Do you ever look back at moments in your life and wonder how on earth you managed to be so fearless in your pursuit for success?

Yet as we mature putting yourself ‘out there’ can be really scary!

Somehow we lose this wonderful feeling of empowerment and fearlessness, instead feeling more invisible than invincible!

It happens to the best of us!

Take a moment to look back on your story and all that you have achieved and experienced in life, personally and professionally.

It can help you to re-boot your self- confidence. It changes your perspective. And transform the way that you view yourself today.

Your personal journey is all part of your unique story! It’s your foundation and real-world fingerprint that shapes and defines your true values and beliefs.

My journey started as an elite athlete at the Australia Institute of Sport, as a high diver, where I learned the foundations of leadership, personal drive, focus , the power of self-confidence and visualisation. Lessons I still use today.

New Year’s Eve is usually the time for making promises for new beginnings and pledging New Year resolutions. But it’s also the perfect time for you to appreciate all that you have ACHIEVED!


Getting clear on your story is a key pillar to creating an authentic personal brandIt will help you achieve a connection with your market. Provide a foundation for your bioHelp you identify your values.

And, help you discover the ‘why’ in you.


  1. Jot down the key components of your life’s journey.  Your ‘back-story’, the milestones, your accomplishments and your challenges.
  2. Try to recall any ‘magic formula moments’  that have shaped who you are today.
  3. Take yourself on a journey of self-discovery.  Ask someone close to you to tell you your character flaws, strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Explore your personal identity.  Are you a leader, nurturer, explorer, observer, reporter or reluctant hero?
  5. Write down some personal and playful details about yourself to illustrate your personality, your emotional qualities and your temperament.

Once you have completed these exercises, you will have framework to develop an impactful and original personal brand.  A personal brand and professional image that will represent who you really are and all that you have accomplished through out your career.  A brand that is a natural extension of who you are

You will have to invest some time into this process, but it will be worth it, as you will have a super foundation to develop a powerful and revealing story.