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As a top female keynote speaker, Suzie Lightfoot inspires women to thrive as high-profile, confident leaders!

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“I am incredibly motivated to inspire as many people as possible to step out of their comfort zone, conquer their fears and push for greatness in both their lives and careers to maximise their image, reputation and presence at any age!”

Motivating And Inspiring

Suzie Lightfoot is the ultimate unflappable pro: she can handle any ‘off script’ situation with her trademark grace and humour. Live TV? No sweat. Broken mike? Not a drama.

As a speaker, Suzie Lightfoot is renowned for being bold, inspiring, and striking a chord with any audience.

Drawing on her own varied experience in the public eye as an elite athlete, top model, public figure, and businesswoman, Suzie provides easy-to-implement, incredibly effective strategies and techniques.

Suzie will help professional women like you reboot their Brand, self-package with style, and super-charge their careers!

Unique And Empowering

Know who you are and what you want in life! Unlock Brand YOU to be the leader you want to be!

I will help you unleash the new version of ‘YOU’!

Suzie is also a veteran presenter who has served as MC and compere for some of Queensland’s biggest fashion and community events, including Women In Leadership Brisbane, Qld Government AWL Summit 2019, QPLA Metamorphosis Summit and Modern Women’s Expo Australia.

Interactive, Engaging & Motivational Keynotes & Presentations

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Conferences and Keynotes

“Suzie had the entire conference audience dancing; it was electric!”

Events and Summits

“As a speaker, Suzie is renowned for being bold, inspiring, and striking a chord with any audience.”

Panels and Discussions

“Insightful, funny, engaging. Suzie speaks with knowledge, passion, and purpose.”

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You Can Build a Completely Customised Keynote

Your organisation is unique!

You deserve a unique keynote speaker to inspire, motivate, and engage your audience and truly connect with your company or organisation’s values, culture, and beliefs.

Suzie takes time to know your organisation, your people, and your challenges.

Then, she builds a tailored program that meets your specific needs.


Or, You Can Start with an Existing Topic


Suzie reveals her wildly successful 30-Day Brand Fit Program for professionals to elevate their brand, presence, and reputation to instantly make an impact to Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Noticed.


Bespoke presentations tailored to your business or organization to help professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs and organisations to grow their influence, impact and income through the power of self-marketing and personal branding.


Suzie shares her own inspirational ‘story,’ touching on themes of resilience, self-confidence, and adversity and how to shift from survive mode to thrive mode and transform your life and career… at any age!


Top Female Executive Coach

“ Suzie Lightfoot epitomises that classic quote “Be so good they can’t ignore you”!   For all the years and situations, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Suzie, she has always projected confidence, capability, and a brand and image that is world class; valuable qualities for any top female executive who strives to make a mark in this world. Suzie is more than just beautiful, she is skilled in her craft and believes in the value of what she is doing. If you need to build your image and brand and a career, network or self-worth, invest in a style icon whose authenticity is beyond reproach.”    Thank you, Suzie!    

Liliana Montague
General Manager - Marketing Brisbane Catholic Education

Image and Brand Consulting For Business

"Suzie's image and brand consulting for business translated into an uptick in the strength and quality of interactions both with colleagues and importantly, with clients..." With Suzie we had real traction with our team: personal presentation, a renewed and confident sense of style and a genuine sense of self, convinced me that the benefits of Suzie's small business coaching and leadership development program to each individual are real and lasting.  A very worthwhile investment in personnel growth."    

Rosemary de Lambert
Director, Powerhouse Group Sydney

Corporate Image Consulting Services

"As a personal branding coach in Australia, Suzie provides a wake-up call about the importance of branding in the corporate world. Suzie, deservedly, gains the respect of her clients for her corporate image consulting services, professional approach and her personal touch! She has an engaging presentation style and offers quality advice to help both individuals and companies excel in their journey to enhance their image and brand.

Paul Spiro
Chairman Brisbane Marketing
National & Brisbane Chairman, Gadens.

