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Are you a professional woman, small business owner or entrepreneur, ready to elevate your life and career to the next level?

Want to build a powerful personal brand and professional profile you can profit from?

Many female leaders know they need to develop their brand… but they have no idea where to start.

Stop holding yourself back and take the challenge to position yourself as a more empowered female leader, authority and influencer in your industry!

Get ready to change, shift, move and grow – your brand is your real-life fingerprint on the world!

It takes courage, commitment and consistency – and together, we can do it!

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Personal Branding For Women…You Can Do Anything!

If you’re like 99% of the women I’ve worked with, there’s ONE thing that holds you back from the success you want and deserve.

It’s not your network, your qualifications, or even your capability. It’s your self-confidence.

And the frustrating part?

You KNOW it’s holding you back. And as a result, your goals and dreams always seem to be just out of reach!

You’re not alone! 67% of women feel they need more support building confidence to step up as leaders.

And… as women, we’re 40% less likely to put our hand up for promotions or leadership opportunities than men of equal experience and ability.

These are pretty alarming statistics… but they do make sense.

As women, we often hesitate when we aren’t entirely confident… that irrational inner voice pops up saying, ‘Are you sure you can do that?’ and, like an involuntary reflex, we step back.

So, we stay quiet. We wait. But for what? Until when?

I Can Totally Relate To This – My Own Journey Hasn’t Always Been Smooth.

As a single mum and businesswoman for over 25 years, I have certainly experienced extreme highs and terrible lows, including two broken marriages and brushes with depression at a time when my life and ‘public’ image appeared like ‘diamonds’ from the outside – but on the inside be plagued by self-limiting beliefs and lack of confidence!

There was a single most important thing I did to turn my life and career around, that allowed me to shift from survive mode into thrive and never look back.

I’ve moved from strength to strength in my life and career, and I live and lead with greater passion and purpose than ever before.

This is how I did it:

I deliberately put my time, resources, and mind to creating a strategic pathway to grow my personal brand.

And as a result, I have built a hugely successful brand, business, professional profile, and commercial identity that has helped me be seen, heard, and noticed across so many industries.

But even more than that: the process of crafting my brand helped me step into my confidence as a woman in business to own my voice as a leader, authority, and thought leader.

And – I have never looked back!

After helping hundreds of women build thriving brands and businesses, I have created a unique personal brand success formula that works no matter your age or what point in your career you’re at!

My 9-step Brand Success Formula Will Help You:


be seen.

  • Craft a powerful Image, leadership style and presence
  • Find greater clarity and purpose
  • Build a stand out online presence

be heard.

  • Own your voice and communicate your true value
  • Present like a pro in meetings, presentations and events
  • Elevate your brand value, reputation and authority

be noticed.

  • Increase your visibility
  • Establish your networks and connections
  • Grow your influence, authority and impact

What Is A Personal Brand? Unleash Your Power!

Your Personal Brand is about showing others in your field that you’re the full package.

It’s not just about your appearance, style, and wardrobe choices! It’s so much more!

Your brand represents the best of you!

It is about the way you communicate and present yourself both online and offline.

It’s about being able to articulate your worth and values so clearly that you will be noticed in every room and heard at every table.

It’s about controlling the conversations others are having about you… without saying a word.

It’s about being unapologetically you, so you have greater confidence, energy, and presence.

And…it’s about attracting opportunity to you rather than having to chase them so you have more choices and can be more financially secure!

Once you master the art of crafting a powerful and authentic personal brand and professional image, you will truly be a Woman of Confidence!


Why Is A Personal Brand Critical For Female Leaders Today?

Women leaders say a personal brand is vital for success: But most don’t have a vision or a plan!

Personal branding is especially important for women in a world where glass ceilings are being shattered every day!

As a personal branding coach, I’ve worked with so many women who felt that if they keep their heads down and work hard, the rewards and opportunities will just come.

But for so many, that’s not how it works!

In today’s fast-past hypercompetitive world, people and organisations are looking more than just your experience and expertise.

They’re looking for people who can proudly present who they are and what they stand for with greater confidence, power, and presence!

They are looking for people who can connect, influence, and lead with a greater purpose.

Building your personal brand is one of your greatest life and career assets and is a critical part of your plan for success!

So, don’t hold back; this is your moment to shine!

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