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Want to achieve your goals and dreams?  Then get ready to power up your mind for success!

Adopting a growth and success mindset will see you carve out the future you really want!

If you’re a professional woman, top female executive or female entrepreneur who is ready to level up your life and career, and build a profitable brand and business, you will realize it can be easier said than done!


Because, disrupting the status quo to push yourself outside your comfort zones to achieve your goals and dreams is not easy. 

So you start to question, “Do I have what it takes?” “What if I fail?” “What will people think?”

And before you realise it, your fear of uncertainty envelops you and your dream starts to fade.  This fear is real to most people, and it’s why only 8% of us achieve our goals!

When I first made the momentous decision to leave my job as a senior marketing consultant at 50, (yes 50!) I felt this way too.     

I didn’t have a strategy or well thought out plan (at the time) or any idea what to expect once I walked out the door of a secure job to pursue my dream to be a leading personal branding coach in Australia.

I mean what was I thinking, leaving a steady job with financial security to step into a new and unknown leadership role…at 50?

It was a risk, and it was scary!  

Yet, I felt something magical guiding me forward, towards what I knew instinctively would be a wonderful place for me to thrive, grow and prosper, as the woman I wanted to be.  

So what changed? Well, I started to realize 3 critical things:

  1. If I want to succeed, I must balance the bad fear with good fear.
  2. I must let go of my resistance to change
  3. I needed to start thinking like a leader

And that’s when everything shifted for me.


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Download your “Success Guide + Habit Tracker”


It got me thinking, how do other successful people think?

Why do some people achieve their goals and others fail? Why do we hold ourselves back from achieving what we want?  

Because, it’s natural to want to seek happiness, right? So, why do we resist moving towards what we know will fulfil us and make us happy?

The science about how successful people think is not new. People have been pondering these questions for thousands of years, attempting to find the perfect role modelling formula for success.

In fact, the earliest success and growth mindset principles have their origins from key Stoic Philosophers as early as 334-226 BC. 

And in times of global uncertainty and transformational change, adopting success and growth mindset strategies to become tougher, calmer, wiser, and more resilient are relevant to women leaders today more than ever before. 


The first step to getting your mind right for success is to realise you have control over your negative thoughts and fear!

But most men and women have trained themselves over time to have resistance to change or disruption, developing a fixed mindset, negative thoughts and self-sabotaging mindset rituals.  

At 50, I felt invisible, vulnerable, and overwhelmed at the thought of changing careers and launching a new brand and business.

But, I still had three positively essential ingredients: a dream, a vision, and a clear intention. 

With this realisation, I began to shift my mindset towards a more positive internal narrative.

And, instead of saying “What if I fail?”  I started to say “What if I succeed?!”  “How will I feel then?”

And the answer? I would feel empowered, enabled and unstoppable!

So, I began to think more deliberately about adopting success strategies to guide me forward toward achieving my goals, using a technique I learned as an elite athlete; the art of visualisation to achieve success. 

Just as I had as an elite athlete years before, I started to imagine myself in my new role, coaching and mentoring women in business, standing on stage as a leading keynote speaker and presenting corporate branding workshops.  

It was empowering.

I also thought about how it would feel to follow my passion, to build a brand and business that represented who I really am, and what truly matters to me; to help other professional women step into their confidence as more empowered female leaders and realise their dreams too.  

And that was a turning point for me.  

The moment my fear turned to courage, and I was ready to take a giant leap of faith, to believe in my ability to succeed beyond my ability to fail.



Practice your growth mindset and personal branding

Download your “Success Guide + Habit Tracker”


1. Practice The Power Of Visualisation

“Forget everything you have been taught, and believe it will happen, just as you imagined it.  That is the secret. That is the mystery of life” Christine Anderson

The practice of visualisation to build a growth mindset is a powerful tool that can transform your life and drive you forward to achieving our goals and dreams.

Visualisation is a success strategy I share with all my top female executives and coaching clients in my personal brand and image consulting practice. 

Because, when you can visualise your success, you will:

  • Develop a more profound sense of acceptance and self-confidence knowing you have something more rewarding ahead of you
  • Gain clarity around your vision with a clear purpose and intention of your ultimate goal or ‘big game.’
  • Find greater drive, focus, energy, motivation and performance. 

Make thoughts so big that they become an unstoppable source of energy. Embrace it! And, make the idea of it so big that you can’t ignore it!

Because, I’ve seen first hand how practising visualisation to program your mind for greater growth and success can transform your life and career!

Read more about Nichol stark who found the confidence to resign after 23 years to launch her own business!  

Your Mind As A Leadership

2. Use Your Mind As A Leadership Tool  

“In order to have a successful life you must have a successful psychology! “Anthony Robin

High performance is not a fluke. You develop it with sustained and consistent effort, and the same is true about building a success mindset.

Planning and conditioning your mindset for success matters, and will shift you from the ‘excuse zone’ into the ‘take charge’ zone.

Your ability to hone in on your thoughts and regulate them is a superior leadership skill and is your greatest asset as a high-performance woman!

So, if you are serious about achieving your goals and dreams and want to be a leader of choice in your industry, then you must start to think, act and feel like a leader! Here are three ways to do that:

  • Problem-solve:  If you are uncertain about your future, don’t fear it, instead think of ways to create more certainty. What small steps can you take every day to move you closer to your goal? What challenges or risks lie ahead, and how can you mitigate them?
  • Take Control: Take the time to understand what’s within your control and what you know you can impact, and focus your energy on that! Also, look for advocates and who’s on your team to build a tribe of positive influencers.
  • Wisdom: Draw upon your leadership strengths and insight to make considered decisions rather than falling prey to your natural instinct to run for the hills when the going gets tough! 
Own Personal Branding Success Mindset Rituals

3. Create Your Own Success Mindset Rituals

Your mind is a beautiful tool – and is where you will get the most growth and power. 

So, when you start to feel impatient, frustrated, or overwhelmed at the very thought of getting what you want; stop, breathe, and refocus your thoughts. Don’t let them get in your way!

Creating daily rituals or code for daily living, will help you restore balance, override the highs and lows and retrain your mind to break the cycle of any negative thoughts.

Success rituals such as practising gratitude and self-reflection will help you:

  • Realise you have everything you need by examining and acknowledging what you have, what you have achieved and what you are capable of achieving.  
  • Discover what’s working and what’s not both personally and professionally by allocating a regular time to reflect.
  • Become tougher, calmer and more resilient to change!


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