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Ever wondered why you are not happy in your life or career?  Have you struggled making the significant changes you need to find greater success, make your mark or be seen as the leader you want to be?  

I want to share a story with you about a conversation happening between a mother and daughter at a coffee shop the other day, and I couldn’t help overhearing. The younger professional woman was struggling to tell her mother about how she feels lost, confused, and unhappy with where she is in life and career and how she doesn’t understand how she even got there in the first place.

I heard her ask her mother questions like:

“I don’t know why I’m not happy?  Did anything happen to me when I was at school?  

“Why do you think I am feeling so lost and confused?  “Why aren’t I more successful in my business after all these years?”.  

And although she was very clear that she wasn’t blaming anyone for any of her unhappiness, she WAS looking for support, guidance and answers.

Her mother asked if she was seeking help to unravel these emotions and gain strategies to think and feel differently.  She said yes, she saw a psychologist who also gave her a guided audio to listen to. But then quickly confessed that even after two weeks, she hadn’t actually listened to the 45-minute long recording…

Okay, if you’re wondering where this story is going, here it is…

All The Coaching And Help In The World Is Meaningless If You Don’t Act On It

Their conversation got me thinking.  As female leaders so many times we look for answers and seek professional help to achieve greater success, financial freedom, recognition and happiness yet so many of us never actually put the strategies into practice.

How many self-help books do we read?  How many hours do we spend watching self-improvement videos or listening to empowering podcasts? How much money do we spend availing professional help, consulting with mentors, or trying out leadership programs?

And yet, even with all the personal development resources, online branding, business and leadership courses and programs at our disposal today, we can still remain stuck.  

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is with us?

I know that’s not exactly what you want to read but let me explain. 

By coaching so many professional women, female leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs, I realise that you can give two people the exact same advice and action steps, and they can (and most likely) have different results. One will see massive growth, self confidence and improvement, and the other… well, the other, stays stuck feeling even more frustrated and disillusioned than before.

Why? Because many of us often struggle with persistence, resilience and accountability. 

Female leaders who achieve the most powerful and transformative results are the ones who can self-lead through the challenges or setbacks. The resilient women leaders who adopt a no-excuses approach hold themselves accountable and actively set about creating the life and career they desire: no excuses and no holding back. 

They also hold themselves accountable for their ambition and drive, realising that just because they may not achieve the outcome they want right now or instant success doesn’t mean they won’t reach their goal or have failed.

The best leaders are those willing to challenge the status quo, step outside their comfort zone to seek answers, and follow advice to change their life, business, or career. These are the courageous leaders who can shift their mindset to live and lead with greater success and happiness because they aren’t afraid to challenge, change and act. 

They don’t waste time making excuses. They listen, learn, act and keep forging ahead, one step at a time.

And that takes courage and commitment.

And the ability to fail gracefully!

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Executive Women Fell Gracefully!

Learn To Fail Gracefully! Accept Failures As A Pathway To Success 

Accepting your past (mistakes, failures, and disappointments) as a chance to learn and grow is at the heart of creating a success and growth mindset.

It’s not an easy thing to do.  But you must learn to fail gracefully!  Meaning if you fall, get back up again!  If things go wrong or don’t go anywhere near as well as you hope, don’t be gutted or start to question your vision, instead reflect, refresh, reboot and carry on! 

There is as much value in your failures as your successes!  Just because you aren’t achieving your financial goals right now doesn’t mean you won’t.

Just because you didn’t get that leadership role this time around doesn’t mean you can’t be wildly successful and become an industry leader in your niche. 

Just because your business strategy or product launch didn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean you won’t smash your KPI’s next time!

I have felt like I’ve been failing many times when building my online personal branding business, but guess what, I kept forging!  And you can too.  

Creating strategies and success rituals to reflect on your goals regularly, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, what has worked and what hasn’t, will keep you focused, persistent and better able to push through your fears to make your dreams a reality.  

A 90-Day Success Planner to map out your goals, record your top five priorities, and allow you space to journal your thoughts, successes, failures, and insights keeps you motivated, on track, and connected to your vision in a more meaningful and strategic way. 

Getting into the habit of keeping a quarterly planner will help you establish boundaries and create strategies for bold new pathways forward. 

Regularly tracking what works and does not work for you personally, professionally or in your business gives you the gift of perspective and wisdom.

Remember, you have the power to shape a new reality and feel fully engaged in your own life. So be prepared to do the work, unpack your thoughts and emotions and step into your confidence to be the leader you want to be.

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