“My confidence has improved working with Suzie, and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead. Thanks, Suzie!”


My first impression of Kate Osborne is she’s a powerhouse! Confident, strong, and overflowing with positive energy! We shared the stage as guest speakers at a small business convention speaking as specialists in our various fields.

But it wasn’t until Kate reached out to me to be her personal brand coach and corporate image consultant that I uncovered the real Kate Osborne!   You see, Kate is the founder and ‘heart’ of Leisure Seekers.

She has been coaching small business owners and working with organisations for over 20 years.

Yet something was missing. Kate just needed to be ‘Kate.’ And her personal brand and business needed a fresh perspective.

And so….Brand Kate Osborne was born!

Kate Osborne Success Stories Image Consultant
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Building a standout personal brand all starts with getting clear on your goals and vision. For Kate, it meant stepping out from behind the Leisure Seekers corporate brand to regain her identity and shape her voice as a thought leader in her field.

Like so many women, Kate felt confident about speaking about her business, yet less confident about talking about her passion and purpose. A huge part of Kate’s  brand journey to self-discovery was to identify any ‘blocks’ and vulnerabilities and to shape her key messages.

“Working with Suzie helped me understand my higher purpose. To impact other incredible souls on their journey to their dream life. To support many as they question the process and practicality of juggling motherhood, business, charity, friendship, and physical needs in an ever-demanding world.

Suzie guided and inspired me to unlock my unique methodology and belief that you can make music in everything you do. By being authentic and passionate, and embracing the change, you wish to bring about to give you and your family a better example of how to live a full and rich life.”


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