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The leadership landscape is rapidly changing people!  So listen up. As women in business today, we are ALL  part of the new wave of leadership.  No longer are successful businesses and leadership practices just about being intelligent, hardworking or creative.


Today the world needs more from its female (and male!) leaders.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner, top female executive, or entrepreneur; the one thing you must add to your success toolbox is to learn how to be A WOMAN OF INSPIRATION AND INFLUENCE! 

Wait what?  Inspiring? Influential?  These are not words most professional women add to their resume, online profile, or include in their pitch!  But as a high performance woman today, being an inspiring and influential leader are two of your greatest professional and personal branding assets that will help you grow your brand and business, and send your career skyrocketing upward! 

More than ever before, women in leadership must shape their personal brands and leadership styles to step out from behind their experience and expertise to claim greater recognition and authority by showcasing our talents to be more inspirational thought leaders and trailblazers!

Easier said than done, right? Because truthfully, how does one become an inspirational woman in leadership?

Craft a leadership style that gets you noticed

Member Resource: Craft A Powerful Leadership Style Worksheet


Inspirational Women Are Innately Curious. We Want To Know What’s Going On!


The number one thing for you to remember is – inspiring women are always  interested in helping other people and in tune with what’s happening around them!  They are updated with the issues, breakthroughs, and new advances in their field. They are passionate and active and take the time to work on their executive presence, invest in their leadership development and learn new skills to elevate their impact and influence.  They reach out to people they admire and connect with like-minded colleagues, stakeholders and potential customers to pursue business ideas, strategies and brand partnerships. 

Inspiration female leaders  are the movers and shakers of the world who believe any dream can come true if you have the courage to fight for it!

So if you want to step up as an inspirational woman in business, be part of the conversations that are shaping the future of your industries. Become someone with a voice of influence that can change and improve the landscape of your field. Whether you have new research, a new idea, a different way of approaching things, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS and insights.  Push yourself to be seen, be heard, and be noticed.  Design deliberate brand strategies that help shape the narrative of your life and career rather than just following other people’s pathway to success.   

There’s value in experimenting with new ideas and asking all the questions other people are too hesitant to ask. Be that fearless female business leader who looks beyond and moves forward with intention and determination. Bring your energy forward to impact others!

Being Inspiring Is An Energy Exchange! It Is The Ability To Emotionally Connect With People.



Inspiring and being inspired is an amazing experience as it can elevate performance and contribute to success. Being able to ignite a fire within someone that pushes them to be more courageous, fearless, bold, and passionate takes belief and energy! 

Being attuned to your own emotions and those of others is an underrated leadership skill that can help you inspire and motivate people. Understand how others FEEL can help you tap into their energy and motivations. This in turn makes it easier for you to identify and align with their greater passions and sense of purpose. 

The ability to make emotional connections makes you a more emphatic and effective leader to your audience. It’s a trait that’s highly valued by businesses and organizations looking to build stronger relationships with their communities. 

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Ideas Don’t Just Stay As Ideas; They Come Alive Inside An Inspiring Woman!


The difference between good leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs and GREAT ones is their ability to shape their thoughts into meaningful insights and following through with their ideas. An idea isn’t worth much unless you bring it to fruition.

Inspirational people embrace the difficult journey  to create new ways of thinking and shape new realities. They’re confident to push through despite the obstacles, naysayers, detractors, all the “no’s and shut doors. They are dauntless and know what they’re doing is much bigger than themselves and it serves a bigger purpose. They go at it full force, determined to get things done!

They don’t give up after a few failures, they learn from them and THRIVE from them. They push harder and come back stronger! When we see someone like that, it’s hard not to be inspired to do the same. We take in their energy, their passion, and put it into our own efforts. Then someone else sees us and it starts this kind of chain reaction of positive energy and spirit through many different people.

They gain new perspectives, take charge of their brand and business, and be the first ones to set a path in their field. They are intentional with their goals, dreams, and ideas. They visualize what they want to happen and gain focus and clarity AND MAKE A PLAN

They take concrete steps to test out their ideas and follow through with their promises. They aren’t detracted by naysayers –they just tune them out and focus on the job at hand. At the end of the day,  their ideas and business plans are bigger than their critics and fears and it’s that courage to move forward that makes them so inspirational and impactful. 

Now it’s your chance TO BE THE INSPIRING WOMAN YOU ADMIRE. You have the power to create ripple effects of your positive energy and actions. Take control of your life and charge straight into the forefront of the future. Take your ideas to new heights and discover your destiny as leader of a new era. 

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Craft a leadership style that gets you noticed

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