Top Keynote Speaker

I was delighted to have Suzie Lightfoot as a guest keynote speaker at a recent personal branding event held with HNW families. Suzie was engaging and inspired both the young adults and parents during her presentation on building your Personal Brand and Image.    

Michelle Bishop
Financial Services NAB Private

Best Keynote Speakers 

As our top keynote speaker for our two-day leadership development conference, Suzie had delegates out of their chairs from the get-go, encouraging us all to make the best of ourselves - don't settle - be more than your title in an organisation, don't place yourself in a box, and have the courage to build your personal brand and image. Her 60 minute keynote was inspiring and empowering, providing great lightbulb moments on building your personal brand. I knew we'd made a great choice and a lasting impact based on the faces in the audience. Post-event surveys said it was the best conference experience and having Suzie as our keynote speaker was a definite highlight!  

Nicole Hunt
Community Lifestyle at Mackay Regional Council

Women In Leadership Development

"Suzie has an amazing message to share about building your Personal Brand online and off! She reminds you that it’s ok to have failures in your life, as those failures can lead to your greatest successes…"   Suzie’s Women In Leadership Development workshop enabled me to walk away being empowered and inspired me to grow my personal brand and image by what she shared.  If you get the chance to hear Suzie speak, complete her online personal branding course or engage her female executive coaching services, my advice is to just do it!    

Alison McGrath
HR Compliance
High Performing Teams & Wellness

Top Keynote Speaker

"Our marketing students use words like, inspiring, motivating and engaging when they describe their experience with Suzie’s presentations on Personal Branding in today’s new world."   Suzie is a very engaging keynote speaker and has great energy! I strongly recommend her as a guest lecturer and speaker. We’ve had the pleasure of having  Suzie lecture for our QUT Marketing Students for the past 3 years and she is one of our most popular guest speakers!    

Frank Mathmann PH.D.

"Suzie’s signature style made an impressive first impression in her signature RED and then continued to impress with an excellent presentation for our members! "

Suzie spoke at our BforB Member Development Day on "Mastering the Art of Personal Branding" and it was a pleasure to have her! She tailored our presentation to meet our brief, and we walked away with clear practical actions to build our brands. It’s a pleasure to work with Suzie and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a speaker and facilitator!

Sarah Cobb
Franchises, Market Research

"Executive Elite had the pleasure of Suzie presenting to our business group on Personal Branding. Suzie was immaculate in her trademark Red, a perfect example of how your personal brand can resonate without saying a word! "

We were treated to great insight on how to build our brand and business. A great take out for me was if I don't decide how my personal brand is going to be, others will do it for me!

Jaeneen Cunningham
Finance Director EquityLend Finance

"One of the keys to our company’s success over the past three decades has been confidence. Suzie helped our people practice that message in all aspects of the work they do here. "

Through Suzie’s half day workshop and Brand Fit Program for Business, our team benefited from a tailored 6-month programme. The wonderful difference I noticed in our team, for our clients and therefore our business, was a distinct improvement in confidence, speaking freely and with an authority that shone a light on their areas of expertise. Very worthwhile – thanks Suzie.

Chris Deering
Managing Director Powerhouse Group Sydney

“Suzie is a brand that people trust and admire…”

Suzie’s personal and professional story is what sets her apart from other Personal Branding Experts. Suzie has re-engineered herself from a top model in Australia, when her life was like diamonds, to how it all came crashing down. She was able to pick herself up and constantly reinvent herself, building a brand and reputation that people trust and admire.

Sarina Russo
Founder The Russo Group

“Suzie masterfully involves every participant and leaves them feel energized and capable of creating new success paradigms.” Queensland Women in Business has featured Suzie as both a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. I fully endorse Suzie's programs and know many of our female leaders have developed both renewed confidence and 'ageless' success through her programs.

Karen Phillips
Karen Phillips Corporate Communications MD
Qld Women In Business Awards

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