is actually the exact opposite. And as a brand and business coach, I often get asked, “what makes people love a brand or business?” 

The answer…

People want to do business, build brand partnerships and connect with ‘real’ people they feel they know, like, and trust—the authentic people. They want to feel an emotional connection to you, your brand, business, product or service,  

Plus, today, people are looking for visionary leaders more than ever before.  

Building your personal brand will help you to amplify both of these leadership traits and strengthen your brand position and your brand value by showing the world you are willing to reveal your values and beliefs and that you stand for something.  

And if the pandemic has shown us one thing, the world needs more visionary leaders who aren’t afraid of disruption and can put themselves out there to find solutions to complex problems. 

4. Savvy Professionals Realise They Must Utilise The Smart Tools Available To Increase Their Influence, Impact And Authority.

One of the biggest challenges many women in business face when building their personal brand and public profile online is that they aren’t up-to-date with the new age digital space!

The goal posts have shifted and successful leadership means making our actions speak loudly in virtual environments.  And the ‘soft’ skills that traditional leaders rely on might not translate easily to a digital world. 

With 41% of global businesses now offering some level of remote working, one thing is clear:

Leaders today must be able to embrace the new digital leadership landscape to make their mark with their brands, businesses and careers.  

And those that learn updated personal brand, image, business, leadership and marketing strategies online will be the ones that stand out!

For savvy professionals, LinkedIn is the #1 place to remain relevant and visible online.  But it remains an illusive platform for many professionals today for 3 reasons:

  1. They believe it is a place to house an online version of their CV
  2. They don’t understand how sophisticated the online social media network has become as a tool to grow your brand, business, networks and connections.
  3. They are afraid their company or organization will disapprove of them optimizing their public profile to build their personal brand, share their ideas and insights and lead conversions.

If you resonate with any of these, you must realise that LinkedIn is NOT just a place you leave a CV to gather digital dust. It’s a thriving community and powerful connection tool that can open doors you never even knew existed.  

Today, businesses recognise it as a place for their leaders to build their brand value and represent their business or organisation as valuable brand ambassadors.   

So, one of my best personal branding tips is to fully optimize and leverage from your LinkedIn Profile.  It is the perfect homebase for your personal brand!

Think of it as your personal brand’s communication channel to get the attention of key decision-makers in your industry, establish your reputation as a strong female leader and amplify your personal brand to broader professional networks.

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