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Public speaking is so intimidating…In fact, most of us shudder at the thought…right?

Nervous energy, fear of being criticized, anxious that all eyes will be focused on you, etc.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. 

But what if I said that speaking in public was Freedom?

Freedom to share your ideas and insights…

Freedom to show people your strengths…

Freedom to celebrate your individuality…

Freedom to have a voice in the bigger conversations…

Freedom to be heard and recognised!

Wouldn’t you be more inspired and excited to speak up in meetings, pitch your business ideas, and lead with greater confidence and courage… if it’s framed this way?

Well, believe it or not, the belief that speaking is this crazy scary experience we’d rather avoid than embrace is one of the main reasons people may not see you as a leader….or at least as the leader you want to be!

It’s not because you don’t have anything meaningful to say. It’s not that you don’t have enough experience or expertise or that you are shy or introverted.

It’s because you’re stuck believing that stepping back to hide in the shadows to let others do the talking is much safer and more comfortable than being in the spotlight.

The truth is, as women, we want to have a voice and to be heard. We desire it and aspire to it.

Once you can shift this belief and learn to embrace the opportunity to share your voice as a savvy leadership skill, your world will open up for you, and you will become a more empowered, confident and courageous leader.

Why Women In Leadership Should Embrace Public Speaking (And How You Can Get Started)

When I talk about public speaking, I don’t mean you must have the skills to jump on a stage in front of 1,000 people as a keynote speaker.   

You can make your mark in small ways every day.  The way you speak up in a meeting and communicate with your team, colleagues and stakeholders.  There are speaking opportunities at all levels.  

Even online, you have the opportunity to hone your leadership skills and elevate your presence on the virtual stage. Anything from staff meetings, video conferences, and brainstorming sessions to major announcements can amplify your voice in a positive and memorable way.

The small steps you take today give you the courage and the freedom to step into the spotlight as your confidence grows.

How great will you feel when you can own any room, virtual or in real life? Walk onto any stage and feel energised and inspired to share your message, engage people (or your target audience) and contribute to the more significant conversations as a leader in your market.

When you can speak with power and presence, your personal brand, career, and business growth will skyrocket. You will be a more effective female leader and build credibility, trust and authority.

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Female Leader teaching in front of the audience

2 Simple Success Mindset Tips for Women Leaders Who Want Their Voices Heard.

1. Stop thinking about yourself.  Instead, think about who you are serving.  

It’s so easy to get stuck with the thoughts in our heads.  That nagging little voice undermines our confidence and turns our lens on ourselves rather than focusing on who is in the room and how we can help and serve them. 

But how incredible will you feel, when you can make a difference and impact more lives?

Do you see the power in this?  

You have amazing gifts and talents! And sharing them is the best way to connect with your purpose and help others benefit from what you have to say in a more memorable and empowering way.

2. Don’t be nervous about your nervousness! 

Your vulnerability can be powerful.  So, embrace it!  Everyone gets nervous when thrust into the spotlight.  So lean into it!  Don’t step away.

It is your pathway to growth!  

Imagine having the opportunity to connect and engage with others on a higher level.  To shape their ideas, elevate their thoughts and change their perception of you as an industry leader.

To feel comfortable, authentic and good about what you have to say.

So when you speak, people listen.

As leaders, we must all get better at being uncomfortable and reframing our beliefs and breaking habits that hold us back.

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