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One of the first things people do in their attempt to establish their personal brands, is to start showing up online everywhere!  

Choosing a specific niche market (or micro-niche) is a concept that most people struggle with. But the reality is that it’s the fastest way to own your space as an influencer in your industry. 

The key phrase here is in your industry and it’s important because the goal is not to be all things to all people, but to become influential in your specific industry and the people that you wish to serve.

Choosing a specific niche market also means it’s easier for you to connect with your target audience and earn their trust. You can also position yourself as the in-demand professional in your niche, charging a premium for your products or services.

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Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond

You’ve probably heard the metaphor that being a big fish in a small pond is better than being a small fish in a big pond.  This analogy is accurate in this instance too.  By reducing the size of your market, you will be able to increase your chances to attract, engage and convert your business or clients by learning more about the people you serve.  And you will also be able to increase your chances to enjoy healthy profit margins by serving fewer people. You will also be able to amplify your brand awareness and reputation. 

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Your Personal Brand Will Stand Out From The Crowd.

More than ever, so many professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs are trying to stand out from the crowd and attract more significant business, clients, and opportunities.  Yet the reality is most of them are just blending in, even if they are experienced and exceptional at what they do.

You may be putting all of your efforts into building your personal brand and professional profile, thinking that the more people know about you, and the more visible you are, the more opportunity you will attract.   Only to feel like no one is paying attention to you, engaging with you, and you aren’t generating any leads or interest. 

It’s tempting to cast a wider net, but you will struggle to make your mark this way and most likely give up when you’re in that space.  It will seem like you’ll never get the breakthrough you’re looking for to reach the top of your game. 

Which is why one of the first things you must do is to shape your personal brand and craft your profile to appeal to your niche market.

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Your Personal Brand Will Stand Out From The Crowd

 Deciding On A Niche Market Isn’t Always Easy.

Knowing your ideal customer is the foundation for any successful business but deciding on a niche market isn’t always easy.

Before I started my personal branding and women’s leadership mentoring business I wanted to set up this amazing business to help as many women as possible all over the world to make a difference in their lives and careers.  I wanted to touch and teach anyone who would listen to me and help them to own their voices as more empowered and confident female leaders. 

I remember building my brand and shaping my leadership language, voice and core messages around this very philosophy.  I was so passionate!  I wrote all my own website copy and I even printed off some really fancy glossy brochures. 

Pretty soon I managed to sell out my first speaking gig and I was just so excited!  Imagine, my dream was coming true!  I thought this is it, I am going to get so many women signing up to my personal branding program. 

But what happened was not so exciting.  After launching my website and delivering my first keynote I realized something.  Although my content was great, my core messaging was a little off and the women that registered their interest to sign up to my coaching program couldn’t actually afford to invest in executive coaching sessions for 6 months. 

I had filled the room with all these amazing women, but some of them were not working.  They had been attracted to my brand and business because of my motivating messages of empowerment, confidence and creating a better life.  But many of them didn’t have careers, businesses or any aspirations for advancing their leadership goals. So there was this massive disconnect between what I was saying and who I could best serve with my leadership development programs. 

It was then I learned a big lesson.  Although I had chosen a niche market of women, it was still way too broad.  What I needed to do was to drill down even further to not only target high performance career or business women I was best suited to serve but also women who could afford the investment.  

So I went back to the drawing board to reshape my brand messaging so I could reach, connect and resonate with professional women and female leaders ready to level up their career or business and make their mark as industry leaders. 

The massive shift for me and my coach and mentoring business was almost instant.  And, I learned how to hone my voice and communications in a much more meaningful and powerful way. 

But the most important thing was I was now living and leading in my sweet spot serving women leaders and business owners who most resonated and appreciated the wisdom and the results I could give them. And I highly recommend you do the same. 

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Pick A Lane To Fast Track Your Personal Brand And Leadership Results

So let me ask you? Who is the future leader you want to be personally and professionally? What is the industry and niche market you wish to make the most impact? Who exactly is your ideal target audience and the people you best serve?  

I want to encourage you to pick a lane to hone your leadership skills shape your personal brand, leadership language, and key messages to connect better, engage and serve your ideal target audience.

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Establishing A Powerful Online Personal Brand and Image Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Impact, Influence And Confidence As An Industry Leader.

As an executive business coach, personal brand consultant, and image consultant for many years, I would love to share my top online personal branding tips and tools.  You’ll learn more about building a brand, honing your leadership skills and unlocking your highest potential as a female leader, entrepreneur or small business owner!  

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