7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand.

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If you’ve landed here, the chances are you’re a female leader who is motivated,  energised and ready to build your online presence and a strong personal brand.  You’re ready to get ‘out there’, make a greater impact and learn how to make it happen.

Having worked with so many women leaders, I have found that we can reach a point in our careers when we’re ready to expand to new levels and start building a brand. We’re motivated, inspired and energised to take the next step.

But often, as results driven women, we are looking for a quick fix. To try to build a strong personal brand by simply updating our brand online, revamp our LinkedIn summary (yawn), update our profile image, social media profiles and maybe even create content.

And at the stage of your career or business you may feel like this too.   Like you need a fresh look, new image, and a more powerful leadership style and presence.

This fast-fix approach will get you so far. Maybe even a little more visibility in your market.

But here’s the thing…

Building a personal brand that will build your authority and influence requires a bigger vision.  It requires you to celebrate your individuality and be the best version of you!  It requires you to engage in building relationships, bonds and a connection so you can build trust. 

Building a connection with your personal brand can be more challenging for most professionals.

​It isn’t something you can manufacture or gain instantly. Adding a few pretty pictures to your online profile, updating your title and awards or a new ‘spiel’ to your LinkedIn summary are just the basics and won’t ensure success. 

Connection and trust must be earned.

To achieve a high level of connection with your personal brand, you must be willing to go deeper. To be more vulnerable and transparent.  To become comfortable being uncomfortable to take the steps to build your brand to show your worth, wisdom and leadership. 

Your personal brand should be more than just a snapshot of your knowledge, experience, expertise and photos, but also a glimpse into the world as you see it, exposing your vulnerabilities, values and dreams.

Revealing the whole of yourself.  Not just a watered down version of you.  That is what creating a personal brand is all about. 

So, there are no quick fixes to building a personal brand that matters!  

Building a personal brand requires a process, and applying personal branding strategies and adopting new ways of thinking to enable you to experience the most growth, transformation and connection and advance faster.

Here Are 3 Ways To Build A Powerful Connection With Your Personal Brand.

1. Reality Check Your Brand.​

Vulnerability and transparency lead to connection, but as female leaders, we can find it hard to let go of our comfort zone and show our true selves. The fear of appearing vulnerable or not meeting the expectations of professionalism can be a major barrier for many of us as female leaders. 

So we can start to have feelings of insecurity or self-doubt, preventing us from taking risks or using our unique skills and gifts to make a difference. 

However, with the right shift in your mindset and approach, these same qualities can be used to create a successful brand, a set of core values, and even be a motivating factor to help you make a greater impact in your chosen field. 

By recognizing and accepting your unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and emotions, you can open up the possibility of reaching your full potential and making a meaningful, positive impact on the world. Focusing on your strengths can help you to build confidence and tap into your intuition, knowing and wisdom as a female leader.  

Acknowledging your vulnerabilities can give you insight into areas of growth and help you become more in tune with yourself. You will rediscover your passion,  reclaim your confidence and elevate your sense of self-worth. 

Finally, embracing your emotions can offer you a greater understanding of yourself and those around you, allowing you to form deeper connections and make a more meaningful difference.

2. Create A Personal Brand Promise.​

Now this one may sound a little fringe, but it is something I encourage all women leaders to do!

Crafting your brand promise is an important step in the process of creating and establishing your brand identity. It will help you reconnect with the reasons why you do what you do and stay true to your values. 

It will also provide you with a greater sense of clarity, energy and purpose, enabling you to approach and follow the process with a renewed focus and energy. 

The brand promise you craft should be something that you are passionate about, as it will be the guiding principle for your career or business. 

This promise should reflect what you stand for and how you provide value as a leader. It should also be something that resonates with the values and beliefs of your target audience, as this will help them to connect with your brand on a deeper level. 

Ultimately, crafting a brand promise that is meaningful to you and your audience to  ensure that your brand remains dynamic and successful.

Build an authentic personal brand and image

3. Design Your Brand’s Core Messages

Now it’s time to get clear on your core messages. This is an important step because, as women, we can often find it difficult to express our value and worth in a way that is meaningful to other people.

So as a vital part of your brand (and leadership) development you must take the time to define your core messages and communicate them clearly in order to be seen, heard, and valued.

Your core messages should be concise, relevant, and powerful enough to capture the hearts and minds of your target audience and best represent who you are, what you stand for and how you serve others. 

Take the time to think through what you want to communicate and how you want to communicate it. Make sure your messages are specific and meaningful, so that you can truly connect with the people or businesses you want to attract.

My process helps you develop your personal brand’s core messages, giving you the clarity and confidence to hone your voice naturally and authentically. 

So you can communicate in a way that feels exciting and comfortable.  In a way that feels like you.

Be sure to explore the entire branding process before starting to build your brand! 

It will only benefit you, making you more noticeable, having a greater impact, and allowing you to expand and grow as a female leader – I guarantee it.​

Your Personal Brand And Image Is A Natural Extension Of Who You Really Are. 

Developing a unique leadership style and personal brand will release you from worrying about what other people think of you, giving you the courage and confidence to walk and talk to the beat of your own drum.

You will be a more empowered and unstoppable woman in leadership, ready to speak your truth and deliver it in your own authentic voice!  

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