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With so many professionals competing for recognition in today’s busy world, it’s not enough to be great at what you do. To rise above the crowd and achieve brand and business success, you need to represent yourself with a powerful personal brand that gets you remembered for all the right reasons. 

To build a highly successful personal brand you must develop the 9 critical components of a personal brand that attracts profitable opportunities.

Be Seen – Your image, clarity & purpose, and brand value.

Be Heard – Your signature voice, power dynamics, and influence.

Be Noticed – Your visibility, connectivity, and digital footprint.

These 9 key components make up the essence of your personal brand and will help you to build a consistent, authentic and profitable public profile and commercial identity.  For now, let’s start with the top 3 things to turn your personal brand from good to great!

Get Your Social Media Brand Success Guide

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Get Yours Now!

Build A Consistent Brand Identity

Crafting a powerful personal brand isn’t as simple as updating your CV or LinkedIn profile. For your brand to grow and be effective, you must also be consistent with your image, presence, energy, and nurturing your relationships and networks.

You need to build a personal brand that is personal and professional. It needs to be consistent in terms of look, feel, message, approach, language and tone. Your personal brand must immediately communicate who you are and what you do in an authentic way.

In short: when someone sees your personal brand, they should know it’s you, instantly. Be genuine, interesting & unique.

Representing yourself with a strong and consistent leadership style and brand persona (both online and off) will ensure you build (and maintain) trust and recognition with your target audience, clients, or followers.

Don’t Fake It Till You Make It! Build An Authentic Personal Brand.  

So many female leaders today are trying to be someone they’re not!  As women, we often feel we need to be bigger, brighter and bolder to get seen, heard or noticed in the corporate or business landscape.  But the good news is, your personal brand is not dependent on you being the loudest or most famous person in the room, virtually or in real life.  Having a strong and memorable personal brand depends on you showing up and shining every day in every way as the best YOU.  You must learn to celebrate your individuality and make a unique imprint in the hearts and minds of those around you. 

That means being in touch with what matters to you – your values, passions, beliefs—and having the courage and confidence to share these with the world through your socials, your personal website, your blog, and your daily interactions with clients and colleagues.

We’re all unique, but you just have to be sure that who you are on LinkedIn is the same as who you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … wherever people find you.

Authenticity plays a big part of personal branding success because it attracts trust and recognition which leads to opportunities. And the best thing about being authentic? You get to be yourself!

Be Purposeful. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

What personal brands do best is tell stories that lead to opportunities. And while it may seem easy to just start blogging, publishing content on LinkedIn or sharing personal insights on your social media channels, the truly successful personal brand knows why they’re doing it.

 If  you’re not authentic when developing and building your personal brand, you’re going to struggle to maintain consistency.  Gaps will start to show, and people may feel you’re not genuine. 

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Find Your Niche and Make It Bigger

If you want to stand out and be thought of as an expert – which is a personal brand key – it’s important that your personal brand becomes known for something specific. Your personal brand needs to become the go-to source for one very specific area or topic.

When you’re starting to build your personal brand, you may be tempted to try to be everything to everyone. It sounds like a great idea at first, as you may think that trying to reach as many people, businesses or audiences as possible will elevate your visibility and amplify your brand. But the reality is, the exact opposite is true. Trying to reach a larger, less targeted audience will dilute the impact of your brand. Identifying your ideal client, audience, or niche market is essential to hone your brand message and build stronger connections and deeper relationships. 

If you want your personal brand to become more successful, make sure it is very clear what type of clients or customers you are looking for. Doing this will help attract prospects who are right for you and automatically weed out the ones that aren’t.

Being visible and heard within your niche establishes you as a person of credible authority and expertise and makes you a top-of-mind female leader when people talk about your field.

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