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Ready to go to the next level of impact and visibility but worried about how you will be perceived? Do you wonder, “what do I need to say? How should I say it? Do I need to show up all over the internet, become an influencer on social media and be seen at every networking event? Or is there an easier, more authentic way to share my power and presence as a female leader?”

If these questions are racing through your mind when thinking about growing your impact and visibility as an industry leader, then I have good news.

One of the biggest myths about establishing your brand and image to increase your visibility as a professional woman or female entrepreneur is that you must constantly be showing up absolutely everywhere, online and off.

We’re so busy with our daily to-do lists that even the thought of networking and building a powerful online presence often gets put into the too-hard basket. We can get overwhelmed by the very idea of constantly putting ourselves out there. 

So if posting on social media every day or turning up to a million industry events isn’t your thing right now, that’s okay! 

Your visibility doesn’t depend on being a social butterfly and will only partially define your impact as a female leader in your market.

And that’s welcome news for introverted women! Because, there are other ways that can amplify your impact and build visibility to claim your space as an industry leader. 

Being Visible Today Is A Necessity For Women Leaders.  

If we want to create success, and be seen, heard and noticed as more influential women in business, we must get intentional about growing our visibility as part of our leadership development.

Building your visibility is the fastest way to develop your recognition, authority, and impact in your market and stay at the top of your game.

It’s vital to be found AND have a presence that speaks to who you are and what you stand for.

Without a level of visibility today, you are underestimating your power, sanding the edges of your brand and denying what is possible for you.

It also shows others that you are taking ownership of your value and aren’t afraid to serve them in a more significant way.

But most people need to realise there are two types of visibility: external and internal. 

Your external visibility is the one that everyone sees, and it’s often the fastest and easiest to create. Your external image is what most female leaders will focus on first—their online image, public profile, CV, bio, social media, and attending networking or industry events.

Your internal visibility is honouring who you are and the power you bring to the table as a leader, so you show up and own the room.  This includes your leadership style, your energy and the way you show up every-day.

But both are equally important because you can’t have one without the other.

Your internal visibility is what I have found most women leaders struggle with, as we tend to dim our light and dim our value. 

We often worry about standing out in the wrong ways, being criticised and how others will perceive us. We get used to lowering our value to fit in with others and or align ourselves too closely to our competitors like that’s a good thing.

But all it does is systematically water down our own value and recognition.

And this is what I mean by internal visibility.  

If you feel self-doubt, lack confidence, or constantly underestimate your value, it will radiate in your energy and presence and affect how you physically (and visibly) show up in the world.

Likewise, if you are confident, energetic and motivated, you will shift people’s perception of you as a more inspired and empowered female leader.  

Here are some simple yet powerful strategies to help you create greater visibility and impact as a female industry leader so you can rise to new heights. They are part of my 5-step “Visibility Growth Formula”.

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Female Empowerment:  Simple Yet Powerful Strategies To Grow your VIsibility and Impact

1. Get Intentional About Building Greater Visibility.

When thinking about visibility, what’s your why?  What’s your goal?  Is it to build a more positive brand and image?  To attract greater opportunity?  To serve a higher purpose or to share a message so you can impact more lives?

Who is your target audience or niche?  Who do you want to impact?  Where are they hanging out?  

What milestones do you need to set to reach that goal?  What are ways you can offer your skills and insights?  What skills or tools do you need to add to your toolkit?  

All of these questions are part of the decision-making process when it comes to building your brand identity and increasing your visibility.  It will help you to boost your internal visibility in ways that align with who you are, what you stand for, and who you ultimately wish to serve so it can be genuinely transformational for you and others. 

2. Forming Close Bonds And Relationships Can Expedite Your Success.  

Building relationships is one of the fastest and easiest ways to amplify your visibility both online and off. 

That doesn’t mean you must always attend big networking or industry events. (although this is definitely part of building your visibility and influence)   Some of the most powerful and successful ways to grow your visibility is by building relationships and aligning with people you are already working or doing business with every day.Develop leadership strategies and steps to create these relationships and form deeper bonds and connections. 

It’s a simple mindset shift that can shift the needle on opportunities lost or opportunities gained.  If a meeting ends early, who can you grab a coffee with? 

If you are in virtual meetings or webinars, take notice who are most active in the group chats or online forums?  Then reach out to connect with them on LinkedIn,  in-mail, DM or send them an email.  One email can start a snowball of opportunity! 

And set a goal each month for some time to connect, meet people and extend your circle of influence. 

3. Seek Sponsors Who Have The Influence To Move You To Where You Want To Be.

Part of your vision as a transformational leader should always be about growth and knowing your worth.  Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset that allows you to work and build a career that is built on your strengths and passions and seek opportunities that align with your purpose to help you narrow your focus.  

Try seeking sponsors, brand partnerships and collaborations that will challenge you to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Also choose sponsors who have the influence to move you to where you want to be and advance faster.

Approach event organisers, media outlets or community networks to explore ways you can contribute.  Or invite people to your own event or Mastermind group. 

Think about what people come to you and ask you about the most?    What gifts, wisdom, and insights do you have that you can use right now to increase your visibility? 

What are you knowledgeable about that you can become known for outside your experience, titles and expertise? 

Discover these areas of genius and then hone your skills!   When you become experienced in those pockets of wisdom, you will impact more lives and elevate into the transformational leadership zone.  

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