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The global pandemic has significantly changed the way we do things. This has caused many female leaders to feel anxious and overwhelmed as their plans and goals at the start of the year have been disrupted!

This serves as a wake-up call for us as women in leadership as we haven’t been as prepared as we should have been. And often, our limiting beliefs, lack of digital presence and action plan can lead us to question our capabilities as a leader or business owner.

Oftentimes, we forget that the answer lies within ourselves—after all, it all boils down to how you respond to the obstacles being thrown your way.

This year pushed us out of our comfort zone, which also became an avenue for us to step up our leadership skills, connect with our audience, and strengthen our personal brand.

To help you plan your next steps, I am releasing our new Woman of Confidence personal brand and leadership playbook.

Here are our top 10 learnings from 2020 that can help you uncover the resilient leader you are meant to be! 

1. Build An Impressive Online Profile  

How you present yourself online can make or break people’s impression of you.

And this year, the importance of having a stand out online profile and personal style has been amplified with current stats showing there are now 4,208,571, 287 internet users!

It’s even more critical than ever to treat your public online profile like your digital business card so you stand out. 

Make sure that it effectively communicates who you are, what you can offer, and how you have adapted your business or service to help your target audience, client or customer.   

If your personal branding and professional online image isn’t on point and doesn’t shine through, you will risk becoming lost in the crowd, or worse, obsolete in this fast-changing digital world!

In updating your profile, it also pays to know who you’re targeting, and what you want to communicate. Make sure that your message stays authentic, relevant, and is crafted in a way that speaks to your audience.

2. Have A Growth Mindset 

You must always anticipate the ever-changing times and be prepared to respond to it accordingly.

There will be times where you find yourself in a situation you never anticipated. With the right mindset, you will find yourself coming out of what seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle stronger and wiser as ever.

Adopting a growth mindset allows you to find growth opportunities in times of struggles, and will take your brand and business to new heights.

Best Personal Branding Lessons from 2020

3. Be Open To Change

2020 is definitely a year of change. As a woman in leadership, you must be able to quickly learn and adapt to the ever-changing times, which is an essential skill you need to thrive and succeed.

Take a step back and analyze the current situation. What does it need you to be? What are the resources available to you that you can work with? What is this teaching you?

Change must also begin with you. In order to stay relevant, you must also be open to trying new things, welcoming new ideas and shaking things up from time to time.

4.  Switch Up Your Leadership Style

If your goal is to grow your influence and become the top leader in your industry, you must learn to adapt the way you lead your team.

Every business needs a strong female leader who can lead, provide guidance, mentor her team, and motivate them to be their very best selves.

Empathy is needed now more than ever, but that also goes without saying that you must also be able to make tough decisions when the situation calls for it.

5. Connect And Engage

This year made us realize how important it is to collaborate, engage and forge meaningful relationships.

As an executive coach and image consultant, I have learned the value of having a strong network of other like-minded colleagues, clients, and collaborators who  share a positive mindset. In times of chaos and disruption, it is ultimately your tribe that will pull you though!

Developing a Mastermind Group where you can discuss personal branding strategies, leadership development, and even group coaching sessions will help you solve problems, improve relationships, and open new opportunities.  

6. Go Digital

Digital is the way to go! Face-to-face meetings are now turned into video conference calls, seminars turned webinars, classes turned to online learning.

We now do things differently, and building your online presence will be the wisest move you’d do this year.

It opens new doors for your business, with online campaigns that can reach your audience, hosting live webinars, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Members' Resource: Personal Brand Playbook

Get Yours Now!
Get Yours Now!

7. Lead With Value

Be the kind of leader that your team and target audience can learn a lot from. One thing all people and businesses need more of today is FREE valuable advice! 

Give out valuable advice that people need to hear, and post content that educates your audience.

In building your brand voice and growing your influence, you will effectively draw more people in when you provide value.

By giving out free informative content, your authority and expertise in your field is being highlighted, which helps build your audience’s trust and loyalty.

It’s all about letting your target audience know how you can be a solution to their problems. The more they understand your value and expertise, the more that they would want to work with you.

8. Know Your Why

We all have our own story and purpose. It’s just a matter of knowing what makes us feel so passionate, fulfilled, and excited. Commit to it and everything else will follow.

In times of doubt and frustration, it helps to go back to the reason why you started— is it because it’s tied to your personal advocacy? Is it because it makes you so excited to wake up each day?

The more you realize your greatest why, the more it will come naturally for you to stay committed despite the uncertainties that lie ahead.

9.  Stay Authentic

In my years of being an executive coach, I realized that the best way to connect with people is to share my own story.

Talking about my struggles allowed me to achieve an authentic personal brand, a brand that is unlike any other.

By staying true to my roots and sharing it to the world, I was able to build my influence and inspire women to be the female leaders they are meant to be.

Share your story, talk about your own challenges and how you have navigated your way through them.  This will help you realise your strengths, understand your weaknesses and turn your experience into meaningful lessons, gifts and valuable thought leadership that will grow your personal brand and business. 

In that way, you will be able to leave a meaningful and memorable impression.

10. Stay Consistent

Just like everyone, I’ve also struggled with staying consistent during times when there is plenty of disruption. It’s easy to make excuses when your routine, strategies, and normal ways of doing business are interrupted.

But when I realized that consistency is the only thing that’s keeping me from achieving my goals, I knew I just had to adapt my ways.

Consistency is the key to getting the results you want. It forces you to stay accountable with your goals and to implement your plans accordingly.

Even in times of uncertainty, how you handle your routine, branding, down to your product or service quality dictates your business’s performance. So, in order to maximize your full potential, it’s important to be able to pivot in order to stay consistent in all aspects.

Members' Resource: Personal Brand Playbook

Get Yours Now!
Get Yours Now!

As the year draws to a close, I would like to commend our fellow female leaders who have fought so hard to survive this year. 2020 has truly tested us to our limits, and molded us into better and wiser leaders.

Here’s to welcoming 2021 with a stronger mindset and an unwavering dedication to achieve your goals!

Are you ready to become tougher, calmer, more resilient and confident in achieving your goals and dreams?

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