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Do you struggle to stand out to be seen as a female leader in your industry? Do you feel you’re overlooked for high profile partnerships or leadership roles? Are you constantly chasing leads or falling short of your career or business goals? 

 Sometimes the most powerful online personal branding strategies are so stupidly simple. Most of them require little effort to get outstanding results not only in the short term but also in the long term. They can be needle movers for your business or career.

 So many of us struggle to know what to write about ourselves to make us stand out in the right ways.  We default to highlighting our experience, expertise, titles and awards.  We get so stuck crafting our online professional profiles using traditional strategies and methods that we forget to try something new. 

  Adding a nice profile image of you and a summary of your experience to your professional online profile seems mind-numbingly obvious. There is nothing new or innovative about it.

 But what about adding other images to your profile? Or adding content related to your values, vision, and unique leadership style?

 Wait, what? Don’t you have other images on your professional profile OR compelling content that tells people who you really are and what you stand for?  

The challenge for so many of us today is how to make your online profile relevant, on point and compelling enough to be used as a driver for your career or business so people believe in you.   

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Building A Brand: Why A Strong Digital Presence Matters

No one wants to land on your about page or linkedin page to be bored to death with a lacklustre online profile.

 They want to land on a professional profile that has a presence and gives them great value.

So think of creating content that is as much about them (your target audience) as it is about you.  Finding the right balance between self and service will change your professional game. 

You will become magnetic. 

Start by asking yourself, “what does my ideal audience, client or prospect really need to achieve success?” Often it is not simply the products, services or business skills you deliver but the hidden value, advice and guidance you can provide that helps them build more successful businesses, or make better business decisions. 

When your audience or potential client feels like you “get them,” you become more appealing. They will feel like they know you and trust you the instant they land on your profile

Building a personal brand in this way helps you create a powerful presence that attracts the right people or businesses to your profile. .  And the best part is that you will stand out from your competitors and better position yourself as an industry leader.  

So quit thinking your online profile (especially on LinkedIn) is just a place where you leave your CV to gather digital dust. 

Instead, consider this.  

Your online profile is NOT just an obituary of where you’ve been… but the story of who you are now and where you’re going.

Wouldn’t you rather attract the right people, businesses, and connections to you, who are also motivated to act?

If you want results quickly consider these 3 simple yet powerful strategies to update your online profile. 


Your Personal Brand Will Stand Out From The Crowd

3 Secrets To Having A Strong Online Presence

1. Craft An Online Profile That Speaks To Who You Are (Without Saying A Word)

Powerful imagery is often considered an unnecessary element of your online profile.  The reality, though, is that your brand image matters.  It matters a lot, as you are a walking logo for your brand.

When people google your name, they are not just looking for your products or services. They are looking for people, leaders or businesses they feel a connection with.   

So simply relying on a single profile image (no matter how amazing you look) won’t be able to entirely speak to who you are and what you stand for.  So, adding other relevant, high-quality imagery to your profile is a powerful tool to amplify your brand presence and help you make your mark.

So give some love to selecting powerful images to add to your online profile to build your brand and image.  Because according to Forbes, using images gets you 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages!  

Infusing a variety of “working lifestyle” images of you to showcase your leadership style will speak to who you are without saying a word.  Being intentional with your online brand image will subconsciously elevate your authority and recognition as an industry leader.    

Here are a few ideas:

  • Images of you liaising or meeting with clients and colleagues 
  • Photos of you presenting, speaking or attending high profile industry events.
  • Social pictures of you with other industry leaders and influencers attending networking, community or charity events.

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2. Unleash Your Story To Create A Powerful And Life-Changing Brand Presence. 

Too many people rely on being known exclusively for their tiles, experience, expertise and successes. They also hide behind their organisations or a business’s more established brand and image.  

But this is a mistake because you are standing on a mountain of untapped value and potential.  If you want to stand out and build a brand and image that gets you better seen, heard, and noticed as an industry leader, one of the most powerful brand strategies is to share your brand’s passion, purpose, values, and vision.  It is your secret weapon. 

“Purpose is what drives us forward, both personally and professionally. Today more than ever before, people are more and more invested in doing business with people that align with their values, vision and beliefs.”

But so many people fail to realise this when building their online professional profiles and brand presence.

Sharing your unique insights builds deeper connections with your ideal audience and adds authenticity to your personal brand persona.  Finding a balance can be tricky.  But if you can create a shared purpose with your audience, you will connect with them on a deeper, more emotional level and build a unique footprint for your personal brand.  

And the best part is that you don’t need to learn new leadership skills.  Because the truth is, you already have extraordinary value to share right now, and it’s your unique insights, ideas and wisdom that people will pay a premium for.  

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Build Your Thought Leadership To Share Ideas That Make An Impact

Even the very thought of building your thought leadership can scare even the most seasoned and successful professional woman, small business owner or female entrepreneur. 

But developing original content, unique insights and ideas that impact your audience will be well worth it in the long run if you want to establish yourself as an industry leader.  Your thought leadership will catapult you from an expert in your industry to an influencer in your field. 

Building your thought leadership snapshots should be part of your personal branding strategy, whether you are a CEO, a female entrepreneur, running a small business, or working as an employee in an organisation. Because the truth is, your ‘knowing’ is as valuable as your ‘knowledge’.

Featuring some original quotes and insights adds greater depth to your profile and pumps up your credibility and authority. It brings your online personal brand and presence to life. You will start to attract more significant opportunities and be seen as an industry leader or business mentor.

Best of all … you will stand out and make your mark. 

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Get Online Now: Building Your Digital Presence

Want to learn the most effective ways to build your Online Presence?  As a women empowerment leader for many years, I have helped countless women build their digital presence, hone their leadership skills and unlock their highest potential.  So today, I will share my top online personal branding tips and tools. These resources will help you build a strong online brand that will help you reach your personal and professional goals. 

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Establishing A Powerful Online Personal Brand and Image Is The Fastest Way To Grow Your Impact, Influence And Confidence As An Industry Leader.

As an executive business coach, personal brand consultant, and image consultant for many years, I would love to share my top online personal branding tips and tools.  You’ll learn more about building a brand, honing your leadership skills and unlocking your highest potential as a female leader, entrepreneur or small business owner!  

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