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Wow, it’s 2021 and we’re still seeing and experiencing sexism and double standards as women in business! 

It astounds me how, with women now climbing the corporate ladder more than ever before (it doesn’t matter if you’re a top female CEO, female entrepreneur, or small business owner), being seen as equals (with men) in today’s leadership “manscape’ is still a struggle for many.  

So what to do about it if you want to dominate your industry and be a more empowered female leader without all the sexism, ageism and any other ‘isms’ that can come with it?

As women leaders today, thanks to the media and internet, we have a collective voice in the conversation and a massive global platform right now to harness our power, shift mindsets and change cultures.

So what is your part in this shift towards more equality for women? Is it just sitting on the sidelines as an observer waiting for the “big shift” to positively impact you, or are you ready to step up to do your part as a female CEO, business owner, employee or female entrepreneur to advance corporate cultures and create new realities?

Women in Corporate Struggle with Gender Inequality and Organizational Culture.  But You Can Use Your Power to Become a Confident and Respected Female Leader!

For me, I am an “all in” kind of  girl! I’m done just wishing, wanting and dreaming for more respect, authority and influence as a female leader, and I am ready to claim my space and help other women do the same!

You see, I understand what it’s like to be stuck, afraid, and pissed off all at the same time when it comes to having worked my arse off for years and been successful in many industries only to be humiliated, marginalised, and just plain sexually harassed at  the workplace!

Yep! I’ve had my boss stick his tongue in my ear while sitting at my desk and when I recoiled in horror called me “frigid” (and that’s the polite version)! I’ve been sitting at a boardroom table when a few sniggering corporate men-in-suits thought it appropriate (and funny) to pull out an old image posted on Instagram of my daughter and me on the beach in a bikini. 

So, hear me when I say I have struggled many times earlier in my career with this gender inequality bullshit in the workplace and stayed silent too! I get it. 

But the current wave of political correctness and woke sentiments can only help us as women in leadership to a point.  Sure the conversations and outrage are seemingly changing the code of behaviour for men and what is acceptable (and what’s not) in organizational culture, but the simple truth is, we can’t control what other people think or how they behave…EVER! 

From my experience the best way to combat the prejudices and tribal behavior as a woman in business and female leader is to be attuned to your core values and beliefs, set clear boundaries, and NEVER be afraid to be yourself!  Then, use your power to empower other women to do the same!

And that right there is the purpose of my coaching and mentoring for women in business!  It’s my mission to help other women step into their confidence, own their voice, and make their mark in the world as more empowered, happy and successful female leaders.

Woman in Business Gives You a Different and Refreshing Perspective

Being a Woman in Business Gives You a Different and Refreshing Perspective into Problems that Can be Overlooked by Male Colleagues. Use This to Your Advantage!

Amazingly, times are changing and there is more focus, appreciation, demand, and respect for female leadership development across industries. Studies have shown that female CEOs are more intuitive, emphatic, better at coaching, and increasing employee engagement than their male counterparts. And if you notice, these are all leadership skills that can elevate your personal brand!

Take this as a sign to highlight and play up your feminine skills instead of trying to conceal them! We can offer something different and effective, especially in women-focused businesses, because of our collective experiences, insights, and skills. We are a great fit for leadership positions exactly BECAUSE we possess these abilities.

Put Emphasis on Your Soft Skills When Building Your Personal Brand as A Strong, Influential, and Confident Female Executive


Having an impactful personal brand is about tailoring it to highlight your X-factor qualities and special characteristics just as much as your achievements. When you own who you are and everything that makes you shine, you’re able to confidently step into the spotlight and share your passions and purpose with the world.

Center your personal brand around leadership development and your experiences as a female executive or small business entrepreneur. Emphasize how seeing the world from a woman’s perspective, YOUR perspective, has shaped you into an effective professional capable of leading, mentoring, and motivating others.

Own your authentic, feminine personal brand! Nothing screams “leadership material” louder than having a confident executive presence and professional image.

personal brand and leadership playbook

Inside The Members' Club: Personal Brand Playbook


Elevate Your Personal Brand and Reputation by Creating Communities of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives


Instead of seeing other high-performing women as our competition, let’s seek opportunities to build a community together! The playing field is being levelled, and there is so much space and need for female leaders to share their diverse ideas and positively impact the world. We are so much more powerful when we stop looking at the problem from a siloed perspective and instead band together, lift each other up and focus on being change agents. 

You can address problems and women’s issues more effectively because of your lived experience and perspective as female CEOs, women entrepreneurs, top-level executives.

Discover a chance to use your collective superpowers and strengths to show your leadership potential. This is your chance to show the world the value of female leaders. Create ripple effects by pooling your knowledge, talents, and energy to create change across industries.

By embracing your innate female qualities, you position yourself as a unique source for insights and talents that only you can offer. You build up not just your personal brand and career but also your confidence, value, and sense of self-worth!

So the next time you feel the urge to compare yourself to your male colleagues or listen to negative people who put down your leadership skills, remind yourself that you are born to do this!  You just need to have the courage to take the spotlight and use your voice.

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