7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand.

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In this video I share with you:

  • How committing to being undeniable YOU will lead to huge personal and career growth and building an unstoppable personal brand.
  • How I transformed my own brand and image answering these 3 magical questions!

The steps you need to take to craft an authentic, standout personal brand and leadership voice that is undeniably YOU.

As A Female Leader Your Pathway To Success Isn’t Always Easy

Your personal brand and image is something that you don’t manufacture, it is something you step into when you find your power and strength as a female leader.

In 2016, I made one of the biggest decisions in my life and career. I quit my job at 50 and walked out the door with no real plan or strategy to build a profitable personal brand – except a dream to be a more confident version of myself and start my own business.  

Since then, my journey has been a whirlwind of disruption (in a good way) self-discovery and immense self-empowerment; way beyond what I ever thought was possible. (at my age!)

Today, I feel so grateful for permitting myself to be undeniably me! To have the courage to walk away from a steady job and financial security to seek a bigger, bolder, and brighter future for myself as a leading female empowerment coach and mentor!

Since that day, step by step, I have created a thriving personal brand and business that sets me apart from other female leaders in my niche.

I have built a personal brand and image that truly reflects who I am, what matters to me and all that I have accomplished in my 50-ish 😊 years on the planet!  

Do I make it sound easy? 

Well, heck, no! 

As any professional woman, small business owner or female entrepreneur knows, instant success takes years of hard work!  

How To Gain Clarity Around Building Your Personal Brand And Image

Yes, my leadership journey was fun and rewarding and SUPER empowering; but it was also strategic, deliberate and consistent.   

Which is one reason why so many top female executives and professional women, don’t manage to build a profitable public profile, and commercial identity.  

Until, like me, they find themselves at a career crossroad looking to reinvent themselves, refresh their brand and image and start attracting greater  leadership, business or career opportunities. 

At first, things don’t come easily.  There are many things to consider before you can gain clarity around your personal brand positioning, who you want to be as a woman in leadership, and identifying your ideal niche market.

I Found There Are 3 magical Questions I had to ask to be the leader I wanted to be.

7 Steps To Reboot Your Brand

7 Steps to Reboot Your Personal Brand

Get Yours Now!
Get Yours Now!

1. “Who is ‘Brand Me’ and what do I want to be known for?

Understanding your big picture and how you see yourself positioned as a female leader in your niche will give you clear direction, focus and purpose for your brand and image – so you can create the career that you want.

2. What are my unique gifts to others, or my superpowers?

We all have strengths that set us apart from others, but often we find it easier to identify our weaknesses!  It is essential to identify both so you can upskill or improve your weakness – and learn how to amplify your Strengths!  This is so critical to developing your bench-mark personal brand strengths!

3. What do I have to say that is of value to others?  

Developing your unique tone, voice and your thought leadership is what makes you truly unique.  It comes from the thoughts, ideas, and insights you have learned over the years that no one else can replicate. 

These are three straightforward questions, but the truth is it took me many weeks of deep thinking and self-discovery to unlock, acknowledge what matters to me, my purpose, and my unique gift I have to offer as a top female executive coach and corporate image consultant.   

Answering these questions is the first critical step and the most significant for anyone wishing to build an authentic personal brand.  

However, it is also the phase that most people gloss over before they launch their brand and business to the market.

What You Must Discover To Build An Authentic Personal Brand.

The initial brand discovery process feels a bit like sitting in a room full of mirrors with them all facing you!

But your brand transformation pivots on your ability to commit to doing the deep, self-discovery, and foundational work for brand and leadership development. 

It takes more time, more effort and a lot of soul searching, but the result is a personal brand, image, and voice that is undeniably YOU!   One that is lasting, memorable and that no one can replicate.

Build an authentic personal brand and image

Be undeniably YOU! Don’t Be Tempted To Copy Other People’s Brand, Image Or Leadership Style .

When you first start out building your personal brand, it is only natural (and super valuable!) to look to other women in leadership, female influencers, teachers, and mentors in your market for guidance, inspiration, motivation, and direction. 

This provides you great insight into your niche and is absolutely necessary to understand who’s making an impact, who’s leading the conversations and to identify potential brand alliances, partnerships or collaborations. 


 Copy Other People’s Brands And Leadership Style And You Risk:  

  • Fading into the background.  You will not stand out from the crowd (or your competitors) and fail to make a genuine impact in your audience or followers.
  • Creating a ‘copycat brand’ that dilutes who you really are, hides your unique gifts and quietens your voice in your niche.
  • Struggling to sustain and maintain the consistency of your brand and leadership voice.  Your brand will lack energy, authenticity and won’t  come naturally to you.
  • Underestimating your brand value and damaging your reputation by being seen as unoriginal and uncreative!  

Your Personal Brand And Image Is A Natural Extension Of Who You Really Are. 

Developing a unique leadership style and personal brand will release you from worrying about what other people think of you, giving you the courage and confidence to walk and talk to the beat of your own drum.

You will be a more empowered and unstoppable woman in leadership, ready to speak your truth and deliver it in your own authentic voice!  

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