Do you look in the mirror in the morning and wonder, “why haven’t I achieved the greater success I desire?

The nagging questions…

I’ve looked in the mirror many times, staring at my refection thinking, “what do other people see in me that I don’t?” And … perhaps the most important questions, “what do I see in MYSELF that others don’t? and “What makes me unique?”

Despite years experience, competence and expertise, for many high performance professionals, this is still the nagging question we ask ourselves when reflecting on our true value and worth in the world.

When we can empower ourselves with the answers to these questions, the true nature of our value proposition and ‘what makes us unique’ comes to light.

The ‘truth’ to finding your answers…

Finding my ‘truth’ as a woman, partner, mother, professional and business woman is the reason WHY I can now stand proudly in front of that mirror and say to myself‘I know YOU!”.

Sure, just like you, there are days when I still look in the mirror and have self-doubt and anxiety over the future. But now the difference is, that I BELIEVE in myself and as a result, my questions and insecurities come from a place of strength rather than weakness.

I found clarity around my values, purpose, beliefs and my WHY.

I can articulate them, visualise them and as a result, I LIVE them every day in every way as part of my personal and professional brand philosophy.

In fact, crafting my personal brand over the past 30 years, has taught me how to reflect on my life and career, own my story, recognise the true value I bring to the table and step into my confidence to share it with the world.

It’s from these deep connections and foundations that my confidence and voice is born. They will elevate my thought and test my passion. They give me energy and help me strive to be the best version of me I can be.

Today, I use these success rituals to help other professional women to stand up, stand out and shine in both life and business. To understand their true value proposition and craft powerful personal brands and professional profiles they can profit from.

It takes just 3 simple steps. Clarity, Commitment and Consistency.


“Building a personal brand is all about what you choose to believe”.

To build a powerful personal brand, you have to have clarity about who you are and what you signify. Your core values and beliefs stand at the very core of your brand. They are the centre from which everything radiates —including your brand’s look (design), message (voice), and relationships.

Your brand values will help you capture your brands, Proposition, Personality, and Purpose. A personal brand is built on the things that we are most passionate about, and stands on the foundation of what others desire from those passions.

This is the most crucial step to giving life and passion to your brand. By connecting to your passion, you will create a brand that is genuine, authentic and a natural extension of who you are and all that you have achieved in both life and business. You will live it in every step you take.

Being able to identify your truth and communicate what is important to you is one of the secrets to influencing the way people think, feel and say, when your name comes up. You will also recognise and attract the type of values you want to attract in the market as well as people you want to work with!

It also gives you a compelling answer to the question “What do you do?”, and is the basis for your elevator pitch! Both your bio and pitch will have more impact if it is aligned to your story (leaves people feeling you were born to do this.) so you can say it with passion and conviction!


This is the hard part! But it is what will give you the edge on your competitors. Consistency is the key to growing your influence and impact. If you want to be recognised as an authority or thought leader in your niche market or industry, then you have to be present, relevant and CONSISTENT.

Not just consistent with the regularity of your connection with others (both online and offline) but also consistent with your message, values and beliefs.

Those that are making the biggest impact, are those that have personal brands that share their message consistently in a true and authentic way. When your personal branding is on-point, people sit up and pay attention. Your reputation precedes you as the obvious choice for high-profile partnerships and opportunities.


Here’s where investing in a strategy session comes in: as you want to be in control of all of your brand and the impact and influence it has on others. Don’t leave it to chance – be your own marketing manger and manage your image and corporate imprint.

Building your own identifiable and credible brand along with a community and network is one of your greatest assets in business. You have to manage your own reputation, think act and plan like a business leader. And that takes commitment!

Having a clear strategy will help you get laser focused on crafting a high performance personal brand that will get you noticed and keep you committed to achieving powerful results .

Invest in A Brand Plan

If you’d like to invest in crafting a personal brand and professional profile you can profit from in both life and business, the best place to start is with facilitated personal brand strategy session.

Kick start your brand with a one-on-one Personal Brand Strat Session.

What are the key outcomes
  • Clarity. Conviction. Confidence.
  • A personalised unpack of your Brand Strength Test results
  • Identify your professional goals, brand vision and positioning to get clear on your ‘Big Game’.
  • Identify your niche market and unique touch points for your brand
  • Expert insight that taps into your X-Factor and brings ‘Brand YOU’ into perfect clarity
  • Clear steps on how to move forward in creating your signature personal brand

If your ready to elevate your career to the next level, reserve your personal brand strategy session today.