Have you ever found yourself having a strong urge to do things (or not!) without any rational reason? Just an unconscious “knowing” that is instinctively guiding you in one direction or another.

That is your gut feeling or intuition chiming in! And as women in business, this is one of our greatest gifts.

Your intuition is the unexplainable feeling that helps you sense something that can’t be felt with your five senses. 

In other words, it is a hidden superpower that will help you navigate to a path that will best serve you, your brand and your business!

Want to know how?  In this blog I share:

The Gift Of Intuition And Building A More Authentic Brand

We’ve all heard of the saying, “Listen to your intuition.” But what does it really mean? How can it affect your personal brand and help you be a more empowered female leader?

Most people don’t realize this, but our intuition is just as valuable as our logic when growing our brands and business. 


Because your personal brand represents the essence of you, it is a true reflection of who you are and all you stand for.  

Your brand is built on foundations of your energy, presence, spirituality and emotional journey as much as your years of professional experience and expertise. 

So hear me when I say, if you are not tapping into your intuition, you may risk compromising your personal brand’s authenticity, natural vibrance and even your leadership capabilities.


To live and lead your most authentic life, you must be in flow with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

In general women are naturally more intuitive than men, and it is where we learn some of our most valuable lessons.

But as a female leader the trick is to harness our intuitive power by constantly tapping into our unconscious mind and use it as a tool to elevate our thoughts and test our passion.  

This next level of thinking will take you from living with limitations to living and leading to your full potential as a woman in business!

Building Personal Brand A More Authentic Brand



Let The Good Stuff In And Gain Clarity!

When it comes to making significant decisions whether it be in business, career or life, your intuition will serve as a guide for you to make better choices that are more aligned to your values and beliefs. 


When you are living and leading in alignment with your values and beliefs (and listening to your intuition), something magical happens.  You permit yourself to be the best you can be.  

With that comes a heightened sense of self-awareness, clarity and CONFIDENCE.

These are what I call your essential Vitamin ‘Be’ Brand Supplements – the ingredients that will supercharge your personal brand, catapult your leadership presence to the next level and give you your “X” factor to better Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Noticed.

The Logical Reasons To Trust Your Gut Feeling As A New Age Leader

Here’s what most business mentors and leadership coaches don’t tell you: Tapping into your intuition or gut feeling is an important aspect in leadership training.

Your intuition will not only help you make better choices, but it is also one of the most underrated yet valuable soft skills you can have in your toolbox that plays a big part in your leadership developmentyes, you heard that right!

Here’s Why You Must Harness The Power Of Intuition As A Woman In Leadership

1. You Can Use Your Intuition As A Tool For Success

Don’t write off your intuition as just a feeling!


Nurturing your intuition is key to adopting a new age entrepreneurial mindset that allows you to transform into savvy executives and business owners!

When honed, these new age soft skills help you reimagine what it means to lead today, giving you a more creative, visionary and integrated perspective that will elevate your expertise and enhance your success.

Learn more about the success mindset here>>: The Most Powerful Mindset For Success (And How To Develop It.)

2. You Will Elevate Your Strategic Thinking

We are trained in schools, universities, organisations, or other corporate environments to be practical, tactical and logical thinkers, but we are not trained to trust our intuition.  

But in today’s fast-moving business environments, the world needs more flexible, agile and intuitive leaders who can change the way we do things.

Being able to connect and leverage from your emotional journey to elevate your strategic thinking is now a part of today’s new leadership playbook.

3. You Will Be More Courageous!

You might have all the right data, analysis, but sometimes it still doesn’t feel quite “right”. 

Your intuition steps in raising your internal antenna to stop you from going ‘all in’ with confidence.

Have you ever felt that way?

Your mind’s strategic and rational part that you can explain through facts, figures, or case studies tells you one thing, while your gut instinct is telling another story—leaving you feeling unsure, off-balance, out of alignment emotionally and in worst-case scenarios, actually sick to the stomach.

If you’ve felt that way, don’t worry, I have too and so have 90% of the professional women I have coached!

It takes courage to go against your rational mind because ego, fears and biases may get in the way, which will lead you to overthink and second-guess.

But, having coached and mentored hundreds of women in business, I have found that the biggest rewards can come when you take into consideration both your rational thoughts AND gut feelings when making significant life and career decisions. 

By maximizing its potential and letting your intuition guide you, it will help you pick up a sense of what is beyond what reports and analysis will tell you. 

Skillfully using logic combined with your intuition will lead you to places and opportunities you never thought possible!

Power Of Intuition As A Woman In Leadership

Your Intuition Will Whisper To You..

Which is why you need to slow down and listen!

Truth be told, wasn’t easy for me to make the biggest career shift of my life. 

While the idea of quitting my job to pursue a different career at 50 seemed terrifying, I felt a strong force guiding me forward, towards a path that I instinctively knew would allow me to grow, thrive, and prosper into the woman I am meant to be.

I also came to a realization of how passionate I was about building a brand that empowers women to become their best selves, and I knew deep in my heart (and my gut) that no other career will ever give me that amount of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Commit To Your Intuition And Act On It!

But it wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to tune into my subconscious that I began to more profoundly connect to my goals, dreams and yes, my intuition. 

After a series of self-reflection, weighing out the pros and cons, I finally decided to back myself  and before I even knew it, I was out the door! 

By the time my feet hit the sidewalk, despite logic telling me that quitting a perfectly good job at 50 was a huge risk, I just ‘knew’ instinctively I had made the right decision.  

Since that day, I have paved a pathway to success and happiness, building a signature personal brand, engaging with my target audience, honing my leadership skills, and developing my business strategy based on what feels most authentic to me

And today I can honestly say that my intuition is one of my greatest assets in both my life and business.

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