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Being a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, or female leader is both fulfilling and exhausting. Constantly breaking the ceiling, pushing boundaries, and elevating yourself and your brand to grow your business or career can take a toll.  Sometimes, you have to acknowledge you need to  slow down, take a break and recharge.


But slowing down doesn’t often compute with high-performance women in business who are focused, determined and charged up to achieve as much as possible as fast as possible.   The thought that you may be able to fit one more thing into an already jam-packed daily schedule is always there!  There is also that unconscious bias of men vs women leaders keeping us striving forward to better be seen, be heard and be noticed in a predominantly male-dominated professional landscape.

Take myself for example. Every day I balance my time and energy between marketing my online personal branding business, being a mum and my own personal brand development. At times, I feel too exhausted to actually enjoy the fruits of my labor! And even though I try to keep my weekends work-free, I still find myself checking emails, brainstorming new ideas, monitoring social media and learning and developing my business coaching programs. It’s not ideal but I’m working on it!

How To Craft A Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet

You Can’t Be An Empowered Female Leader And Be “On” All The Time… Unless You Want To Burn Out!

I coach and mentor so many female leaders and top female executives who perform at one speed…flat out!  Going hard and fast all the time seems like the quickest way to the top and growing a successful business, I know, but hear me out! We all realise that when you go beyond your physical, emotional, and mental limit on a continual  basis, it’s not just your physiological health that deteriorates, your spirit and energy also take a hit.

As a business leader this is the moment when you must learn to recognise these telltale signs and stress indicators to put strategies in place to recharge or you risk making decisions from react mode rather than response mode. 

Without deliberate, regular periods of rest, all you’re able to give people is a burnt-out, overextended version of yourself. And that is not an outstanding leadership ‘vibe’ to be emitting!  As your energy depletes, so does your ability to empower and positively impact and influence others.  Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. So fuel up on!  Prioritizing your own well-being is a responsibility of any leader, business owner or top female professional. 

If you are to inspire, motivate, and lead, you need to show care for yourself first.

 Energy In = Energy Out! Learn Your Red And Green Zone To Thrive!

“You reap what you sow.”

“You get what you put out in the world.”

“Give and take.”

We’ve all heard this before. Life and top performance is all about balance. The energy you take in (i.e. moments of calm and relaxation)  should be equal to the energy you exert to achieve your goals and meet expectations. 

When things are thrown out of balance, you can expect chaos to follow.

Another way I like to see it is having my “Red” and “Green” zones. Energy is my fuel. When I’m feeling recharged and fresh, I’m performing in my Green zone. I have a rhythm and flow that enables me to  “Go” do my work and thrive. This is when I do my best, most creative and satisfying work.  I am on fire!  I have boundless energy and high performance moments that not only achieve optimal results but also attract a wealth of opportunity. 

But when I start feeling depleted, fatigued or overwhelmed, I recognize this as my mind and body’s way of telling me I am way out of my “Go” zone and operating in my Red zone. I need to “stop”, rest, refocus and recharge. 

We naturally operate in Red and Green zones as leaders, and they come in waves. Both your Red and Green zones send a different vibration and energy that can affect your performance, personal brand presence, and how other people see you and react to you. 

We all recognise that stressed out leader, business owner or professional who is on the edge!  Their energy is electric, but not in a good way! It’s not fun or productive to be around them, and greatness will not thrive for you here when operating at this energy level.

It’s essential to be in touch with your energy levels to know when you have peaked and when you need to replenish. As simple as this may sound, most people living and leading for sustained periods in their Red zone will have absolutely no idea they are there!  They are oblivious to it. Operating at this constant level of high vibration has become regular practice and they are ‘comfortable’ there.  

With lockdowns changing the way we live and lead as women in business, forcing us to juggle our kids’ education, work-life balance, health risks, confinement, isolation and career disruption, I have witnessed many “stressed out” professionals show up on the other end of my zoom calls!  Their energy frayed and resilience challenged. But still strangely unaware that they are ‘there’…in the Red zone…big time!

Similar to when I was a top athlete, learning to manage and modulate my energy levels is necessary for my growth, development, and sustaining my performance as a leader and woman in business.  Connecting with your energy and recognising when to recharge to reduce stress and fatigue is a sound investment in leadership development. 

Energy And Time Management Is The Key To High Performance,  Growing Your Brand And Influence.


It’s a common misconception that in order to have a successful business or be recognized as an effective, high performance and influential leader in your industry, you need to be “on” all the time. I’m here to tell you that is absolutely, completely FALSE.

In reality, not only your performance tends to slip if you constantly overextend yourself, but your influence and authority as a female leader are at risk too. People are attracted or repelled by energy.  If you are “inflow”, you will attract people to you, and they will be more likely to listen to you, follow you and be guided,  inspired and motivated by you!

Learning to manage not just your time but also your energy helps you follow through with your commitments without sacrificing your influence and positive impact as a leader.

Your energy is something that you need to take care of. It affects your personal brand presence, your female leadership, your performance, and the way you interact and engage with others.

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How To Craft A Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet

Download: How To Craft A Powerful Leadership Style That Gets You Noticed


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