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Is Your Lack Of Confidence Holding You Back And Affecting Your Brand And Business?

As female leaders, it is often not our lack of ability but our vulnerability that holds us back – and prevents us from leading the life and career we genuinely want.

And I get it!

I have totally been there!  There have been times when my lack of confidence has seen me covert my success.

Instead of tapping into my vulnerabilities and overcoming them to harness greater strength and power, I have stepped back, allowing my vulnerabilities to cultivate resistance to growth and change.

Put simply – I can get in my own way!  

How many times have you felt this?

Your fear of failure, or even just the uncertainty and uncomfortableness you feel when faced with the prospect of stepping outside your comfort zone to achieve what you really want – prevents you from taking that first step! 

As a personal branding consultant specialising in women in leadership development, I spend a lot of time talking, coaching, and mentoring professional women, small business owners and entrepreneurs about personal image building techniques.

And I have found that despite their years of experience, competence, and expertise, the conversations I have most with professional women are around their struggles with self-doubt and uncertainty in their pursuit of greater recognition, authority, and ultimately…success.

In fact, lack of confidence is the number one thing that can negatively impact your energy, and affect your personal brand and, ultimately, your business or career.

But the good news is, it does not have to be this way.  

Just as your confidence has been chipped away over time for whatever reason, with some deliberate and straightforward personal brand and leadership development skills, you can re-build your confidence to own your power as an unstoppable female leader and be recognised for your positive energy and perspective!

You see, your confidence is a powerful pulse in your life and career and provides the heartbeat or essence of your unique personal brand and affects your power to attract more opportunity and business to you.

woman happy and feel confident

I mean – how great would it feel if you started to attract networks, connections, and business to you through building your leadership, confidence and brand value rather than having to chase it continually?


Don’t let your lack of confidence stop you from becoming the female leader you really want to be and hold you back from achieving the enormous success you deserve.

If you can start to appreciate the power confidence plays in your brand and leadership development, you will unlock an intimate source of unlimited power, energy, and attraction. 

Your confidence will unleash a heightened sense of self-belief and help you maintain your motivation, drive, and focus.

Armed with a renewed sense of self, you will live and lead to your full potential.

You will grow your influence and impact on those around you, and most of all, make the change you need to within yourself to be the leader you want to be.

It’s up to you to disrupt behaviours that do not allow you the freedom and strength to be move beyond your fears and towards your hopes, dreams, and what makes you happy!


1. Acknowledge What’s Holding You Back.

woman acknowledge what's holding her back

The first thing is to acknowledge what is holding you back. I don’t just mean recognizing you are afraid or anxious.

I mean, really break-it-down. Ask yourself these questions,

  • What are you feeling?
  • Why do these feelings arise?
  • What triggers them?
  • How do they manifest and hold you back?
  • How do they affect your decision making and choices?

If you can’t identify your feelings and clearly articulate the triggers that you encounter every time you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone, then you will always have resistance to change that prevents you from moving forward towards success. 

Put simply; repeated patterns become habits. And habits lead to a result. So, it would help if you created patterns and habits that serve you to achieve a desired result.

When lack of confidence fuels your resistance to change – try a simple technique.

Stop, take a moment to breathe, reflect and identify what you’re feeling and what is holding you back…then lean into it! Don’t step back…lean into it!

Training yourself to do this repeatedly, even when you are most vulnerable, will help you build up your mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to forge on and build a high-performance brand and business.

Just like an athlete who must train to push beyond their fear and pain to elevate their performance – so must you!

2. Build A Success And Growth Mindset.

new mindset new result quote

You are what you think. Stop with the negative thoughts and avoid hanging out with or listening to negative people and influences! 

This can be harder to achieve than it sounds! As women, we are more critical of ourselves than men … and in this hyper-competitive world, we often do not have complete control over those people are in our’ orbit’!

But one thing is real.

You must decide if you want to be in control of your success. And if you wish to take charge, then your mindset can be either be employed as one of your greatest tools for success or be your biggest obstacle.

This may not come naturally to you, so start with small steps and strategies to reprogram your inner voice and thoughts to redirect your mind and energy more positively.

As I learned as an elite athlete, we build mental and emotional resilience the same way we create physical endurance, with training, proven techniques, commitment, and consistency.

Remember, your energy is the key to creating a high impact corporate image and executive presence, and ensures you own the room (virtual or real life) and enter a bang.

To help you create a success and growth mindset, check out my FREE Success Mindset Manifest!

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3. Understand What You Want To Be Known For.

Woman of Confidence Blog Image

There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than just absolutely living in your passion zone.

So, learn to identify and clearly articulate what you want to be known for, so you can share it confidently. Having greater clarity will help you convey a consistent image and craft your personal brand, professional identity, reputation, and authority with a more significant impact.

Take ownership of your corporate and professional image and get to know your strengths and your unique point of difference, and deliver it in a compelling social pitch and practice it!  

Because…if you cannot give a compelling pitch, you will be letting yourself down massively; wasting opportunities to maximise your brand value, craft your reputation and position yourself as the leader you want to be.

The leader of choice.

To Your Success,

Suzie Lighfoot Signature

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The Ultimate Executive Personal Branding Checklist

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Get Yours Now!

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