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So you’ve done all the right things.  Set New Year resolutions, brand, leadership, career and business goals. You’ve even completed your 90-day success plan ready to launch yourself into another high-performance year.  But it’s already February, and you are stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed at the very thought of pouring your time, energy and efforts into another year of to-do lists and goal setting. 

You ask yourself, why do I feel so burnt out already?

You may have had a nice long relaxing holiday, spent time with your family and friends, exercised, read books and committed to doing all the right things to push the reset button.  But still, something doesn’t feel quite right.  You’re off balance, removed from the pulse of your life and out of rhythm in your professional life and feeling exhausted, struggling to find your rhythm and flow. 

Your mind isn’t powering, you’re slower with taking action and completing simple tasks, and you get distracted all the time!   

So what’s the deal?  Why are you feeling so disempowered at a time when you should be feeling more refreshed and empowered?

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to consider that the mindset strategies and success rituals that have served you in the past – are no longer serving you!

This is a conundrum (and reality) I have to face myself this year.  And it has forced me to reflect, think and dig deeper into how to better unlock my blocks and frustrations to explore a new growth mindset around how to manage my energy so I have time to do the things that matter most for my brand and business success. 

female leader tired and need to resets

Why Is Your Engine Running On Empty When It Should Be Fully Recharged?

The world has changed, and the leadership and business landscape have shifted massively.

You may be thinking.  No kidding, Suzie.  It’s no revelation that the world is forced to go to combat with a pandemic.  As a collective, we all realise the goalposts have shifted forever, affecting how we communicate, show up and represent yourselves as female entrepreneurs, business owners or executive women.

I get it.  You get it.  We all get it.  We have been living and leading in this disruptive new age for nearly two years now.   And everyone is telling you (including me) that you must be able to pivot, shift, change (whatever buzzword you want to call it) to level up your game to thrive as a more empowered female leader in this new normal. 

Yep.  That is true.  There’s no sugar-coating that fact.  Successful leadership today means showing up, tapping in and tuning into the virtual stage, coping with massive amounts of personal and professional disruption like it’s ‘normal’, all whilst balancing our stress levels like we are made of Teflon. 

The pandemic has forced us to do some rapid learning about our businesses, careers and leadership development. 

Constant learning takes a commitment to change, adjustment and realignment physically, emotionally and mentally.  This happens at a slower progression for most of us, giving us time to define, process, action, and recover.

So It’s little wonder that despite having some well deserved RnR, our engines are starting to splutter and stall as we desperately try to gather our speed, rhythm and motivation.

The simple truth is, as we struggle to rebalance and find personal renewal in this crazy ‘new form of chaos’ called a pandemic, we ignore the elephant in the room.  It’s just not normal for anyone, professional or otherwise, to experience such long periods of stress, anxiety, and fatigue without regular time dedicated to recalibrating, rethinking, renewing, and RECOVER.

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More Profound Recovery Is Valuable To Those Who Are Hostile To Rest

Without being aware of it, we have been relentlessly spending buckets full of mental energy during the pandemic, without getting a balanced amount of rest and recovery.

And at the heart of the issue is our fundamental conflict as executives, business owners or leaders to balance between the demands of our life, relationships and careers with our sometimes machine-like practical focus and thinking we adopt as high achievers.  

But here’s the truth. Self-doubt, mental fatigue and anxiety are amplified by a lack of emotional renewal. It also fosters more significant confusion, disorientation, lack of motivation, and ultimately performance. 

The ‘new normal’ may indeed be all too real. But have you had a chance to recover and find your rhythm fully? Have you had time to break down what has happened in your life? Career or business. How have your relationships changed and shifted? How you have successfully adapted (or failed) to cope. What habits or success rituals have you developed?

What’s working for you pre-pandemic? Is it working for you now?

In my case, I have discovered that my whole recovery framework needs a jump start. What was successful and almost routine for me to re-energise is now pretty much not working! To coin a phrase, “it’s just not doing it for me!” 

But here’s the thing… I have identified it pretty quickly, and now I am doing the work I need to find new, fresh and innovative ways to refuel my creativity, energy and motivation.  

I am investing in personal renewal to unlock an entirely new way of thinking. Still, this time it’s not just about new forms of marketing, doing business or communicating online but also new ways to manage my energy to be fully engaged.

And here’s what I have come up with:

  1. Being pushed beyond your ‘normal’ limits for long periods leads to a systematic breakdown of your energy and motivation. It takes more than a quick fix to repair the damage. So, give yourself permission to stop and disengage from the practical (and traditional) restraints, stresses and pressures of work, relationships and the constant disruption. Manage your time to do the more profound recovery work.  
  2. Add a new priority to your success plan to prioritise your energy over your time and determination spent on soldiering and operating on full throttle!
  3. Define what’s holding you back right now! Your fears, blocks and challenges may have changed. So you must be courageous and curious enough to deep dive, unlocking the habits and rituals that may have worked in the past that are longer serving you in this “new normal”.
  4. Change is hard. We are creatures of habit. And we often don’t have all the answers. So talk to other female leaders, small business owners or female entrepreneurs that feel the same way! Share experiences, feelings and positive energy and rituals that will help you manage your energy and think in more creative and enriching ways.
  5. Define your purpose in it all! The experiences, challenges, moments of adversity or triumphs may have fundamentally shifted your perspective around your higher purpose.  

Try to recall the moments when the most significant shifts (positive or negative) occurred. What was happening? How did you respond? What was the outcome physically, emotionally and in your professional performance? How did you feel? What values were challenged in those moments? What did you learn about yourself or those around you?   

Deconstruct what you have been through a new lens. Notice the micro-shifts in your energy, mindset, mood, attitudes, levels of engagement and performance. And how can you use these discoveries to find a greater purpose in it all and share your insights to help others do the same?

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