When I first started building my personal branding business for women, one of my lifelong business mentors cautioned me; “ Are you sure you should be positioning your brand and business coaching service for female leaders only?  You will miss out on business opportunities by excluding men for your target audience.”  

Are you desiring to increase brand presence but concerned about seeming too showy? Many female leaders I coach feel the same. However, self-promotion is necessary for leadership and career progress. But unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with it.

We dread the phrase “elevator pitch” and self-promotion is not as comfortable for us as it may be for men. Women leaders find it harder to vocalize our achievements confidently.

Good news: building an authentic personal brand and enhancing your leadership isn’t about bragging about achievements. These are important for your CV and bio, but don’t form the basis of your brand identity. 

Over-prioritizing success or outward reputation diminishes your true value, capabilities and impact. In my opinion, this is the worst way to create a personal brand.  You must focus less on self-promotion and more on how you can serve others. Your brand is not just about you, it’s about what you can do for others.

When you learn how to deepen your connection,  understand your audience, and communicate in a way that empowers others to take action or solve their problems, you will find the power, presence, and influence you seek. 

This is the best way to build your brand authority and connection. 

Now if you’re a woman in business chances are you’ve probably experienced the same cautionary tale at some stage of your career, business or leadership development.  Because, no matter what you’re doing, how long you’ve been doing it, or how amazing you are at it, there will always be other people who will question your brand, leadership style or business tactics. 

Whether they’re  family, friends, colleagues, partners, or mentors, everyone will, at some point, have something to say about how you should be building your brand or running your business.

For me, choosing to follow my instincts (plus by my years of experience in PR and marketing) to build a thriving brand and business in a niche market has proven very profitable and rewarding.

So, how do you know when to listen to colleagues, business mentors, or senior leaders and when to back yourself and follow your instincts to achieve your personal and professional goals?

A mentor once told me, “What your brand gives to others will define what others see in you.”

This subtle mindset shift and language builds your brand in a way that others appreciate you. Mastering this also lets you impact, educate, and transform more deeply.

It helps you create an image that feels natural and true to you, not fake or based on others’ standards. This mindset is essential to open up fresh ideas and communicate your value in a way others will recognize.

Crafting your personal brand in the right way will help you influence more people and tap into your leadership capabilities. 

To assist you in uncovering your full potential to create a brand that feels comfortable, here are 3 mindset frames to help you create a profitable brand that showcases your uniqueness and bolsters your confidence. 

Mastering the following 3 mindset frames will help you to build the most authentic and compelling brand. They are just so powerful. 

1. Build Your Personal Brand From The Inside Out!

When I made the decision to leave my job to embark on a new venture and start my own business, I was faced with a common challenge that many women leaders have. I had the skills, experience and expertise necessary to be successful, but I lacked one incredibly necessary ingredient.  Self-confidence! 

I wasn’t sure if I had the courage and fortitude to take the leap and go out on my own. I had to rely on self-reflection, determination and the support from those close to me to find the confidence to make it happen.

I had already reached a beautiful level of growth and success in my career. But much like the many successful women I coach, I was at a crossroads, uncertain of what was next.  

I felt stuck, confused and even cynical, as if I was too old to start anew. Still, I wanted more and knew I was ready to move forward. Realizing that to reach great heights, I must be in a positive mindset to succeed. 

The same goes for you. 

To progress and evolve, you must move out of your comfort zone and show more of yourself. Shed the fear to make a larger impact, going past what you’ve already done to rise and expand to new levels.   

Increasing your internal bar to reach new heights, will lead you towards greater service, freedom and embodiment.

Break through the constraints of conventional leadership training, stereotyped personal branding tactics, and customary success plans to enable more creative and courageous thought and action which is right for you. 

Seek to leverage and maximise from the value you have within you to fully express who you are.

This is the foundation on which all my processes and programs are built.  To show you how to develop your image from within, allowing you to take command of your future and build a brand that is fluid, comfortable and feels like YOU.

Building your brand this way will give you an invincible feeling of confidence to celebrate your individuality and be the most confident version of yourself.

2. Live In Alignment With Your Values And Beliefs.

To be most impactful and genuine, your core values must be reflected in every aspect of your brand, from its visual identity, messaging, and service. This will create a sense of familiarity and trust with your audience, allowing them to connect and engage with your brand on a deeper level. 


Having core values that are reflected in your brand will also make you memorable in the hearts and minds of your audience, helping you to stand out from the crowd and build a loyal customer, audience or client base. 

When you are living and leading your life in a manner that is consistent with your values and beliefs, you will be able to present yourself as the best version of yourself. This will be reflected in your brand and how it is perceived by others. 


When you are aligned with your values, you will be able to stay true to yourself and be more confident in your decisions. You will be more aware of how your actions reflect your values and beliefs, allowing you to make better choices. 

Furthermore, your brand will be more authentic and trustworthy as it will be based on solid foundations and ensure that your brand resonates with your target audience in the most authentic way.  

As you continue to grow and develop as a leader, it is important to recognize that your mood and wisdom will change over time.  

Don’t be afraid to embrace these incredible changes and use them to your advantage, as they are an integral part of your unique journey, successful leadership development and your personal brand story.  

Learning to accept and evolve with these shifts will help you to hone your leadership skills and create a narrative that reflects your journey and character.  

Your natural evolution will also help you to be a more effective leader and better understand the needs of those you are leading and be the most confident version of yourself. 

3. Don’t Hold Yourself Back.  Find A Process You Trust That Helps You Take Control Of Your Brand and Future.

Do you ever feel like you’ve put in a lot of effort into a job, career or business, but it’s not where you want to be? We can stay stuck in what we’ve become, even though it’s not good for us, because we feel like it’s too late to change. You think that starting over would be a waste of time and energy- but that’s not true.

When it comes to my goals and ambitions, I always like to have a clear direction and understanding of where I’m headed. Having this clarity allows me to create specific strategies and plan out a roadmap to help me stay focused and achieve my objectives. It also helps me to prioritise and tune out distractions and unnecessary complications that could otherwise be overwhelming and confusing when times get challenging.

When it comes to life and all of its many challenges, I am a firm believer that growth and transformation can be found in the process.

No matter the situation, I believe that by pushing yourself, learning from mistakes and seeking out the lessons that life can offer, we can all grow and evolve as individuals. It is through this process of growth and transformation that we become the best versions of ourselves.

I understand the importance of having a strong personal brand and image, which is why I have developed a comprehensive and effective step-by-step process to help you achieve this. This process will help you identify and maximize your strengths and potential, allowing you to create a powerful and profitable personal brand and image. 

The process will guide you through the necessary steps to build a successful personal brand and image, such as understanding your target audience, creating an authentic and compelling story, developing a strong online presence, and leveraging your network. With this process, you will have all the tools and resources to take control of your brand and create so much success. 

If you give yourself the opportunity to have faith, never stop striving, and stay dedicated to the process of acquiring knowledge and developing skills, you will find that life will become more rewarding and exciting. You will embark on a wonderful journey and eventually be able to accomplish incredible feats of success. 

All of this is possible if you make the effort to trust, stay focused, and keep pushing yourself to learn and grow.

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