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Working hard in your career or business but not achieving the success you want? Sick of falling short of your goals and feeling like you’re failing? Ready to level up your career or business but lie awake at night wondering how to make things happen?  

One of the biggest problems that most women leaders struggle with is not their lack of experience or expertise; it’s actually their resistance to success.

Despite working hard to be more valued, appreciated, and recognised as industry leaders, we can still subconsciously resist success. 

But I have discovered 4 powerful things that empowered, successful and confident female leaders do to overcome this resistance and make things happen.

1. How Empowered Women Leaders Are Comfortable Taking Risks

When I first started my own personal branding business, I was terrified of failing and did everything to avoid it!  No one sets out to grow a business or begin their career to fail.

We can all resist taking risks and avoid disruption at all costs if we feel we might fail.

But here’s the truth. Achieving great success almost always involves taking risks. 

Taking risks involves uncertainty and change.  So it seems scary. But the risk is what’s most likely standing between you and true success. 

Once you unlock this higher level of consciousness, your entire life changes. It will be a mindset shift for growth and success. 

You will also become a more confident woman and empowered female leader.  And the best part is that you will change other people’s perceptions of you as a leader. 

So, no matter how big and audacious your leadership or business goals may be, you can get comfortable taking risks with the right approach. So the question you should ask yourself is, “Can I afford not to take risks?”

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2. How Strong Confident Women Fail Successfully

As a personal brand consultant and leadership coach, one of the very first things I help my coaching clients with is how to fail forward. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, failing sucks!  But…

Some of my most spectacular failures have ultimately helped me build such a powerful and authentic personal brand and successful business.

Having the ability to leverage and maximise from adversity and use it as fuel to move forward is a powerful leadership skill.  It is also one of the best ways to build your personal brand, so it is authentic and unique.  

Failure can bring out the leader in you.  It is a way to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn from them. You can choose to rise up and become more resilient, or you can choose to let your failure define you.

If you choose to rise, you will have the opportunity to show the world what you are made of, and you build resilience and wisdom.

I help my coaching clients grow their thought leadership by helping them recount their most challenging and significant career and life challenges or moments of adversity, which I refer to as my Breakthrough Discovery Process.

This allows them to acknowledge their limitations, seek answers and accept new ideas, and build strong personal brands.

Learning to fail forward can be a game-changer for your life and career and help you become a strong confident woman and a thought leader in your industry.  

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3. The Most Visionary Leaders Create Their Own Niche. 

Want to grow your influence and authority as a female leader? Don’t copy other people’s leadership styles. Create a unique voice. 

It can be difficult for women leaders to speak out and express their ideas clearly. We may worry that we don’t have anything unique or valuable to say, and so we step back instead of speaking up to share our thoughts. 

But if we don’t use our voices, we miss out on the opportunity to help, support, and inspire others to achieve success. Our thought leadership is not about us; it’s about how we can help others reach their goals.

Building your personal brand and image to be a thought-leader in your industry is an incredibly powerful thing to do for your career or business. It will separate you from your competitors and shows you are different, relevant and visionary. 

Today’s most successful female leaders are known for their expertise in specialised areas. They develop quality and original content with thought-provoking and inspiring insights to elevate their authority and grow their influence.

To position yourself as a leading voice and thought leader in your niche market, you must first craft your own distinctive, powerful and authentic leadership language.

This will help you capture the hearts and minds of your target audience, so they only have eyes for you. Your ability to change people’s minds and influence them is what converts them from followers to high paying clients.

4. The Hidden Advantages Of Having A Formula For Growth

So, this brings me to the next winning tactic. Personal brand empowerment is about having a brand and leadership development plan that works for you.

If you’re a senior executive, female entrepreneur, or small business owner who is struggling to find those high-profile, lucrative careers, or joint ventures, then you’re probably missing the most critical ingredient to secure your pathway to success: a plan and a winning formula to help you build up your personal and corporate brand value.

Now can you let you in on a little inside secret?  

Nearly all of the executive coaching women I work with confess to struggling with confidence. They say they feel like imposters despite their years of hard work. They can let self-doubt and fear hold them back from believing they are extraordinary or influential enough to make a unique contribution. 

You may feel this way too. The thought of sharing your insights and ideas publicly can be terrifying, for fear of criticism or being found out.

But here’s the good news.  

It’s not more confidence you really need. What you actually need is a plan and a process to build your brand and apply it to achieve your life and career goals.  

I know what it’s like to try to learn or do something new for the first time. I waste time by trying to figure out the best way.  Or I can make it so much easier on myself and get a proven system that helps me become more effective, efficient, and successful.     

Finding a process that works for you will amplify your chances for success and help you be a more empowered and confident leader

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