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Health goals, financial goals, fitness goals, career goals… goals, goals, goals!

If you’re a professional woman, small business owner, or entrepreneur, you understand goal setting is an essential part of your plan for success.

Yet did you know: only 20 percent of people set goals, and 70 percent of those fail to achieve them!

Wow! These are pretty alarming statistics!

So: let me ask you…

How often do you fail to attain your goal or quit halfway through when life gets too busy or too challenging?

It takes more than writing an endless list of goals; it takes clear vision and step by step ‘goal-stones’ to navigate your way to success, based on your passion, purpose, and unwavering self-belief!

But wait… nobody teaches you that at university!

Here’s the truth: these values are the essence of what drives every great leader to accomplish their goals and will guide you to achieve yours too!

In this blog I’ll share:

  • How I discovered powerful goal setting strategies that helped me AND I hit my goal EXACTLY 
  • 4 types of goals you MUST set to fulfil your ambitions
  • The most important questions you must ask yourself when setting goals [FREE DOWNLOAD)

How I Levelled Up My Brand, Business, And Services

When I decided to launch my new online brand and business – Woman of Confidence – it was a massive shift for me.

I had spent years delivering my services as a one-on-one personal branding coach for high-performance women – and it has been hugely successful.

But when I decided to level up my brand and business to launch it online to a global audience, I was, honestly, pretty overwhelmed.

The first thing I did was question myself: “Why was I straying from something I enjoy immense success in?”

I knew that before I did anything else, or let these fearful thoughts consume me, I had to identify and connect with these four key things…

  • Confidence to do something I already did well – but in a totally new way 
  • Achievable goals to give me targets to strive for and help me commit to making them happen
  • Purpose to keep me focused and motivated (even when I felt like giving up!)
  • Self-awareness to acknowledge my goals – and success – would feed my soul and make me feel truly accomplished!

Unlocking this stuff is no accident. It’s intentional. And by doing this deep discovery work, I uncovered 4 types of goals guaranteed to keep you on track. 

Some simple smart goal setting techniques you can adopt that will make a MASSIVE difference to your goal setting success!

Download your FREE Ultimate Goal Setting Guide!  15 powerful questions to ask yourself to get crystal clear on how to positively achieve your goals and dreams! Inside you will find out how to:

  • Gain clarity around your vision and establish your power goals.
  • Unlock you ‘WHY’ to stay motivated and inspired when the going gets tough.
  • Identify what’s really important to you to stay in alignment with your values and vision.
  • Discover what’s holding you back and create strategies to overcome any resistance to achieving success!

Members' Resource: The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

Get Yours Now!
Get Yours Now!

4 Types Of Goals You Must Set To Achieve Your Dreams 

I guarantee you’ve got what it takes to act and make your dreams come true – and I’m right there with you!

The secret is to be holistic with your goals and think of not only your vision (what you want to ultimately achieve), but why you want to achieve it and how you want to feel about it!

Here’s how to set goals to achieve your dreams without quitting!

Power Goals for female executive

1. Power Goals

Power Goals are the action-focused goals you set to give you clarity around your vision and help you focus on the big picture.

They set your intention, pace, and destination.  

Have you ever tried to jump in your car and navigate your way to an unknown destination just by following your instincts? 

It’s hard to get there if you don’t know where you’re headed or which road you should take!

Building your brand and business is the same.

If you’re not crystal clear about your destination, you’ll waste too much time and energy trying to get there and end up getting frustrated and confused – and that can lead to giving up!

2. “Why” Goals 

To make it happen – you have to go all in. Get clear on your vision, believe in your purpose, and set “Why?” Goals for success!

The times you struggle the most are the times you lose sight of your “Why?”, and you’ll need ways to be brought back to it:

What’s the driver? What do you want to feel? What is the ultimate, feel-good destination you’re striving for? Answering these questions brings instant clarity to the question of “Why?”

For me, I always come back to my “Why?” Goals, to ground me and reassure me I’m right where I need to be!

Your “Why?” Goals are always with you, inspiring you never to give up and keep on pushing to achieve your ultimate vision!

3. “I” Goals 

What matters to you? What do you want to stand for and be known?

Your “I” Goals dive into deeper levels of satisfaction, and bring to light what values you are honouring while you are striving to reach your goals?  

It’s almost guaranteed at some point in your life or career; you’ll experience failure. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, it’s part of the road to success!

However even when facing failure, your “I” Goals will assure you you’ve still achieved a greater sense of success because you’ve stuck to your true beliefs, morals, and what you value the most – everything that’s at the heart of “I”!

In 20 years, what values do you ultimately want to be known for? 

Did you take risks? Were you bold and creative? Were you resilient, compassionate, determined?  

Connecting with the values that mean the most to you in your pursuit of greater success will permit yourself to be the best you can be! 

And regardless of the outcome – that sounds like a win to me!

Celebrate Personal Branding Goals

4. Celebration Goals

Most of us forget about these!

The biggest motivators to keep you on track and inspired to keep forging towards achieving your ultimate goal is to set goals along the way to celebrate the small wins! Not just your end game!

Don’t just make your celebration goals an afterthought! Set these goals from the get-go. Map out how you’re going to reward yourself for reaching each power goal PLUS how you are going to celebrate once you’ve got your ultimate goal.

Allowing yourself time to celebrate and reflect on what you have achieved along the way, is a powerful way to stay in tune with your values and vision and remind yourself of the ‘Why” and “I” goals you have set.

Members' Resource: The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide

Get Yours Now!
Get Yours Now!

Follow These 4 Simple Goals And You Can Pop The Veuve!

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